Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Voice That Should Be Heard

What is it like to be detained for 32 years? Locked away without trial? Dr Chia Thye Poh was the longest-serving political prisoner of Singapore, longer than Nelson Madela's 27 years of incarceration on Robben Island, at Pollsmoor Prison and in Victor Verster Prison.
If your train ride to a workplace swarming with aliens is getting you down, or the seemingly impossibility of accessing your life savings at age 55 for retirement appears desolately remote, take a well deserved break and be uplifted by this video clip of the indomitable Chia Thye Poh, his first public appearance since his release in 1998.


  1. Uplifted by this video? More than likely, you will be puzzled by the false charges made against him, and feel disgusted by these self-serving cowards who want you to read, see, and hear the "right things".

  2. As long as truth is suppressed there will be no reconciliation. The question is; how long can you hide and distort the truth? The fact remains; no dictator in history has ever conquered immortality.

  3. History will correct the misinformation. The descendants will be affected.

  4. Only the guys that partake in his incarceration can grant him his innocence

  5. God has it's own unique strange way to make those responsible pay for their crimes. That is probably why the daughter is so ugly that she looks like a man.

    The moral of the story is that if you cause any harm to other people, your loved ones will eventually pay for your crimes against humanity.

    1. agree with u about the daughter. , Particularly if u look at how dramatic her transformation.was. In her pre-adulthood period, her look was still ok but as she moves into her adult yrs ,,.... she was evolving into what u have said with a fully grown hunchback to boot.

  6. Yes, he should be heard, but he may need a police permit to speak here in public, and I guess this video (recorded in KL) has been NAR'ed and can only be publicly screened out of Singapore, like "To Singapore, With Love". But the voice we are hearing ad nauseum about his heroic struggle for merger is that of his tormentor; and soon a movie to glorify him. What's next?