Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lawyer On Traffic Charge Arrested

The Singapore Police Force obviously handled Romanian diplomat Ionescu with kid gloves, literally giving back the keys to his car, despite glaring on-site evidence he had knocked down 3 pedestrians and driven off, frustrated with himself for failing to bed soprano voice teacher Jeong Ae Ree . But when a lawyer with 14 years of practice ran afoul of the law, he was handcuffed and herded to the basement of the police lock-up like a common criminal. Then he had to face a judge via remote CCTV for his release on bond, in another holding cell with jail doors, armed police officers in attendance, hands still cuffed with irons. That's the standard operating procedure for locals.

Loo, 40, did not commit a hideous crime or take a human life. He was alleged to have been caught speeding on the Pan-Island Expressway, whilst heading for the aiport. The police do not need to produce evidence of their measurement instrument's accuracy for a conviction.

But Loo's real grievous sin was committed when his office submitted the wrong medical certificate to the court, to explain he could not attend traffic court as he was stricken down with hand, foot and mouth disease. You may be on time, and still have to wait hours for judge to show up, but the converse is not acceptable. During the days of Chief Justice Yung Pung How, you actually prayed he had a good breakfast.

Thanks to the authority's stickler for rules, when it suits them, Loo could not show up for his client's court hearing, and latter was convicted, and probably went through the same humiliation in the detention cells. If the police warrant was acted upon earlier, instead of being a month late, his client would have been properly represented.

Inspite of the SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fouled Up), Loo had to issue the standard thank you note expected of law practitioners in the land: "I am impressed with the professionalism shown by the courts and the Traffic Police in resolving this issue." That's like awarding medals to the Gestapo (which they did).

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