Wednesday, October 29, 2014

His Story

A new exhibition chronicling 700 years of Singapore's history opened at the National Museum of Singapore on Tuesday. The historical period spans Ancient Singapore (1300 to 1818); Colonial Singapore (1819 to 1942), Syonan-To (1942 to 1945); Road to Merdeka (1946 to 1965) and Independent Singapore (1965 to 1975).

National Museum director Angelita Teo said the "Singapura: 700 Years" exhibition aims to give visitors an immersive and multi-sensory experience, including the simulated exercise of casting your vote for merger with Malaysia. Unwittingly, it reminds one of the origin of the first con.

Toh Chin Chye did not mince his words about the level playing field:
"And the ballot paper was crafted by Lee Kuan Yew. Whichever you voted, you voted for merger. There were three choices: A, B, or C. But frankly, they were all votes for merger. And we moved in the Referendum Bill that spoilt votes will be counted as votes for merger."

Calling it a humbug, Lee Siew Choh fleshed out more details to demonstrate that the referendum of Sept 1, 1962, may be  something the PAP Government would very much like to forget. The three questions in the National Referendum gave voters no opportunity to express their wishes with a simple answer of "Yes" or "No" as is normally the case in fair democratic referendums. Moreover, the important questions were all posed by the ruling PAP alone with no consultation of opposition parties.

Alternative A:
This was the PAP White Paper proposal: merger as a state within the Federation with special conditions and a large measure of local autonomy. The opposition parties pointed out that it would make Singapore citizens into second-class citizens of the proposed Malaysia Federation.

Alternative B:
This was the Barisan Sosialis' proposal for full and complete merger as the 12th state of the Federation. There would be no loss of citizenship for Singapore citizens. Dr Goh Keng Swee pointed out that under the Federal Constitution, in Penang and Malacca only those born there were automatically citizens, and all others had to apply for registration. Having said that, Goh and Lee later got Tunku Abdul Rahman to agree that all citizens of Singapore would become citizens of Malaysia automatically under Alternative A.

Alternative C:
This was supposed to represent terms "no less favourable than terms for the Borneo Territories" (that is, Sarawak and British North Borneo, now called Sabah). Problem is, no one, not even the PAP, knew what those terms were. In fact, those terms were not made known until some time well after the referendum was held in Singapore.

Thus voters were asked to vote for something which was totally unknown to them. The Barisan Sosialis  slammed it as a sham referendum. The late David Marshall called it a most dishonest referendum. And it was criticised severely by the United Nations Committee of 17, the United Nations Special Committee on Colonialism.

It was not a period to be proud of in the annals of Singapore. And the con goes on.


  1. In this little red dot honesty has never been the best policy, has it? The beans are slowly but surely being spilled. You can sense the desperation of the powers that be with their torrent of propaganda from the MSM and selected hacks and handouts to try to win back the disenchanted citizenry.

  2. The 3 Curators of the 700 yrs history.

    Professor Kwa Chong Guan, Tan Tai Yong, & DerekHeng.

    I think is no coincidence that Pro Tan is being appointed as NMP recently, how timely. And what is the relationships of Kwa Chong Guan? Why else would Old Man Lee be very pleased with the narratives? When you control the entire supply chain, you can pretty much do/say what you want.

  3. Why nowadays suddenly history becomes so important to Singapore publicly ? But yet nothing is published about the exposing the false truths regarding Operation Coldstore ?

    Are they trying to depict history according to their only version of half truths but yet don't give a damn to the other side to deflect the half-truths ?

    1. Actually hor, it's nowsaday.

    2. nowadays it is!

  4. Let's have a referendum on the population for Singapore:
    A) 6.9 million
    B) 10 million
    C) 15 million
    Please cast your votes.

    1. Brilliant Lee Kuan Yew at his best.

      Not many young men could survived liked Lee Kuan Yew and Nathan during Japanese Occupation. But, then they WORKED FOR THE JAPANESE IMPERIAL ARMY.

    2. @ 5:35 PM

      You think they will exhibit their skeletons? Don't hold your breath.

      The aim of the whole show is to glorify the achievements of the "founding father", how this red dot has been transformed by him from the feudal and chaotic mudflats 700 years ago to the prosperous and successful modern metropolis of 1975. The next instalment is the film "1965".

      Go and watch, it is free if you are a Singapore citizen, and runs until August (National Day!) next year, the culmination of 50 Years Singapore Celebrations. Errr, if you have the stomach for it.

    3. Gotcha. This is not History. This is His Story!.

  5. I was in Primary One then (during the referendum) and I remembered being a little puzzled by the three choices which didn't looked like choices to me. Now, I understood the farce.


    Another successful cult leader also ran for 62 years before its gig is up. His grandson has to expose this hideous deeds. So treat it like reading hisciencestory lah.

  7. So you have the biggest con man of all time. The ultimate mentor despot who has shown that he will sink to any level for power. So he claims that the Japanese let him go to collect clothes. Why would they do that, they were inviting him for a party, he went back home to get fresh underwear. That is the most audacious lie, the Japanese were rounding up young Chines to kill and yet allows one to get new clothes. We have been idiots for too long. How can people trust anything he says is beyond me.