Thursday, August 26, 2010

Of Mouse And Men

Asked why he flew away to escape US jurisdiction, Oscar winning film director Polanski said in the Marina Zenovich documentary "Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired ", "Well, I, as you say, ran away, because I think that I was very unfortunate to have a judge who misused justice. I think that I was some kind of mouse with which some abominable cat begins a sport." On July 15, 2008, Polanski and his lawyer Douglas Dalton asked the L.A. district attorney's office to review his case based on new evidence disclosed in the film, including alleged improper communication between a member of the prosecutor's office and the aforementioned judge, Laurence J. Rittenband.

After her elder brother was cleared of wrong doing by the Court of Appeal in July 2010, the biggest reaction came from Mrs Ivy Singh-Lim, who put up the $1 million needed for his defence, and kissed the ground in celebration. She said loudly that she wanted to know how much State funds had been spent in the 5 years to prosecute Mr Bachoo Mohan Singh. Latter, 61, made legal history as the first person charged in Singapore with making a false claim; he is also the first lawyer in Commonwealth countries to be convicted of such an offence. Singh's case arose from a failed 2003 property deal , unaware that the flat buyer and seller were involved in a clandestine cashback scheme in which an inflated sale price is declared to the HDB authorities.

The high profiled and former president of Netball Singapore is not one who keeps mum when things are not as they seem to be on the surface. She is now hauled up to court by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for failing to have the buildings on her farm in Kranji inspected. Her lawyer accused BCA of "malicious prosecution", since BCA allowed many farm buildings in Kranji to be occupied and used, some more for more than 20 years, without a CSC (Certificate of Statutory Completion), the piece of bureaucratic paper that mandates the 5 year inspection. BCA executive engineer Tan Kwan Joo's response was that they did not take action on those owners as "there were too many of them". But somehow Ivy-Singh Lim's Bollywoood Veggies seemed to loom brightly on their radar screen.

This case is worth monitoring, since Tom and Jerry cartoons are such entertaining cat and mouse developments.

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