Thursday, September 16, 2010

No Sex Please, We Are Singaporeans

After being so protective of the heartlanders from the lure of the twin gambling dens of RWS and MBS (a.k.a. Sodom and Gomorrah), why are the authorities relaxing controls on screening of R21 (unsuitable for viewing by anyone below 21) movies in HDB estates? No one has raised request for this, and no one needs to. Anyone with an internet connection can access material more sexually explicit than Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution"(色, 戒). Streaming media players selling like hot cakes at Sim Lim Square have made movie-on-demand so convenient that Singtel's mioTV offerings are downright Jurassic by comparison.

The "brainwave" from a state appointed group to review censorship regulations in all media such as films, videos and publications were released yesterday after a year of deliberations. Which means a bunch of fat cat civil servants were sitting around, collecting obscene salaries for non-productive work. For one whole year. Presently, R21 films can be screened only in central business district cinemas. Cinema chain and film distributors like Golden Village are the ones who will profit financially from the proposed changes. To quote their managing director, there could "potentially be a significant lift" in the box office earnings when females start baring skin and raise pulse rates in the heartland screenings. Uncles queued up in droves when Hong Kong pornstar Amy Yip's substantial mammary assets were first unveiled in 1991 with the introduction of the Film Classification System. Who knows, maybe shuttle buses to the heartland cinemas will be provided.

Committee Goh Yew Lin said the panel decided to go ahead because the proposal is "germane to the point of informed adult choice." The frog in the well seems to assume the average Singapore adult cares only about selections from a Masters and Johnson catalogue. What the committee conveniently omits to report is that pent up demand is not for a loosening of garter strings, but rather in the choice of reading material like Dr Ross Worthington's "Governance In Singapore" or even John Hardin's "Escape From Paradise". Latter is still listed in the National Library online catalogue as "Item not available for loan yet" even though it was actually on public library shelves before being yanked out by Yeo Cheow Tong's better half. As for video material, Martyn See 's "Dr Lim Hock Siew" is still top of the charts, thanks to public awareness generated by Minister for Communication and the Arts Lui Tuck Yew. Once again, the bureaucrats have failed to descend from their lofty ivory towers to fully appreciate the preferences of choice at ground zero.


  1. Vices have to be the Last Industry to keep this country afloat. It's easy money which Sinful people will have no qualm to make their bundles.

    Luckily, this tiny landmass can only support so much vices, so its' influences outside this little Singalore will not be too damaging though me suspects that the locals will be in a big mess as gamblings, sex rage on.

    Ultimately, some kind of Commadments will have to be accorded to Sin(the Land of Singalore).

    Me likes to add here that there are little human dignity and self respect left in our society.


  2. Singaporeans should stop making life difficult for our kind leadership. On one hand you want them to open up singapore, no censorship, you clamoured for same sex relations. Some very happy with chicken from all over the globe, ladies have cowboys and gamblers have casinos. Drinking holes are everywhere. When the authority loosens and opens up, the puritans claim vice, sin, irresponsible and wat not on the leaders. Wat you want them to do? Can you be allowed to go auto-pilot? Now, the government let you take care of yourselves. Your works, the safeties of yourself, properties and possessions are all in your own hands. Your behaviors must be good and if you cannot protect yourself and your assets, employ security personnels to take care, got accident, fight it out yourselves. All these freedoms no good meh? Yet singaporeans claim sin, control, singaporeans say stifle, let loose, singaporeans say irresponsible. No wonder they ignored all the complaints and grouses. They wanted to swim and sink with the people, but how can they?