Thursday, May 13, 2010

Applications For Apple Dummies

Apple is not amused. Philip Yeo, previously chairman of Singapore's Agency for Science and Technology Research, was giving a talk at the Fullerton-St Joseph's Institution when he was asked what he thought of the Ipad. Yeo said that the money Apple makes is not on the Ipad hardware, but from the prices that people are willing to pay for "all kinds of useless applications." You don't want to watch this if your name is Steve Jobs.

Before they take down the YouTube video, here's what Philip Yeo said:
"The money that Apple makes is not in the assets, it's in software. The money is made from Apple store, you must understand that, so there is where people buy 99 cents, one dollar, all kinds of useless applications, but they like it.
You know what I mean, you need gullible customers to make money. If you have intelligent customers....
I always tell my daughter, try to make a product to sell to the dummies. 'Cos there are 99% dummies, maybe 1 or 2 percent genius, there are very few (in the) market you see."

There's truth in what the man says. The money that the PAP makes is not in the assets, but from the sweat and toil of the common people (aka "lesser mortals" and "dummies"). What former civil servant Ngiam Tong Dow calls the "little Lee Kuan Yews" like Philip Yeo are sitting on top of the food chain, feeding useless policies (aka "applications") to the dummies. The 1 or 2 percent who took the Red Pill have already voted with their legs.

Take the anguish of learning Mandarin in schools, that 30 year old mistake of the octogenarian. Philip Yeo was once visiting China when a reporter asked him why, as a Chinese born, Yeo could not speak the language. Yeo's reply was that he has no need to speak the language as someone else can speak it for him.

To appease the upset Apple fans, Yeo has told the Straits Times he has placed an order for the Ipad. No doubt, someone will be making use of the (useless) applications for him.

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  1. This is a typical example of the bigmouth scholar who can't even run two established companies giving to him on a platter. Just look at the sorry state of Neptune and Sembawang Group under his helm.