Thursday, July 22, 2010

Omigosh! He's Gone Mental!

"It is an act of God. Unless you want to lose half the roads and have canals." Doesn't that sound remarkably like the line from Transport Minister Raymond Lim when he said that 1.5 % GST increase is needed for a free transport system?

Whatever happened to the cut-to-the-chase no-bullshit champion of the people who booted out the Brits, crushed the Communists, neutered the Malaysian ultras, and sued the pants off his political adversaries? The One who made everyone stop at two, promoted graduate mothers, railroaded the learning of Mandarin? All with one hand on the steering wheel of his Studebaker, another tied behind his back, as in "Look, ma, no hands!"

Asked if he thought the Government's response to the flooding had been sufficient, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, in the inimitable style of Goh Chok Tong, answered the question with another question, "How can you say the response is sufficient?" His argument that the Government's best efforts are no match for Mother Nature can only hold water if the engineers at the Ministry of Environment spend less time on pastry cooking lessons, and more on fluid mechanics. Flowrate measurement for discharge over weirs is standard course material. And the statement that "no amount of engineering can prevent flooding" is just so lame. What about the gold coins that Lee gave to the engineers who cleaned up the Singapore river? Wasn't that for an engineering feat? The major engineering undertaking for the Marina Barrage - that a fiasco too? Yaacob Ibrahim said it was designed for water catchment, flood control and water recreation. So two out of three is acceptable for First World standard?

Agnostics really should not use the name of God in vain. A more appropriate expression would be, "what to do, it's happened". See, the apple does not fall far from the tree.


  1. the recent spate of event is a sign tell us that Singapore is regressing from first world back to third world by a third world management team, and if we are going to get third world administration, we might as well get Dr. Chee SJ into parliament

  2. MM Lee does what he does best, threaten the people.

  3. There are no flooding in first world countries at all ?

  4. 'Act of god'

    So all the people in the World where natural disasters happened, the people shall be left to suffer their fates la?


  5. Sue Nature!

  6. I learnt a new band-it tai-chi response by Lee Kuan Yew to any complaint that people can throw up:

    "The living environment needs to be improved. The economy must be good, and society must be safe so that peopple can live happily and peacefully. It is not just one issue; all the issues have to be well taken care of."

  7. By citing that it is an "Act of God", this is very consistent with running the country as "Singapore Inc". It means there is no accountability and no responsibility. No liability, no compensation needed and no need for further action. Get it?

  8. It is an act of God the MM has gone mental.
    And it has become an extraordinary tragedy, simply because many singaporeans cannot see the tragedy itself, having a PM who totally depends on him and has no clue in dealing with the situation.

  9. Hi, keep up your GREAT blogs. Thank you very much.

  10. Well, then if they lose a few number of seats or some "big guns" of the PAP in this coming election, it will also be an "Act of God"

  11. anonymous :1056
    you made it sound like getting CSJ into Parliament would regress us to third world.
    So you have bought into the MIW's BS about Chee
    all along.
    FYI, Chee is the most proactive ,fearless politicians we have today after JBJ.
    If anything, Chee in Parliament would wake them up from their slumber
    Have the 2 token 'watch-dog/ opposition MPs taken the Pappies to tasks over the recent fiascos?

  12. AP has quoted Kua Ka Hin, Singapore chief executive of international insurance firm Munich Re, as saying, "... with urbanisation, there is increased surface run-off. Looking at Orchard Road for example, there are large tranches of land which are now covered in concrete, which previously would have allowed water to permeate naturally." Still want to blame God?