Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Sets Of Records

Number of Gold Medals won:
"I only wish to question the increase in the YOG budget, which rose to $387 million from the initial $104 million," said Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali, who was arrested by the police for having "incited violence" with his postings on a Facebook site, "burn Vivian Balakrishnan and the PAP" and "rally together and vote them out".
Asked to comment, Balakrishnan's response was, "I didn't know about it until I read about it in the papers. It shows that I almost didn't care." Without citing any numbers, the Minister still insists that the Games would bring Singapore "significant tangible benefits".

Number of Presidential Pardons granted:
Benjamin Sheares (1971-1981)2
Devan Nair (1981-1985)1
Wee Kim Wee (1985 -1993)3
Ong Teng Cheong (1993-1999)1
S R Nathan (1999 - present)0

Except for the civil rights groups battling tirelessly for an end to the Mandatory Death Penalty, nobody else seems to care either.


  1. "I didn't know about it until I read about it in the papers. It shows that I almost didn't care."

    Brings to mind lim swee say's fable of the deaf frog, doesn't it?

  2. With regard the Remarks made by Ministers Vivien Balakrishnan and Teo Ser Luck.

    Me would just like to relate how a few Singaporeans that i know that did extremely well in carreers. Though not neccessarily in live as they too have to wait for their offsprings treatments.

    The parents and some siblings of these so-called successful people were and are not treated like kins and kiths, but like strangers or neighbours. Yet, many of these parents and kins are going around boasting how well and gloriously their children and siblings have succeeded in live.

    And indeed many of these successful people will go around and show how much they are the prides of their families ! Though they have little or no contribution to the wellbeings to their (parents/siblings)families.

    Speaking for myself; me will say to all those who volunteered on their own volitions, even if they felt disappointed with anything related to their works with YOG, a big Thank You for their efforts.

    As for those 'MOBILIZED' to volunteer for YOG and felt 'coerced' doing the works assigned to them and ended feeling abused due to poor foods, long working hours and jeopardized in studies or other activities. I DO NOT believed they enjoyed volunteering, the opposite is more likely. Me will join them to share their displeasures. NOT TO APPRECIATE their efforts which they NEVER ENJOYED OR EVEN LIKED.

    There is a Chinese Saying that some shameless people like to smack their own faces to make themselves look good. In SIN some did it literally without the slightest shame.


  3. My daughter was excited by her first day of duty at YOG, but worn down by the 5th. She didn't bother to attend the closing ceremony although we had tickets. Thanks to netizens' feddback, their dogfood improved and free flow drinks had more variety. Their reward - a free one day pass to universal studios - is limited to a few days only, miss it and it's gone. She's learnt her lesson.