Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gender Wars

At a "Supper Club interview" in January 2014, Senior Minister of State for Transport and Finance Josephine Teo was talking about her work as an MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC and personal life:
"Every year, I make it a point to travel with my family. It’s my protected time with my kids. Twice a year, I need to remind them that they do have a mother. I enjoy being a mum. I’d have had four kids if not for politics."

Earlier on in 2012, another disgraceful minister had this to say during a Parliament debate about trimming ministerial pay,
"When I made the decision to join politics in 2006, pay was not a key factor. Loss of privacy, public scrutiny on myself and my family and loss of personal time were. The disruption to my career was also an important consideration. I had some ground to believe that my family would not suffer a drastic change in the standard of living even though I experienced a drop in my income. So it is with this recent pay cut. If the balance is tilted further in the future, it will make it harder for any one considering political office."

However, when a participant at a forum hosted by Senior Minister of State for Health and REACH Chairman Amy Khor suggested that national servicemen should be paid more, Teo had this notion of supreme sacrifice: service for the country “cannot be measured in dollars and cents”.

Meanwhile, at another hen party, Nee Soon GRC MP Lee Bee Wah wants the men to cough up more blood:
"Tonight you can go back, discuss with your husband and tell him that for the first $30,000 in your CPF account, you will get 6 per cent interest. Discuss that maybe it's better to put money into your CPF account". 

This coming after another female just ruled that the balance in our CPF account no longer belongs to us because of "co-payment from employers and top-ups from public funds".

How is it that, when it comes to hard earned money, Singapore men are drawing the short straws? There may be the odd few who enjoys being a cuckold so long as there's peace in the house, but no self respecting alpha male should take this lying down. What next, men stay home and make the babies? Time to re-read John Gray's "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus".


  1. Double standards that is! I am still a strong believer that we should abolish NS or at least downsize by cutting the nunber of months required. Release of boys to schools and eventually to the workforce earlier. We can set up a bigger professional army to defend our country. Call up the NS boys only when there is war or possible war scenario. Please do not call them for Reservist as this is not welcome by companies and dislike by NS boys. They did not say so loudly but MPs and Ministers should know the unhappiness behind reservists.

    1. "I am still a strong believer that we should abolish NS or at least downsize by cutting the nunber of months required."

      What part of slavery don't you understand?
      How do you expect Millionaires to remain Millionaires?
      You cannot remain a Millionaire by creating a level playing field.
      A level playing field creates more opportunities for slaves to think too much about their lack of opportunities.
      This will upset the social hierarchy.

  2. Sinkies are just pathetic, they fall easily to those sexy feline talks and PAP IS MAKING USES OF THOSE AH SOHs(Aunties) to SWEET TALK TO THE PEOPLE NOW THAT SWEET SAY ZORRO IS SEEN AS A CLOWN.
    Even Ex-Army Commanders are playing Second Fiddles to the Ah Sohs.

    Something very wrong with the Sheeples getting brainwashed by Ah Sohs as far as we can see.


    1. Good observation Patriot. Its the females who are KPKB these days.

    2. Maybe some Puppy Minister should start telling the typical Singaporean wife, if your husband does not fuck you anymore, please don't forget to vote for PAP.

      PAP will make sure the husbands will be made to Pay and Pay.

    3. veery perceptive...behind the mighty cocks are the cock worshippers. ..they are the ones who keep em cock in power...be it religious or otherwise....feel sorry for the children who are raised in the prisons of stupidity....dumb, deaf and blind....slaves to their masters :)

  3. By instigating women folks to go home to heckle their husbands to contribute to their CPF they are bringing the battle to the bedroom! No sex for you if you don't top by my CPF! How dirty it is! Cuz they know that by creating disharmony in the home the mensfolk won't have the time to monitor those incompetent highly paid multi million dollars clowns from the military! Sigh!

  4. Divide & rule is a basic technique in managing people;

    Construct a strategy to pit employer against employee
    stand aside and watch the fireworks.

    retirement age extended but no enforcement, citing business decisions of employer. You fight with employer

    Reservists duties enforced by SAF Act but ignores issues with employer not wanting to employ citizens... citing business decisions. You fight with employer

    Medishield Life has nothing to do with private insurer... its up to you... but private insurer can deduct from Medisave account for plans that you are told you should have. You fight with insurer.

    Get your husband to top up your CPF... you fight with your wife.

    COE is up to you.. demand vs supply nothing to do with LTA.
    You fight with car dealer and others.

    1. In Australia, the social contract for their pension isthat when they entered the work force and when males reached 65, and females 60, then they would receive the age pension. Is that a better idea instead of delaying the CPF DDD or increasing MS to penalise both couple (presumably one is SAHM)? At least that way, they have access to funds earlier as a collective couple? That will give PAP less excuse to detain or delay our money at their usual whims. If I were the men, I would rather one of us (my wife) get some of my hard earned money than none of us at all.

      And ultimately, those same chorus from PAP women MPs are essentially telling the women voters to #*ck off and not come after the state but go after their husbands instead. Such ploy! The politicians and public servants have made sure their their retirement is well take care of, but they will not allow average worker to enjoy their own retirement.

  5. If not for the gahmen 'stop at 2', many older folks will have more than 2 kids. If her hubby is very sexually active, she will have more kids too.

  6. Sinkies are dumb and damned.

    They call for Ministers to commit Hara-kiri, Seppaku, Step Down, Apologize. But, they have no gut to vote Alternative Parties.

    They know Absolute Power corrupts absolutely, yet, they vote for a SINGLE PARTY TO RULE THEM.



    1. Are Sinkies ready for a regime change?
      What has to happen before Sinkies are ready to vote in a new government?

  7. very perceptive post; pap's pr machine has decided the female offensive works better on the old hum sup lor voters!

  8. Well they follow from the best....look no further than at Ah Loong...remember his other half...He always give me the impression of being hen pecked too much sometimes...zzz

    So other hens seeing the above example take it as their entitlement to do the same to others too....nuts lah...if this is a real jungle...you see how many hens can survive without the males doing the real heavy work and the physical dangers...zzz

  9. In the beginning, Eve gave the serpent head her lip service and the delighted serpent rewarded Eve with Sin

  10. Who wrote. ..The most brilliant politician you never knew? LoL

  11. It might surprised some but it is true that women do rationalise differently from men. Go ask your wives and daughters what they think of NMP Chia 's and the Pink Man's and Minister Ng's belief that the CPF balances are Not ours.
    Incidentally, that is why we had to endure years of manipulation of how the CPF scheme had been tweaked.

  12. This is what the wives should do instead :

    "Tonight you can go back, discuss with your husband and tell him that for the first $30,000 in your CPF account, you will get 6 per cent interest. Discuss that maybe it's better to ask Chenghu to put ALL our money into CPF special account at 6% interest rate ".

    If they know the "magic" of compound interest rate at 6% can help us retire, why won't they do the "right thing" just like Malaysia govt does, to increase and maintain CPF interest rate at 6% instead, afterall Temasek & GIC claims to be makin 12-16% return every year !!? Why do they constantly deprive the ordiinary men/women with their "starve the beast" approach, so that they can continue to milk whatever is left of a human in their golden years?

    People are being side tracked and distracted by the whole CPF "tweaks". They need to go back to the basic - demanding for the interest rate increase, and that will solve half the problem.

    1. Friend, what we should do is VTO and it will solve, not half the problem, but all the problems; and send the "one-eyed dragon" and his dragon ladies and eunuchs into retirement.

  13. Now we have SAHM who feels that they should be entitled to a pay for raising children. While I understand their risk of having little to no retirement funds since they have chosen the SAHM route, why should the state bear the consequences of their choices? Why should working-couples who also raise their kids pay for their personal cost? Why should singles pay for their sense of entitlement? Therefore, it is not wrong that they should rightly be asking their husband (the provider) to take care of them. In the event that the husband/breadwinner fails to do that, well, at least they still have their children to count on right? Why else would your choice of being a SAHM yields you if not for a happier and healthier children, tio bo?!

  14. This are the things I've come to known, if you think you're gained true knowledge while reading it by going to the links provided, let it be known and if it helps, circulate your new found knowledge.

    "Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for."

    "True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing."

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    Fat MaMa:
    February 19, 2015 at 5:24 pm (Quote)

    Good one! Try reading this article about the media which (if I
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