Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Best Of The Best Gets Better

The following quotes, taken from the March 2010 edition of the PETIR newsletter, were supposed to be the "best of sound bites by ministers and MPs". All we can say is, we've heard better.

I just want to clarify to the minister that women choose their clothes, including their undergarments, to look good for themselves, not only for the men.”
– MP Irene Ng teaching fashion challenged NTUC secretary- general Lim Swee Say a thing or two about the real world. The laughs really start when Dr Lee Wei Ling disagrees and says Ho Ching is her dress consultant of choice.

"When I switched to a slow ball, it is not that there was something wrong with the fast ball. But because, at different stages of our life, we just have to adapt to our physical condition and play with the right ball."
– Minister Lim Swee Say, explaining low productivity as a government strategy. To those who "catch no ball", fret not, this frog-in-the-well is also stone deaf as and when he chooses to be so.

There’s definitely no bullying here. It’s very much a consultative process all the way through.”
– MP Indranee Rajah provides insight into the PAP’s leadership style. As in how residents of Pasir Ris and Tampines were consulted over rental blocks being built next to their flats. When complainants expressed their fears the rental flat neighbours would make the area unsafe and seedy, "This seems to me to be a fundamentally wrong approach," she had said in a non-bullying tone.

We need every Singaporean to understand that this is not just about sports or young people – it’s for all Singaporeans.”
– Minister Vivian Balakrishnan lamely tries to whip up some excitement about the non-event of the inaugural Youth Olympics, the same spoilsport who said bar-top dancing can be fatal. Just before the authorities gave the go ahead for the alcohol influenced gymnastics activity. Continue to ignore.

Two is enough.”
– Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew referring to the number of casinos slipped in through the crack, despite self professed personal objection. His original stop at two policy to address the birthrate also screwed up many lives.

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