Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Confessions Of A Wheelchair Lover

With Jack Neo, the straying was not due to an affair of the heart. His sin was that of a lecherous dirty old man lusting for youthful flesh, preying on innocents unawares of the ways of the world. So can misguided love justify a transgression?

Lawyer for "prominent paraplegic athlete" Dr William Tan Kian Meng, sued for $400,000 owed, must be grasping at straws when he argued that Tan and the plaintiff had been in an "intimate relationship." A Senior Counsel in the Singapore courts circuit, Jimmy Tan was reported by TODAY to state in court that the plaintiff, Dr Chee, actually had sexual trysts with Tan. Chee, who met Tan while she was the general manager of the Parkway Healthcare Foundation, had testified that she knew Tan could not have children due to his disability. Pardon the pun, but it had to be a limp argument from the start.

Tan does not dispute pocketing the monies, some $259,818.24 received between 1999 and 2007, but is claiming that they were "love gifts" to him. He did not elaborate whether the largese was compensation for romantic affection or physical satisfaction. Tan was honoured by the NUS Distinguished Science Alumni Awards in 2005, citing that he "personifies both passion and compassion". Nothing is mentioned of his sexual athletic skills in a wheel chair. Surely, nobody can be that horny.

Suppose for a moment that there was an emotional entanglement. Does Tan not realise that even in a divorce, irregardless the relationship was institutionally sanctified or not, financial obligations have to be settled? The irony here is that Tan had used his wheelchairs in ultra-marathons across the lengths of New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, United States and supposedly helped raised more than $14 million for local and international charities over the last 18 years. So why is he quibbling over a relatively small sum?

Once again, the public has to be re-educated about these attention seeking fund raisers, coming so shortly after the debunking of the skyscraper rapelling monk Shi Ming Yi and first class frequent flyer TT Durai.

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