Monday, April 9, 2012

Time Out

Whoa, time out! You know this xenophobia thingy is getting a wee bit out of hand if thin-skinned football fans raise the red flag over crummy giveaways like a mug, portable fan, 6-can cooler bag and travel bag. Anybody familiar with marketing mechanics will know that the cost price of the gift items are way less than the purported $50. You get more value in your National Day Parade goodie bag.

Unfortunately for Starhub's Ms Ong, head of corporate communications and investor relations, the politically correct charged atmosphere of recent weeks required an apology of sorts. Hence a segment marketing exercise ended up, by their official admission, as "an own goal". It's either that or subject of another police report. Never mind if the original aim was to target the skinflint Ang  Mohs to sign up, especially the chao kuan types (literally, Hokkien for "smelly-type" - used to denote a cheat or devious person, according to the Coxford Singlish Dictionary) who bring their own 6-packs to the kopi-tiam to watch for free.

What the protesters should really grouse about is why Singaporeans have to pay in the first place when some countries get to watch for free. Media Development Authority's new "cross -carriage" rules merely requires Starhub to share it's broadcast rights with its competition. Sports group subscribers 4 years ago only paid $10 - $20, while non-sports group subscribers paid $50. Now it has gone up to $69.55 - only early birds who sign up before 30 April are entitled to the $58.85 pricing. Now, that's something to grumble about.


  1. Can't blame StarHub. Blame this on the Singapore government. In European countries,governments there make a policy to allow their people to watch football matches on free TV channels. Not like our own greedy government here which wants us to pay a high price for this.

    You are not happy!? Then kick out those MIWs lah!

    1. That is true. If the government is serious about encouraging people to be active and support football, giving free viewing on free channels is the way to go.

  2. In Singapore, many things defy logic. Logically speaking, competition should bring about cheaper products and services. But right here, competition means more expensive petrol, power, public transport and subscription bills. How could that be? Some people even have the cheek to say if not for their many 'cost-cutting measures', consumers would have to fork out more money. They really think we are just born yesterday.

  3. Behind all these bull-shit, there is always a powerful supporter. So, prices will continue to rise. Patrol companies suppose to have different pricing so as to create a competitive environment, but is there in Singapore? What was being said was just to appease voters. It works all the time, so why bother to change?

  4. Who owns the majority shares in Starhub and Singtel lah? Shopping trips ain't gonna pay themselves you know!

  5. Soccer free to watch on TV when healthcare is not?

  6. Boycott European football lah! Why pay to watch some European competition? Singaporean should support local talents and local teams.