Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Minister And The Philanderer

There are lots of surprising revelations about the 2-year affair Singapore's most successful film-maker Jack Neo, 51, had with actress-cum-model Wendy Chong, 22. Neo met Chong when she got a bit role as a nurse in his movie, "Money No Enough 2". For one, wife of 27 years and mother of 4 Madam Kng said she had known about the affair for a year but she chose to 'close one eye' and did not confront her husband.

More intriguing is the nugget that Neo chose to telephone Foreign Minister George Yeo personally from his house the day before the press went to print on Saturday evening 6 March. Yeo wrote in his blog: "He wanted to tell me himself and not have me learn from newspaper reports. Giving me the background, he was full of remorse, adding that his wife and children were angry with him for what he did." The Minister was obviously ignorant about Madam Kng's casual attitude about her husband's philandering - she must have aware of the curtains that Neo installed in his car to facilitate mobile trysts. Coming so close to 8 March, celebrated around the world as International Women's Day, the whole affair is a smirch on wholesome family values. And Yeo actually called on the public to be supportive of the Neos. Neo and Yeo, except for a character difference in their surnames, and to the best of public knowledge, are not related. Was Neo going to be in the line-up of candidates in the forthcoming General Election? If so, Yeo's PAP must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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