Thursday, July 29, 2010

Signs Of Senility

After a lifetime of toil, slaving to pay off the house, car and kids' education, so it's back to the grind, only to work for a younger, less qualified boss at reduced wages? That's the wise man's formula to boost productivity in Singapore.

"We've got to make old people productive and I don't think there should be a retirement age," Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew told the Singapore National Employers Federation members gathered to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Retirement is supposed to be a golden period to do the things you never had the time for, like enjoying the 1,612 pages and 1.5 million words of Vincent Bugliosi's "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy". Or sitting through the Lord of The Rings triology at one go. Or bouncing the grandchildren on your knees. Stopping to smell the flowers. Admire the clouds in the sky. In other words, enjoy life without the demanding constraints of an office routine.

More exotic options like visiting the Niagara Falls or the Sphinx will require cash from the nest egg you've been squirreling away for. Unless you've been conned into upgrading your HDB flat and suddenly discover that the CPF account has been depleted by Mah Bow Tan's affordable housing prices. Or inflation has chewed away your bank balance, thanks to spiralling transportation charges, utility bills and medical costs inflicted by a dose of bad government. Not everyone has the luxury of inventing job titles and setting your own salary scale as you age.

It's in the order of nature that mental and physical agilities decline with advancing years. That's why the young with the faster reflexes should ascend the stage and bear the responsibilities of building a new society. Introduce fresh ideas rather then digging up old grandfather stories about communist threats and justification for detention without trial.

Life is short. Poor lawyer S. Tarwari retired in 2007. Only to suffer a headache and die of brain haemorrhage barely 3 years later at 64 years old. Hardly time enough to reflect upon a life time of accomplishments and sterling service to the nation.

Here's advice from a really wise man who was asked, "What do you do now that you're retired?"
"Well . . . I'm fortunate to have a chemical engineering background, and one of the things I enjoy most is turning beer, wine, Scotch, and margaritas into urine."


  1. The Old Guy has lost all his senses of being a human.


  2. Crass disgusting puke-worthy, that old one is.

  3. And they are screening the emotional video of him crying in front of tv all over again.
    Even if those tears were real, this video should now be long retired.
    Singapore is the world's no.1 pragmatic country, slash that, city. It sucks to live here. Even the woman singing this year's national day song is living in America...more like living the American dream and flying the american flag than the Singapore one.

  4. Hm, like what TKL said I would not mind working
    till I drop dead while at work if I am paid $3m
    a year, travelling round the world on taxpayers expense, telling other people how to run their own country, and forecasting for people how things might turn out.
    Easy job with high pay perks.

  5. I am willing to work till I drop,but nobody wants me.

    Based on your experience, Can MM teach me how to create job for myself that can last long long?

  6. "Can MM teach me how to create job for myself that can last long long?"

    Be careful what you ask for. That old senile might ask you to work as a toilet cleaner (at Changi airport?)...

  7. He should give himself a huge pay-cut first before talking shit

  8. But, but, but... LKY is already doing all that while still on the payroll. He is bouncing his grandchildren on his knees as well as enjoying physiotheraphy for his aching joints during working hours and reading the States Times and enjoying the stories of his self-declared golden period. He is smelling the roses in his state office, courtesy of taxpayers and flying around better than first class, get chauffered around in higher class than the world's best hotels limousines and accorded red carpet treatment everywhere he goes. He will lose all that when he finally retires so it is a nobrainer that retirement is not on the cards for him.

  9. The old fart is confusing work with hobby. He is not even working all this while when he admit he is doing forecasting all along. In work, you have to produce something and be responsible for the work, but in hobby, he doesn't need to be accountable whether his forecasting is accurate or not. Needless to say, he forecast on the expense of Singaporeans, bringing hardship based on his nonsensical forecast. He even responsible for billion dollars loss of investment due to nepotism.

    Who is this old fart to tell us not to retire when he is not even working since Singapore's independance ? Bullying, trampling and screwing the citizen and doing as he pleases and likes means he is working ?

    Pay cut for the old fart ? What is pay to him when the whole Singapore is a private property and playground for him ?

  10. What a great blog - objectively written and such incisive comments as well.
    I feel all the more hopeful for a new class of 'elevated' Singaporeans.

  11. Can't take this ridiculous ah pek anymore.
    Started off in 1950s as the speaker of democracy and freedom, and fighter against the communists.
    Now, he rubs shoulders with communists, make deals with them, even stupidly build their Suzhou and now Tianjin for them at a loss.
    We would have ended up the same now if we have voted Lim CS in those days!
    Think he needs to go into ISD for life for making friends with communists!

  12. Too many Yes man in his old boys’ club of intellects, leaving no room for any intellectual debate which leads to his ultimate brain degeneration and constant brain fart.

  13. don't take in too much of what he wants to say guys, he is after all a mortal like you and me, ok maybe a little higher, but he has to pass on too like everyone...

  14. We might have to worship the God of Merciless instead of the Goddess of Mercy!

  15. You may not like the person, but please no name calling....after all, he has done good for the country, comparing our neighbours.

    What are you doing here if this country is not for you?

  16. "What are you doing here if this country is not for you?"
    Stamford Raffles founded Singapore, not LKY. Devan Nair and Lim Chin Siong went to jail for Singapore, not LKY. Lim Bo Seng died fighting the Japanese for Singapore, not LKY. One reason why many are not hanging out the Singapore flag is because it has been hi-jacked by his PAP. It's time for Singaporeans to reclaim OUR COUNTRY. MAJULAH SINGAPURA!

  17. "What are you doing here if this country is not for you?"

    I brought up MY family, not lky.
    I supported and looked after MY parents, not lky.
    I bought the roof over MY head, not lky.
    I worked at MY job and retired from it, not lky.
    I contributed MY part to Sinkingpore, not lky.
    And when I die I will leave my remains in Sunkenpore, not lky.

    What exactly have YOU done?

  18. I paid up every farting cent in income tax, erp,
    gst, cpf, pub, singtel, traffic fines, library fines, my-share-of-the-millions(billions?)-that-they-grabbed, and whatevershit-you-can-think-of.

    Have you?

  19. Easy for MM to say no retirement age. The question is, how many companies will want to re-employ old farts. With abundant supply of FTs/FWs,most employers will get rid of old cocks/mother hen even before they reached retirement age. I guess, they will lit up fire crackers to send them off too. Because, getting rid of oldies can fatten their bottomline and hence, bigger bonuses for the top guns.

  20. 3rd class citizen8/03/2010 2:52 PM

    I have no choice because I can't afford to retire. I still have to service my HL and my children are all still in Uni or NS. Though I'm almost 64, I have to pretend that I'm only over 50. If I have had 5% of the old man's salary, I would be very happy. But because of his big mouth that older worker should be prepared to cut salary to remain employable, I am now only drawing about 1% of LKY's $3m salary. Not only the miserable salary but have to slot long hours unlike him just talking nonsense. Without him, the world will continue to spin, the sun will continue to rise and the tide continue to come in. With him out of office and with savings from paying him that salary, Singapore could make at least a couple of hundreds ppl happy.
    Oh God, please SOS.

  21. @patriot

    Well said!