Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who Says YOG Is Boring?

The organisers of YOG must be real desperate to turn to a Sydney stripper to choreograph the opening ceremony of the World Youth Olympics in Singapore on August 14. She used to perform a 15-minute full strip routine on Friday and Saturday nights at the Pure Platinum and Men's Gallery clubs in the city.

"Bobbi", 41, was a bachelor of commerce student in Perth when she joined her sister dancing in Japan, and ended up doing cabaret shows for 7 years. "The first time I went completely nude I was very shy. It was in a private gig in Tokyo. Now it doesn't bother me at all," she recalls. Her parents were devastated. Dad doesn't want to talk about it at all.

She met her husband at Dancers Cabaret, giving him a lap dance (a service she still offers at her website). According to her, that's where most of the girls hooked up with their boyfriends and husbands - in the club. "Where else are you going to meet guys?" she said, advice she'll probably offer to the government dating agencies.

"I play around with the buck. I put my whip around a guy's head or put my hat down on a head. Anything where you're making a fool out of them gets the best response."

Obviously some fool is already paying good taxpayer money for a role model that rubbishes every Asian value we've ever known. But is the casino any better? The youths flying into Singapore for some wholesome athletics will be getting an eye-popping jaw-dropping education way beyond their years, thanks to Minister Vivian Balakrishnan et al responsible for this gig of a lifetime.

20 podiums and poles have been put up among the seating at the giant stadium and scantily clad dancers will be gyrating 5m above the audience. Just remember, boys and girls, it's strictly see-no-touch. Even Bobbi has her rules: "Anything that's interactive gets the best reaction but you've got to be careful, the rules don't allow much customer participation." What a tease, no wonder the dirty old men got hooked.


  1. It will be doubling as an advertisement for our vice industries, not the casinos though. The businesses in the red light districts will benefit, the condom retailers will benefit, the hourly hotels will benefit and the country will benefit too.

  2. hahaha...incredibly hilarious. btw, did you mention 41? hahaha..whatever rocks their boat. reminds me of the brits who charged porn, no, strike that, adult tv subscriptions to their official expenses.

    astute move i must say. they get their heads teased, while the ordinary folk stuffs the bucks into the bottomless crevices.

  3. Very, very pathetic and shameful for Sinagpore to end up like this. No wonder we are newly coined the Sin City. No wonder condoms are provided by the Organisers, thus openly promoting immorality. Don't know where to hide my face. Now boling with anger, what kind of Govt would descend to this stage.

  4. Oh the irony and hypocrisy! Vain Bala is the one who objected to bar top dancing... a riot can happen so the saying went. But now he is desperate enough to resort to this. Hahahaha thank you PAP!

  5. Not desperation but pure boh chupness...

    A simple background check would suffice but did they even bother to do so?

    Anyway, it's not the first time our esteemed leeders (no mispelling here) have gotten the proverbial egg on their collective faces...sigh

  6. I like this part from the same Sydney Morning Herald article:
    "I prefer working weekends. During the week the guys want to eat their steak and look at you occasionally. They're often with clients so they don't want a lasso round their neck while you're straddling them. On weekends you get a lot of bucks and birthdays and single guys and students who have just turned 18 and it's all very exciting."
    Maybe some of the ministers were studying in Australia when she was a stripper!

  7. Before or after the show?

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