Monday, April 30, 2012

Offensive Comments

When the world's highest paid prime minister decides to have his own Facebook account, he can bet your bottom dollar he would not want a Denise He type to be his page administrator. Hence, the officious sounding warning shot across the bow:
"We may remove content and/or take preventive action against those who abuse the page."

The nature of the internet being what it is, one man's offensive comment could be a refreshing insight to another. And, as far as personal attacks go, we are all too familiar with one octogenarian's ad hominem tirades, with or without the follow-up punitive fines that bankrupted many a politician. Thus it was inevitable a post such as hereunder would surface:

Before you make judgment and ignore the constructive criticism on the penultimate line, take a look at this contribution from a Cobol Programmer Trainee at IBM Solutions Delivery.

Are you offended already? We have so many IT graduates from the ITE, Polytechnics and local universities, why do we have need of importing such talents from foreign shores? But the real offensive comment has to be this one from an army general who can't tell friend from foe: “When we look at an issue, let's try not to pigeonhole each other as a Singaporean or a foreigner, which can complicate the problem.” Can you imagine him leading our NS men into battle?


  1. The outburst of anger and frustration come from the fact that people are upset when jobs i.e. lower level jobs are given to imported labour rather than to our own citizens. This has caused many lower income groups to suffer a reduced salary and lost of job opportunities. Many are not against businesses to import cheap labour but they must be a safeguard built in by government to help local first before we open the floodgate to foreigners. Letting so many foreigners only pushes salary down and benefitting only businesses.

  2. I will like to post this question for all our present & ex-Prime Ministers to answer, if they have the balls to answer, so to speak ?

    While they increased their own salaries by leaps & bounds, our PAP leaders are now suggesting to those citizens who are too poor to retire to sell their bigger flat & go buy 1-room studio flats instead, which HDB had already decided to stop building some decades ago.

    Instead of progressing & moving forwards a better future for all Singaporeans, many of us will actually be retreating backwards in terms of quality of life having to revert to a smaller flat, which HDB at one time says nobody prefers anymore.

    So, is this the type of Swiss standard of living evisaged by our PAP leaders for our people or more for the Meansters instead?

    1. We were made to believe life will only go better with each generations as long as we believe in our government policies. Swiss standard of living was boldly spelt out by the PM. Look what happen lately, stagnant wages, sky high property, car and health care prices. Jammed pack buses and trains during ofice hours. The poor get poorer and the middle income is having less in real term because of run-away inflation. Whats happening?

  3. There are plenty of such Glenn blokes around. The people are only right to tell them to go back to their country and serve those MNCs (if they have any there), so they can all be call center sales reps or IT support for all I care. They should go ask what their President is doing to bring jobs back for talents like them so they can stay put at where they are. These people has a reputation of brining their entire village of mother/grandma , cousins never end.

  4. # We have so many IT graduates from the ITE, Polytechnics and local universities, why do we have need of importing such talents from foreign shores?#

    I know graduates fm Poly/Uni ended up working for Spars, Insurance salesman. Just like GIC/Temasek, MOE throwing money away for their higher education

    Moral of the story: Foreign import is always cheaper, Education/Salary wise.

  5. PM Lee trying to swing a German example of how they are importing workers from Spain & Portugal. What he didn't say is that it's because Angela Merkel had conceded the failure of its turkish & muslim integrations. She said " Multikulti", the concept that "we are now living side by side and are happy about it," does not work.

    "This approach has failed, totally," she said, adding that immigrants should integrate and adopt Germany's culture and values.
    "We feel tied to Christian values. Those who don't accept them don't have a place here," said the chancellor.
    "Subsidising immigrants" isn't sufficient, Germany has the right to "make demands" on them, she added, such as mastering the language of Goethe and abandoning practices such as forced marriages.

    Even the Turkish president had to chide in "When one doesn't speak the language of the country in which one lives that doesn't serve anyone, neither the person concerned, the country, nor the society,"

    Look what our PAP MP has done so far? After 10 years of systematic importing, only now do they have a PA for integration, and after causing all these negativity, they are now calling Singaporeans xenophobic.

    What exactly do they see in the mirror every morning when they wake up?

    1. The multi million$$$ in their bank accounts?

  6. frankly, am not comfortable with the high ratio of foreigner here. The ratio for singaporean to foreigner is 6:4. And every chinese you meet, one of them is from PRC. Its was also reported that they are 500,000 bangla working here.

    We have already have too many of them ! Here we are becoming a minority and there, MIW is telling us we need more ?!! If we have any more of them, there will be no future for singapore. We are where we are today not because of the foreigners but because of the tolerance and hardwork of locals !!

    Sometimes the way MIW is foreigner-centric is beyond words !!

    No wonder, i can see that foreigners look down on us !!

  7. It will NOT BE SURPRISING if majority
    of Singaporeans do feel the same as
    Edmund Khor.

    Many do say that the Land has gone to
    the Dingoes(dog).


  8. Personally, I have no issues with the foreigners.
    They are not the problem.

    The problem is the Pro Alien Party.
    And the Sinkies that are too scared to blame and vote out the Pro Alien Party.

    The foreigners who become Singapore citizens will eventually wise up.
    They aren't stupid.
    Once they become citizens, they will have the same cost structure and national service liabilities as we do.
    Then they will understand and wise up.
    And then they will also vote Opposition.

  9. If the PM's motive behind his FB is to let it all hang out, than his underlings should censure only posts that contain obscenities and it should be done this way: fxxx you, KNXX, KNXXXXXB etc but otherwise leave the post intact.
    This much need catharsis has been long in coming. Now that the opportunity is here, let it flow, let it flow, let it flow. All his cabinet colleagues should do likewise.

    It would be like what the Buddha, as Prince, found out during his trip outside of the palace for the first time. Edifying I am sure to say the least for these ivory tower types.

  10. if 1 singdollar = 1 peso tomorrow morning when we all wake up from our slumber, all the pinoys would start to leave in droves. this is the honest truth. they are here not to contribute, they are all here to milk the system. all of them would "go bark".

    again if 1 singdollar = 1 renminbi = i peso the following morning, all the prcs would be packing up too. don't believe me? go and ask them.

    i can go on and on and on, they are here because of the exchange rate that's all, nothing more nothing less. it's a no brainer.

  11. i think singaporeans should stop blaming the pap for everything. if you are still too young to vote, blame your parents and your grandparents. no matter what they throw at us, we only have to vote them out. simple as that.

    they can tweak the system or re-zone the constituencies eg setting up grc and gerrymandering...we only got to be focused and not let the noise and sound distract us from the one thing and that is to vote them out, and i mean each and everyone of them.

    can you do that for yourself and stop blaming everyone else but yourself?

  12. Anonymous Apr 30, 2012 04:41 AM

    Most of the 60% probably don't do the Internet. Do you have any ideas how to get to them?

    Everyone here knows the 'what' theory. What's needed is the 'how' You got any?

    1. Your 60% don't do internet is a number plunck from air?
      SG has one of the highest internet penetration! What talk you?
      If you mean those old folks who don't use PC, then that is a small number. But most would have some children or adults who can operate. And burning and duplicating CDs cost next to what are you complaining about?

  13. Anonymous4/30/2012 10:03 PM

    I wrote: ' Most of the 60% probably don't do the Internet.' and stand by it.

    Are you saying just because someone from a household has a PC and surfs the Internet= everyone in the household surfs the Internet? Where is your logic?

    By the way, no one is complaining, it's an observation. I did say 'probably'. Hope you know the difference.

  14. You pretend to be approachable, by setting up a Facebook page. If you find the frank comments offensive, why bother to have a Facebook page? Instead of finding the comments offensive, have you ever thought why Edmund is so angry and why he said all these? The fact that he bothered to scold you and said it all out is because he thinks you may listen or tries to give you a chance to correct things.

    If you choose only to want to hear sweet lies, you're setting yourself up for nasty shocks in the future!

    I like to dedicate this song to you - Don't cry for me, Singapore!

  15. Deleting "offensive remarks" can also mean rejecting genuine feedback. Sure PM does not want to "only hear the good stuff" ? Remember how you were misled by one clueless minister in the 2006 GE, who told you AMK GRC will win 80% of the votes. The reality was shocking wasn't it ? So much for hearing only the good stuff ! Your bootlickers will give you plenty

  16. Does it ever occurred to LHL that Singaporeans are not showing him respect because they don't think he deserves it?

    Respect has to be earned the hard way. You 'command' respect only because others can see it by your words and deeds that you deserved to be respected.

    Many people respect LHL's father LKY. But it does not mean that once you have earned people's respect it is yours to keep forever. Most of the respect that LKY had earned have by now vaporized and replaced with anger, frustration and even hatred by those he has betrayed, ignored and neglected.

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