Friday, February 8, 2013

An Upside Down World

Citing the Workers' Party (WP) role of "co-driver" of Government, Low Thia Khiang said that "It is our duty to tell the driver that he's reading the road map upside down." That brings to mind a movie called "Upside Down".

Two souls are separated by a political system bent on keeping them apart. They live on twinned worlds with gravities that pull in opposite directions. He lives in "Down Below", the poverty-stricken planet underneath, she lives in "Up Top", the wealthy, exploitative world positioned above. The only physical link for the topsy-turvy planetary alignment is the corporation "Transworld" who takes the cheap oil from Down Below and sells it back to them as overpriced electricity they can barely afford. Transworld is manned by insufferable elites. The underdogs have a solution.

Tan Chuan-Jin pressed Low for concrete initiatives, to which he was rewarded with: "If he thinks the ministry can't do very much and wants the WP to do more, perhaps he ought to consider putting his ministry's resources under the WP." Better still, resign and join George Yeo in working for the Hong Kong government. The turncoat general who used to helm the Singapore trade and industry ministries accepted an appointment to Hong Kong's new Economic Development Commission to "help strengthen Hong Kong's growth and development." He actually switched bosses from Lee Hsien Loong to Chief Executive Leung Chun Ying.

The WP has stated their positions vis-a-vis the upside down road map:
Low Birth Rates: 
The Government allocated only $400 million extra for the "comprehensive enhancements" for marriage and parenthood. Vivian Balakrishnan blew just as much ($387 million) on one sporting event. WP wants to remove the obstacles to really set birth rates on the path to recovery.
Shrinking Citizen Core:
The Government wants to "supplement" the Singapore core by "calibrated immigration". Please read Syliva Lim's speech for the definition of "core". Interesting aside: Zainal Sapari (Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC) heard that citizens from Philippines will be categorised as Malays because historically they are considered to have the same roots as Malays. If true, the proportion of our true blue Malay brothers and sisters is doomed to fall.
Immigration Integration:
The Government's "Multi-prong" approach in schools, workplace and community means places in school, workplace and community will continue to be taken up by the diluting alien elements. WP emphasised on family ties. When Lee Kuan Yew made one comment too many on the Taiwan-China situation, Deng Xiaoping reminded him: "This is between family. You are not family."
Ageing Population:
The Government wants our elderly to work to their death. One exception, he didn't even utter one word on the population debate - did he even attend parliament to justify his pension and pay?
The Government promised to address current strains, and yet continue to add pile on the foreign intake. WP suggest build for the quality of life for current population.

In the movie, the underdogs used their secret solution (spoiler alert: pink pollen) to unite the two worlds, instead of surrendering the special ingredient for the commercial greed of the elite. Let the buggers work harder for a change.


  1. For George Yeo - no diff - he switched from one Communist Overlord to work for another Communist Overlord. Must be easy habit for him where no adjustment is required.

    1. Recall he paid a visit to Panchen Lama just prior to his GE2011 run. Someone lamented he was getting the wrong blessings from the 'chosen' one installed by CCCP, but not recognized by real Tibetans and Dalai Lama.

      The outcome in GRC was there for everyone to see. He must have felt like they are both similar in parallel lives..chosen but not recognized. So is natural he goes with the flow, once again.

    2. I thot George was planning to work for reform within the ruling party. Ha ha ha ah...

    3. George Yeo is working for reform within PAP.
      He took the necessary first step by leaving PAP.

      Same with the rest.
      Reform PAP by leaving PAP.

    4. The new HK secretary Carrie Lam said sometimes a leader has to rock the boat. LKY said if you do, you will repent.

      Funny how the timing that GY decides to jump the "old sinking ship" the same time GCT alluded to in parliament this week.

      Who's keeping an eye on the iceberg in front?

  2. If the White Paper;
    Looks like shit,
    Smells like shit,
    Feels like shit,
    Tastes like shit ....
    Then it very likely is shit.

    Vote wisely in GE 2016.
    For a Singaporean Singapore.

    Protest at Hong Lim Park
    16 Feb 2013 : "SAY NO TO 6.9M"
    Time: 4.30pm

    1. Black Friday2/08/2013 11:43 AM

      EDMW has a black Friday day..whoppee!

  3. The naked prince2/08/2013 11:00 AM

    Let's take an inside-out look and analysis of the present PM instead. Although I highly doubt that the "pink pollen" Tattler refers in the movie is the same pollen...tsk tsk.


  4. I agree that "core Singaporean" definition should not be about birth-right. However, one must have at least been partially educated, lived, served NS and worked in SG for say at least 15 years before they should be considered to be converted to SC. If adults who come in after their NS age, must at least serve the community by giving back say 12 hrs of community service time per month in healthcare sectors (where we are so short of manpower and can avoid more foreign import) that way to show their commitment and sincerity. Until they clock those hours, no citizenships should be lightly given away. Simple qualifications can be enforced immediately and I am surprised our MOM Minister TCJ can't even think of with his size of resources!

    1. I find Mr Melwani's comment, coming from the old school of LKY strange.

      "Changing previous policies and stopping the progress of Singapore, just to satisfy the minority, is a blunder that it must rectify."

      Was he referring to the Singaporean minority? Or the Foreigners minority? I guess we will never know unless a large majority turns up at Hong Lim to prove that the majority (silent or noisy) do not buy in, except for the business groups. Representative like SBF whose leader is once PPS to LKY also speaks the same lingo - not to rock the boat.

      When you're not the one rowing the boat, is easy for you to sit there and say "keep rowing"!

    2. Businesses can close or leave due to the high cost of doing business in Singapore, not because of restrictive labour laws. Why should savvy people like them whine so much if they have access to cheap labor in 3rd world country - go forth and benefit! Unless the bosses themselves can't stand living and working in those places, and want their cakes and eat it here, at the expense of locals.

      We have spend billions of taxpayers money to help in productivity trainings/programs. How have they given back to Singapore's in terms of quality of living and their dignity? Time we take the bitter pills and restructure our economy than dragging our feet.

    3. TCJ peppered alot of his speech with 'heart and soul" but where are they to be found on this island? Looks more like "heat and foul" to us!

      Paid for Surgery wouldn’t be morally justified if a $1 pill were an equally effective treatment. Why not? Because even if surgery will save the patient’s life, there is a cheaper, more humane way to do so.

  5. /// I am surprised our MOM Minister TCJ can't even think of with his size of resources! ///

    Can't even think OR
    Don't want to do?

    1. The way MOM wants to supply the cheap labor force is the same they started with the domestic maids. Decades later, we can't wean ourselves off the drugs, yet our fertility didn't improve. Today, we stare in admiration at how the Nordic countries can do it while we can't.

      What I wonder - Is anything being learned?


      Did sinkies learn..since the lessons started in 1999?
      Some are still in deep slumber

  6. A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have. - Gerald Ford

  7. Ironic how the deaf frog party member - Dr Lim Wee Kiak would tell LTK to turn up his hearing aid. Next time when CEO who makes more money than an MP refuse to listen to the politician, he should also tell them to do the same.

    But I'll glad to see he has the grace to apologize later, thus saving his dignity.

    1. Lim Wee Kiak probably decided to "apologise" after learning that Lee Hsien Loong is also wearing a hearing aid.

  8. Are we that blind that we can't even see through their lie?

    If our present quality of life is already in shit, why would anyone even want to believe that our PAP Ministers is capable of improving our quality of life in the FUTURE?

    They are really no different from those medicine men trying to trick us into believing them in order to make a fast buck out of us, isn't it?

    1. As they say for the future, your guess is probably as good as mine? They can promise anything.

  9. the fact that Pinky target the population paper just days before chinese new years already tell you this government will treat the citizens as a fool thinking that the citizens will enjoy the chinese new years and forgotten about population toilet paper. We citizens have the last laugh, now the PAP get caught with pants down as the backslash on the net is ever so high. How can one ever trust a PAP government that purposely didn't put the people's interest but party's interest just by looking at the timing of the toilet paper that has only little time for public scrutiny, research and analysis, and some more time it in chinese new year. It is great insult and disrespect to all Singaporeans.

    1. Gong Xi Fa Cai2/08/2013 3:51 PM

      Actually the timing is good. People can now gather over CNY, mahjong table and munching cookies, while saying "GongXi GongXi" to the new found prosperity in 2030 with 2million windfall from Pay-n-Prosper Party !!

      Make sure you put all your FU sign upside down on your front door eh...HUAT AH!!

    2. WP => Citizens overjoy with "HUAT AH!"

      PAP => Citizens angst with middle figure to PAP with "FUCK AH !"

    3. Limpeh Karlegong2/09/2013 1:27 AM

      The HUAT, the CUNT and the FUCK.
      These are my tripartite wet dreams come true!
      I have all the levers in my hands. And what do you have?
      Keep putting all your golden eggs in my basket.

      Happy Snake Year everyone. Thanks for letting us slither in again!
      And what did every foreigners tell you? I'm the GrandMaster right?

  10. What do I think of George Yeo taking up an appointment with the Hong Kong authority?

    He must have figured that his children will have a better future elsewhere other than Singapore, no?

    1. Well George Yeo kept one part of his promise.
      He reformed PAP when he resigned.
      Now, if only the rest of PAP will also resign ....

    2. So in GCT's speak, he is a quitter?

    3. Let's face it.
      The only way a PAPig can reform PAP is to resign.
      So a PAPig quitter = PAP reformer

    4. .Who else in PAP can we request to step down?
      Not by extra marital affairs, but an honourable resignation.

      To trigger another By-Election or two!

      If 3PAP MPs in a GRC were to quit, you believe the PM can still deny the ward a By-Election?

      Of course, that is a Big Dream. Audacious!
      But then, we did see Obama becoming the USA President.

      So as you go around this LNY wishing everyone Good Health and what's not, add that Audacious Wish to your list of Blessings.

      It may well be the most important one, as important as Good Health in body an mind

  11. Are we that blind that we can't even see through their lie?

    If our present quality of life is already in shit, why would anyone even want to believe that our PAP Ministers is capable of improving our quality of life in the FUTURE?

    They are really no different from those medicine men trying to trick us into believing them in order to make a fast buck out of us, isn't it?

  12. Folks...

    Actually MUST SAY A FARKING BIG THANK YOU to the PAP gov't...

    Now Chinese New gatherings...i guranteed you a lot of family gatherings will be discussing over these issues...

    Gonna be a heated discussion here and there...but more folks will get the drift the PAP Gov't is trying to SHAFT more of their asses...

    Oh thank you Pee Minishit LHL for this wunderbar present just before CNY...your timing as usual makes u look more leetarded then ever!

    The friends i have in PAP are farking angry too. So many years of loyalty and for fark.


  13. You are right. They can give away $1B so easily to some private company and yet do so little to improve the fertility rate which they said is a highly important issue for the future of spore. They are really reading the map 'upside down'. One wonders whether they are suffeing fom dementia.

  14. Could this, the White Paper be the start of the end for Singapore? I pray not.
    But given the continuous refusal by the Government to see, hear and feel the growing ground swell of disenchantment even among its ardent supporters, I am not sure by 2030 the SINGapore that we are so proud of will not be a SINKapore!
    While I agree with Minister Tan that the Workers' Party's plea of not importing more foreigners will hurt Singapore, but having more of them to bolster the population to 6.9million will be will DESTROY us!
    The signs are already upon us that this could happen judging by the collective veiled threats from the MNCs and pseudo businesses, who, instead of working together (a slap to the tripartite movement) for solutions, were so callous as to suggest packing up if they cannot continue to enjoy their "freebies"! What a sad joke! I would say good riddance to bad rubbish because you would never find another safer, more tolerant, clean and up-to-date place than in Singapore.

    Small wonder if a richer, bigger Norway would only dare to project a population size of 7million in 40 years (2053), we must be a greed extremist to look at 6.9miilion within 17 years!

    Indeed, Singapore cannot afford not to grow, but to do so with nary a thought for its well being is like a house that is not a home, a handsome body builder on steroids destined to wither sooner or later, a robust population but a fractious nation.

    Please dont let economic greed screw up my country. Please think hard again and go back to the basics by making it so good and worthwhile for our own people to procreate that we, like the Norwegians, would not need to depend on outsiders to make up for the numbers.

    1. It's final NAIL in the coffin. This time we lend them the hammer and they did it again.

      77 PAP voted Ayes.
      13 voted Nays = 9 WP, 1 Lina Chiam, 3 NMPs
      1 abstain.

      Which 3 MPs gone AWOL? And on such an important issue, NMP Eugene Tan seats on the fence? Thanks for the backbone!

    2. Bro..8 MPs were even Inderjit also voted YES despite that speech?

    3. "While I agree with Minister Tan that the Workers' Party's plea of not importing more foreigners will hurt Singapore"

      Can you please show the video link/parliament transcript that show WP mention TOTALLY NOT IMPORTING FOREIGNERS or it just words from PAP clowns.

      Please show us with evidence, cos we know PAP's words can be twisted like snake as and when they like it without consequences.

    4. the following is spoken by Chen Show Mao which I find on the net

      ""We do not need to import great numbers of foreign workers to complement our workforce and this would help to restore Singaporeans as the core of our workforce," said Mr Chen."

      May I know if that is the statement mention by PAP to say that WP don't support foreigner import totally ?

      "We do not need to import great numbers of foreign workers" implies that TOTALLY NO IMPORTATION OF FOREIGNERS ?

      If so, how those clowns pass their English and critical thinking ? Otherwise can someone correct me if that is not the statement.

    5. No, as far as I know, Mr Singh did not attend and thus, did not cast his vote.

      The PAP party whip was not lifted so this means that ALL PAP members who were presented HAD to VOTE for the White Paper else they would be disciplined. So the only alternative was to absent yourself and not vote.

    6. Define discipline.

      Fined, jailed or caned?

  15. The PM has spoken; his Cabinet is planning and working hard to make our future generation live better.
    Some true in it, but only for their successors. How so? Based on the remunerations of the PRESENT RULERS VERSUS THE FIRST GENERATION ONES, they have risrn manifolds.





  16. There's a 100% chance that I'll be leaving for good. There's another potential tick towards our glorious government's dirigiste net migration target.

    Future prediction for SG : -

    1) Addicted to maids
    2) Addicted to cheap labor
    3) Addicted to immigration
    4) Addicted to $
    5) Addicted to power

  17. Utterly Disappointed Citizen2/08/2013 7:49 PM

    The white paper's amended motion supports

    //maintaining a strong Singaporean core by encouraging more Singaporeans to get married and have children , supplemented by a calibrated pace of immigration.//

    WTF do these MPs think changing to a broad/vague motion will achieve, other than just making their conscience feel faking good to say YES so they can sleep well over CNY? Knowing PAP , the Singaporean Core will be increased by x number (ie. turning more PRs into SC) and they are/will still be called Singaporean Core. In legal speaks, all of us will look back 10 years from now, and they can argue that they are not" technically wrong" . Nobody plan for 6.9m land use and then say they intend to underutilize it - is like saying let's build more white elephants!!!! So good luck to those brainless PAP just supported your master blindly and unthinkingly. It only reveals your quality.

  18. /// "But I believe the total population in 2030 should be significantly below 6.9 million and beyond 2030, in the very long-term, it should not increase beyond that," he said. ///
    PM Lee

    You mean he will still be Prime Minister in 2030?
    Maybe even promoted to Mental Minister?
    You so sure of his guarantee?
    So sure of his 20/20 vision?

    And if he is wrong, then how?

    1. How can he set policy for the future government? PAP may even be voted out after 2016!

    2. "I am my own man."
      So says all the PAP MPs.
      But they all vote to support the White Paper.

      You see one PAP MP.
      You've seen them all.
      All farking clones of the old evil.


    The final tally.

  20. Through their social tinkering and vote gathering they have ruined it for our kids and probably our grand kids too. People should go read up and understand the hidden reasons behind it, since 2005. There should be an immediate call for Temasek + GIC to be accountable to us on the investments or Singaporeans will wake up to realize is all too late, thus the confession by PM LHL that 6million is not enough even by 2030.

    //…As we can see, Singapore’s projected net CPF contribution is rather substantial in the recent future (e.g., 2005). However, with an ageing population, the net contribution is projected to fall in an accelerating pace in the next twenty years. By 2025, the net contribution will be reversed to a net withdrawal. Thereafter, the net withdrawal will grow and reach its peak in 2035….Another possible measure is to increase the number of migrants at the working age and increase the (tax and non-tax) incentives for foreign workers to join the CPF scheme. This will alleviate the severity of the ageing population as well as the reduction in CPF contribution…//

  21. Singaporeans must stand firm on this point at GE2016.

    No amount of cash incentives must be enough to buy our votes unless the motion on this White Paper is reversed. This is a point about human rights of a country's nations. We have the right to our space and basic environmental needs as our forefathers slogged hard contributing to its progress.