Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Abusing Animal Rights

This is worse than the rat infestation problem, you may never look at your Snoopy collectibles with the same affection again. It's one thing to hide behind the special needs children for a political agenda, it's quite another when an animal rights cause is hijacked for ulterior motives.

Of course, the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) is not dedicated to the welfare of canines only, it did contribute to feline proliferation in Chong Pang by ending the culling of cats in that estate. ACRES is now  setting its sights on promoting "a better bridge between the Government and civil society". Whether that means the founder is treating its new subjects of interest as dumb sheep or cattle is highly conjectural.

Institute of Policy Studies senior research fellow Gillian Koh was first to point out that "we sit up when a civic activist crosses over to the PAP." What made the talking heads really stand up was that Louis Ng broke protocol by making his own announcement about joining the People's Action Party as a bona fide card carrying member. And that he publicly fingered Tan Chuan-Jin as the recruiter. Tan was last seen at a television programme ("A Minute To Win It") with Gurmit Singh. Will the yellow booted contractor also turn to the dark side?

Ng supposedly founded ACRES with an $8,000 donation about a decade ago. That paltry sum could easily transform into a $16,000 a month windfall, what with the help of the GRC gravy train and all. And the heady ride could also end up with a million smackeroos per annum. It's not as far fetched as it may seem, Tan as good as confirmed the scripted move by saying, "We have many members and volunteers who come from different backgrounds, and that diversity is valuable as we see how best to help our community". Reptiles are probably also welcomed to join, since the ability to shed crocodile tears on call is highly valued by the political animals in charge.

To put to rest the doubting Thomases among us, veteran journalist PN Balji spelt it out in no uncertain terms: "I think for the next election, PAP will try to bring in people who have an affinity with the general public... The choice of Louis Ng may be a sign of that." Please don't take it out on your dog by kicking the poor mutt.


  1. We have gone to the dogs. Where if Mr. Kindness, WillIam Wan? Having the PM as Patron is not enough? Ho Kwon Ping still talks of "freak elections". How about freaks?

  2. So Snoopy becomes Snooty.

    How can a supposedly apolitical organization now plays neutrality?

    They probably didn't want a repeat of "Who lets the dogs out"? so need a qualified sheep..oops i mean ..dogs herder.

  3. We not stupid anymore. When the Minister says "….that diversity is valuable as we see how best to help our community", it's a euphemism for saying how best to get more votes lah. For them, it's how to stay in power forever. They targeted the old foggies with the PGP, now they target the animal lovers by recruiting an animal rights activist. What next? Desperation knows no bounds. Coming back to dogs, Ah Loong characterised the online media crowd as a pack of hunting hounds......we ain't nothing but a hound dog. Jeez.

  4. I see more Hyenas than dogs and animal lovers.
    And yet we are living in a concrete jungle.


  5. He's crossing over to take care of the feral animals - those four legs good, two legs better pigs.

    1. I prefer
      Four legs good, Two Lees better