Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's The Gahment's Fault

Discerning Singaporeans turn to the internet for the real news, but the Sunday Times does have the comics section to enliven living in the stressful city. For starters, there was this bit about Ho Ching teaching Dr Lee Wei Lin how to dress up.

But Fiona Chan, writing her March 7 "Reflect" piece about Singaporeans blaming the Government when things go awry, really put a smile on your face with the two following anecdotes:

" Traffic jams? Stupid LTA.  Crowded showrooms? Lousy URA.  Escaped terrorist mastermind? Useless MHA.
Okay, it's a bit hard to argue with that last one. "

" Last Sunday, I went to see the doctor at a family clinic near my home. The place was packed with sick children and anxious parents waiting for the single doctor on duty to call them in.
In strolled an MP bent on distributing Chinese New Year oranges, he cheerful brisk demeanor clashing starkly with the surrounding tension as he asked for the doctor, who hurried out to meet him.
And before I knew it, I found myself saying irritatedly: "Stupid Government, nothing beter to do, is it?"
"Yeah lor," my husband replied. "No wonder the clinic queue so long - it's all their fault." "

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