Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goodbye And Good Riddance

Rumours were rife as speculation spread that Tony Tan could be a candidate for president if SR Nathan would step down at the end of his first term in September 2005. That was the year then Deputy Prime Minister Tan left the cabinet. Tan, 64, had planned to retire when Lee Hsien Loong became prime minister in August 2004, but he was asked to stay on till 30th June 2005 to complete his assignment in home security.

SM Goh Chok Tong, whilst touring Israel and the Palestinian Territories, commented on reports that Nathan had hinted that he would not stand for re-election: "When I read President Nathan's comments in Malaysia, I though the hint was the other way that he may run. There was a certain studied ambiguity in his statement." Goh added, "He has done a very good job. If his health allows it, if he is fit and healthy, he would continue to make a good president."

Nathan had been quoted in the Chinese Daily Muzi News (Lateline News) in Malaysia, "I'm 81, you know? Everybody is speculating. I'm not speculating. I'm hoping to look into retirement."

Back in Singapore, President Nathan chose to take a philosophical stand when approached by reporters again at a Vesak Day event. "When due time comes, you will know the answer. I live by the day, whether I wake up tomorrow morning, I'm not sure," sounding more morose than ambiguous.

The reason for Nathan's uncertainty then was that Tony Tan was the more popular establishment choice. When Tan shied away, Nathan rushed to submit his unsolicited medical report.

Fast forward to 2011, when the mainstream media is lavishing praise on Tan as if he had parted the waters of the Red Sea to set the people free. All hail the man who will heal the polarisation attributed to the recent elections.

I'm 87, you know?
Is it any surprise then to read that "Nathan calls it a day"? Nathan said in a press release that with his 87th birthday coming up, age is the reason why he believes he will be unsuited for the "heavy responsibilities and physical demands". Too bad the other old man, apparently still in office with his retinue of principal private and press secretaries, is not sharing the same thoughts.

Even Nathan had to concede he has earned his "fair share of criticism". Short of an apology, he said, "If I have fallen short, I would like the people of Singapore to know that this has not been for lack of effort or commitment." How about returning all those millions you pocketed for doing zilch?

Of all the nauseating "tributes" collated for face saving gestures, this one takes the cake: "His time in office will be remembered as one of wisdom and compassion." Need we be reminded that all those calls for a presidential pardon for Yong Vui Kong fell on deaf ears and an ice-cold heart?


  1. Me will not fault him(Nathan) for not saving Vui Kong. It was clear that he does not have the authority to do so by himself.
    However, other than this, I cannot credit him for any benevolence to the citizens of Singapore. Which Singaporean has benefited from his office?
    I do not know if his kins and clans did, though it is understood his fortune of SIN$millions accrued from been a president in Sin will not follow him into his next realm.
    So, what compassion and good has he given Singaporeans???

  2. //His time in office will be remembered as one of wisdom and compassion." Need we be reminded that all those calls for a presidential pardon for Yong Vui Kong fell on deaf ears and an ice-cold heart?//

    Yeah ST took the cake on that propaganda once again that it make you want to puke! How much longer can these journalist write without their conscience and so irresponsibly that they are totally living in a different world? Who they speak to to credit him with such lavish tterm wisdom & compassion? People will be trying hard not to throw some eggs at him int his coming NDP in front of so many foreign guests/PR during the wayang..but really, who are trying to kid?!!! What they write are not even in reality with what people feel!! Keep shitting from your mouth ST.

  3. apology? that's so unbecoming! but the people regret his taking millions from us for doing nothing and wallowing in his own self-pity and helplessness. that guy with no parting on his white hair is no sea-parting god either. the country will repent if he's elected as it will divide the nation ..tis without the prompt from godless king.

  4. He complained we ordinary mortals are quick to snipe without taking responsibilities! haha can you believe that? Did he pause to reflect that he's the one who didn't snipe when he should thus he took no responsibilities too while being paid millions! After all we're not the one who's seated in the throne! Sadly when he asked people to buy his book to get his report card (i mean is it even worth it? is there any to crow about?) it pushed many people over the edge. No constitutional power to free Vui Kong? What has he done to improve that or made his views known that this is unacceptable? Does he deserved to be pardon now?


    440+comments, mostly snipes at him for his "SP" role. Enough said, SR Nathan. When the broom fits, ride it.

  6. Is it true..rumor that the President is making plans to migrate to canada for retirement!? can anyone kee chiew to confirm...

  7. it should be good riddance to Nathan.
    the dumbass 60% can wish him goodbye.

    only in Sincity, millions of $$ from taxpayers are used to pay the most useless President on the planet.

    ps: the minimum Nathan can do, is to fund his own funeral from the millions he pocketed over the years.

  8. Some people bring happiness wherever they go.

    Some people bring happiness whenever they go.

  9. The Shit Times can heaped all the praise they want on him as writing is cheap. But if at the same time they can also deliberately report that the US$27 billion is equivalent only to S$22 million when they write about Chen Show Mao, do you still want to believe the stuff written by them ?

    And if the man in the street can't even recall one single deed done by our current President for the good of majority Singaporeans, would we be wrong to remember him as our good-for-nothing President ?

  10. Well, going by the NTUC definition of CBF, I think it applies to him appropriately: Costlier, Blurrer and Fatter.

  11. Why keep talking about a clemency for Yong Vui Kong? All drugs trafficker, regardless of race, nationality, MUST be sent to hell immediately. The drugs trafficker does not deserve any sympathy

  12. Anon@3:41,

    Only in Singapore can you find such extremist views. Sad.

  13. not fair to say he did nothing cause at least i saw him on tv during national da mah

  14. It was the PAP who put him there, who would we fools think he would be beholden to? us the citizens?
    Now we know why when MIW asked to draw on the reserves last, his decision was super-fast.
    His presidency just makes us feel how much we miss his predecessor, OTC.
    I am glad I won't have to look at his picture when I walked into a govt office soon

  15. I almost fell off my chair on the part of his talking about his heavy responsibilities and physical demands.

    Waving and shaking hands a few times a year must be really taxing for him. He must also be feeling the heaviness in his war chest after 12 years.

    So, good riddance indeed!

  16. i can't wait to PAY him to read his book on what he've done while receiving "peanuts" paid by us

  17. I can give you pages of good reasons why we should not vote for Tony Tan. Just see how his papers are blowing the trumpet for a "naked king".

  18. Retard. Only the MIW come out and speak well of him...who else did?

  19. The old KY man is bitter that he will not be the President. That was his late wife's wish but with her gone he has lost the battle. He is now wallowing in denial that his empire will end soon and the fear that his son is nothing but a eunich being controlled by his manly wife.

  20. "When due time comes, you will know the answer. I live by the day, whether I wake up tomorrow morning, I'm not sure," Nathan, sounding more morose than ambiguous.

    If he indeed lives by the day then he should walk the talk and give away his immense millions. A man who believes in such a philosophy does not need or want a mountain of gold.

  21. He should be morose indeed as his days of getting $15000 per day for doing nothing will soon be over. Actually we cannot blame him for earning at this humongous rate as it is the PAP government who forced the money upon him.