Saturday, October 22, 2011

Master Class

Uncle is rejuvenated each time he recalls, eons ago, being thunderstruck when Francis Seow addressed the rally at Cheng San Eunos, reminding the massive turnout that only one person in history can credibly claim the ability to rise from the grave. The policeman standing next to him was more shocked when he, in his naïveté of youth, uttered aloud spontaneously, "Omigosh, this guy could be our next premier!" The cop was fidgeting with a cheap model Ecolac attache case, crammed with 3 or 4 vintage Walkman-type recorders, gathering material surreptitiously to sue the pants off any politician with a careless word. How was he going to erase the truth expressed from the groundswell?

It must be déjà vu for him, coupled with a touch of nostalgia, to read the print version of Low Thia Khiang's masterly performance in parliament. How we wish parliamentary debates were broadcast live on TV. The sight of court jester Lim Swee Say and company cringing at his words, squirming in their seats, must be priceless.

"I think is is high time the PAP MPs refrain from using this (pitfalls of a welfare state) as a red herring to kill debate on alternative solutions and mechanisms to those proposed by the Government." Ouch!

"It seems to me that more often than not, the policy trade-off was biased against the people, especially those who are adversely affected." Double ouch!

Low expands on Lim's CBF doctrine
Low made reference to the threshold of pain, using the colloquial expression tahan (Malay for withstand), that citizens have stoically  experienced while putting up with bad governance instances that inflicted the scorch of housing woes, infrastructure shortcomings, foreign hordes, etc. The list is long, and too painful to regurgitate. "But when the people tak boleh tahan, the Government will get hit during the election, " reminded Mr Low. Lim Swee Say must have asked of the genie from the magic lamp of his wacky bed-time story, wishing "to be beaten half to death." Be careful what you wish for, Mr Lim, look at what just happened to Gaddafi. Even an euphemistic version of his inglorious finale must be tough to tahan.

After the shock and awe of the brass knuckles, Low laid on thick with the velvet gloves, "I am happy to note the PAP has done some reflection on ground reactions, and the Government has responded to some of the concerns of the people," alluding to PM Lee's pledge on Thursday (adding to the longer list of earlier, yet to be delivered, election promises) to strengthen the social safety net.

Omigosh, this guy could be our next premier!


  1. That's it. I'm officially condemning this blog. All whining and no substance. Thanks for wasting my time

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  2. Anon Oct 22 2011 11:19am

    You are welcome to visit other non whining blog.

    I am really happy with this blog. Much of my "unspeakable " thoughts, re-butt of the mIW's (Non) sense are penned with such concise precision.

    I love your BLOG , thanks Tattler.

    Finally, people like the above are welcome to leave this blog alone.

  3. Keep it up ! Good work !!

  4. Good read, as always !
    To those who find nothing inspiring in this blog, do move else where.

  5. Promises were made not just during election campaigns, they were made without fail at every Parliamentary Meetings and Debates. Older Senior Members told us to expect 'golden-ed era', younger ones promised to make our society a caring and inclusive one.

    Meanwhile they fatten their remunerations, pension themselves to the last breath which the people struggle with livelihood. Flats were built smaller and more expensive and get worse each new one gets constructed. After more than four decades, they are now building more single room and one room and a half units for SINGAPOREANS.

    The Leaders self proclaimed themselves the best talent and the most elitist, they do have scheming talents me must say. BUT, do they have EQ?

    Wonder if Singaporeans STILL believe in those promises.


  6. Dear Tattler,

    I enjoy reading your articles!

    Just one correction. Francis Seow was not speaking at the Cheng San Rally but at the Eunos Rally. WP lost by only 500 votes. I was there when he lampooned Kuan Yew's comment about rising from the dead if Spore's well being was threatened. The ruling party would have lost Eunos if the social media was around

  7. Boy, the PAP dogs and their masters just can't stand up to scrutiny!
    Can't wait to see the day when the dogs abandon their masters, who can no longer provide them with benefits.....

    Good job, Tattler. Keep it up.
    Just to share. Many civil servants read your blog. We voted against the PAP in the last GE.

  8. Tattler,

    Ever since my wife told me about your blog in May this year, I have not skipped a single one.

    As for the PAP whores here, I am sure you'd love to add this to EVERY single speech made by non-PAP MPs...

    "Your populist proposals will bankrupt the government in no time, good thing we have a president who is related to the famiLEE to stop people like you from raiding the reserves dry, better repent before we ISA you... blah, blah, blah, yada, yada...

  9. Years ago LKY decided to have parliamentary proceedings brodcast live to show up the inadequacies of the opposition. Hoever when JBJ.s performances caught the eye of the public coupled with the sterling performance of Francis Seow ai the inquiry into the Law Society which LKY openly admitted that his feedback was that HE c ame off second best such broadcasts were terminated. Instead only edited excerpts were broadcast from then on.

  10. Tatler,

    I'm a senior civil servant. If not for the Official Secrets Act, I would love to share the inner workings of the PAP. For far too long, the people of Singapore have been kept from the truth of the PAP. Hopefully, we will see a bigger change at the next GE.

  11. No whining, No Complaining, And Absolutely No Frowning.
    Only Hugs, Smiles and Warm Fuzzy Feelings
    Read Straits Times.
    Then go to Universal Studio to make your euphoric days lasts longer. Guaranteed to live till 99 years old without touching your 3Ms.

  12. So it looks like the PAP MPs are the ones who are opposing the Opposition MPs now. Everything they suggest, kena shot down. If the broad idea or thrust of concept is not approved/supported, then no need to carry on and give suggestions right? Why spend time and energy to come up with suggestions and you knock them one by one down, with your controlling all the facts and data. Just see what happen to TJS's economic plan. And then they quietly go and implement some parts of the plans and take credit..u think WP or the people daft?

    Come on PM Lee, if you really mean what you say, to be constructive, then open up the Freedom of Information Act. Then everyone has the same level playing field and we can talk about constructive suggestions.

    As for LSS, he deserves to be the Indian Chief for India & China. He's the right man in the wrong place. Plenty of CBF workers for him to manage there. Don't even need to negotiate or pay workfare. They are just CHEAP and by the BILLIONs Load..will make his job better. The only jobs he has re-engineered every year is the same, all cleaning job from NEA, or McDonald. No other success studies.

  13. Keep going. LTK did a fabulous job slapping the driver who is still asleep. LSS is basically one damned overpaid pig at taxpayers expense.

  14. Hey Tattler, I hope some day you and other bloggers can come together to form a web forum to replace the now defunct Temasek Review. Singaporeans really need to unite to make our concerns heard.

  15. Look at history like those in Taiwan or Japan, the ill ruling party should go one day for a real change. And then, if the ruling party can reform itself to be relevant to the people, it may be elected to the power again. There is no way anyone can stop this historical trend. Now it seems a dead end when associated with the unpopular ruling party.

  16. Hello Mr Rahmat Lee @October 22, 2011 12:29 PM
    Just checked - uncle says you are probably right. With all the gerrymandering going on, it's tough to keep track of the electoral boundaries with the geographical locations.
    He says to tell you, "I stand corrected!"

  17. I really enjoy reading your blog. The only living Sg politician who could speak so well with such eloquence and awe is none other than Francis Seow. When I heard him spoke in GE 86/87 at Bedok Reservoir Rd, it was mesmerizing. The whole neighbourhood was choked with ppl. The PIE next to Bedok Reservoir was also choked with vehicles paking abreast along the highway. Imagine the PIE towards Changi Airport parked with vehicles side by side. Reason was that the road leading to the rally site was so jammed up! That was why they were so desparate to get rid of him! Hope to see more of such politicians in 2016!

  18. If I am the government, I will read your blog. Even though you rub the government most of the time, your views are refreshing and worth digesting. Well done and keep it up. Just remember to keep within the OB marker. Do not insinuate unless back by facts.

  19. "Just remember to keep within the OB marker."

    How lame! Uniquely Singaporean mind.

  20. Grassroot Leader10/25/2011 1:00 AM

    In support of my beloved leaders in white, I'm at a loss for words with the comments in this blog! I mean, lss is trying to betterise workers' lives, to cheaperise goods and services, to incrementalise productivity, to sing and dance to up turn the downturn, to fablelise the deaf frog, to zorrorise his Halloween outfit.....and here you are, poking fun at him and trying to bring down his measly pay of $2m a year!

    I dunno what to say!

  21. When one came out with the CBF theory for the lesser mortal, one sounded so proud of it ( Li Zhi qi zhuang). However, when the same CBF theory is thrown back to one, one felt so maligned to the extent of being speechless .

    Looks like our pledge of equality only applies to the selected few.

  22. Someone suggested that Swee Say be appointed to head Public Transport Council, me fully seconds the suggestion.
    Swee Say is damn good at slave driving Singaporeans to be cbf. It is time he applies his expertise to make our public transports cheaperer, betterer and fasterer. He should also make himself and his colleagues in the Cabinet to be same same.