Monday, January 10, 2011

The Campaigning Has Begun

During the last general election, they attempted an unsuccessful ban on podcasts and blogs about the hustings. This time round, the one day "cooling-off" period introduced to dampen voter enthusiasm is probably deemed dead in the water even before the election is officially launched. Hence the blatant exploitation of the main stream print media and national television.

Following the grandiose Aljunied GRC announcement of its 5-year plans, Jalan Besar GRC predictably unrolled it's own road show. Note George Yeo in Aljunied and Yaacob Ibrahim in Jalan Besar, both individuals similarly identified as highly endangered species in the current political atmosphere. Why else link the Orchard Road (lack of) flood control issues with "artistic landscaping" and "latest street furniture" for Jalan Besar, the ward where MP Lily Neo has to contribute from her own wallet the occasional $10 note to help out the destitute? The same people who could not afford three full meals a day. No point in sitting pretty at a landscaped park with growling noises emanating from an empty stomach.

The $460 million promised for one of the oldest wards in the island does not came from Yaacob Ibrahim's personal stash, or the war-chest of his political sponsor. These are monies taken not just from the taxpayers of Jalan Besar, or the other GRCs (East Coast, Ang Mo Kio, Marine Parade and Hong Kah) whose 5-year improvement plans are slated to be announced in the coming weeks. The 5-year plans for the whole of Singapore should deserve equal billing, not just the GRCs under perceived threat of the growing opposition front. Note also the hot potatoes in some of the GRCs selected for national attention: Raymond Lim, Seng Han Thong, Goh Chok Tong, Yeo Cheow Tong. Oh, silly us, we forgot, MM Lee Kuan Yew said that there's no such thing as a level playing field in Singapore politics.


  1. I don't need the miw to put up expensive upgrading plans, which is a waste of our monies. I just need them to do their job of properly maintaining our estates. No buts, no ifs. I love my place as it is.

    Truth is whatever the miw says now is just noise to my ears. We Singaporeans have suffered enough under this party. They have to be held accountable.

  2. Remember what happened to all the great plans that our GCT announced for Potong Pasir and Hougang during the last election ? What exactly happened to all those funds they say they had already lined up for these opposition constituencies ?

    Remember also after losing the election, one of the PAP election candidates (was it Sitoh or the other one ?) don't even want to repair the lamp post that he first put up in the opposition ward to show his fake concern ? If I recall correctly, he even said that the elected MP should be looking after its maintenance.

    Now that the PAP govt have recently announced their grandious upgrading plans for some of these constituencies, is this another one of Lee Hsien Loong's tricks to con the people again and fix the opposition as well ?

    They say once bitten twice shy. Are we really that dumb to believe them again ? I for one don't have a short memory, do you ?

  3. Fear will make voters elect the Incumbents into Parliament.
    Tis, I am pretty sure.

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