Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Glimpse Of Things To Come

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McKinsey&Company is obviously privy to information that is not available to the average Singaporean. Put in another way, foreigners are trusted with future plans while citizens are treated like mushrooms - kept in the dark and fed with sh_t.

What the planners have in mind:
Population, thousands4,5895,487
Total GDP, $ billion172415
Per capital GDP, $'0005191

Thanks for the heads up, "Kindness"@ November 16, 2011 5:08 PM

Meanwhile lawyer Hri Kumar Nair, MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, is saying the southern stretch of the NSE has a much smaller impact on building owners than the northern stretch. The occupants of 567 units in the affected HDB blocks at Rochor Centre will have a hard time swallowing this bitter truth - that they were never really proud owners of their residential flats, at least not in the eyes of the Government promoting home ownership.


  1. With their FT policy, even citizens don't own this place except the privileged. Everyone else is an economic digit temporarily housed here and slaving away for the Masters' benefit. Eventually will be exported to JB when no more economically productive.


  2. Really? Not 6.5m? The figure at which we will achieve nirvana, and SG will be paradise?

  3. It is sad that they never give details to us. Just gross over by saying we need FT. Most are unaware of the impact of the ploicy until they realise trains and buses are getting more crowded and houses unaffordable. Dreams of owning a car are evaporating fast unless you are the top cream. So is life getting better or worse with impressive GDP growth? You make your own judgement!

  4. The population figure only includes citizens and PRs, which is understating the real situation.

    If include all foreigners, then the total population will be another 1 - 1.5 million more, i.e. 6.5 - 7 million by 2025.

    Actually, the 6 million mark will be easily reached by 2020.

  5. //If include all foreigners, then the total population will be another 1 - 1.5 million more, i.e. 6.5 - 7 million by 2025.//

    Correct..that's my take also.
    Imagine now at 5.2 where 'local residents' (i.e. SG + PRs) are already at 36%, excluding the mobile FTs that come in/out, the place is already packed with sardine and seriously constraining our infrastructures. To truly pack in all 6.5m mark as Mr Mah Bow Tan has alluded to, Rochor/BBC will not be the first and last one to make ways.

    So the questions everybody want answers to - what /who exactly are sacrificing and making ways to/for? We have heard enough that SG is a scarce land and so why do we keep packing them here, and on the other hand, demand sky high prices for these PAP-self-inflicted pain on ourselves. This govt has a lot to answer to people.

  6. How is Singapore going to double its GDP in 14 years time without creative and innovative industries? Let see... make Singapore a paradise for people with ill-gotten wealth to enjoy their life here without fear of prosecution; attract MNCs with tax perks and easy access to cheaper labours whilst increasing indirect taxes on residents; inflate land and property prices by another 100% by manipulating supply and demand; pull all the stops to develop MBS and RWS as the choice destinations for regional gamblers by offering more plots of prime land for expansion; adopt hand-off approach on financial institutions whilst protecting them covertly even as they go about peddling toxic financial products or engaging in "frauds"...

    We should all have confidence in the future of Singapore but if you think your life is not going to get any better or perhaps get worse, sorry, "It can't be help." This is national development, this is national survival, get that? If you don't feel excited about our country's future, you have to start to worry.

  7. The devils are always in the details. I urge everyone who reads MSM press read them with skeptical mind. Ask yourself what are they trying to say here and the hidden message they're selling. Then ask why/when/what/who in the entire accountability mechanism is responsible for such policies. How does that impact and affect you in the ground.

    I suspect there'll be more 'middle-income trap" if we are not careful.

    Yes , the attraction of HNWI (high net worth invididual aka millionaires are all part of the game to boost the GDP. Expect to see more hatches, gambling, F1 race, glamourous properties, fast cars, lifestyles etc etc...
    that's what the roads for built for these millionaires princelings.

  8. Is MY WAY , HIGHWAY & GATEWAY to more GDP + Foreigners.

    Huat ah...!

  9. Thanks for the article, Tattler.

    Sign... I wonder what will happen when the population ponzi scheme reaches its end stage.

    The future leaders who inherit the broken humpty dumpty will not be able to undo the irreparable damage.

  10. wonder if all our attempts to have enough water will be enough for the population in 2025. if the electricity supply is not enough, who will get what little there is - us or the pricey plants at gardens in the bay? can we still keep this place shady, cool and green by growing plants on vertical walls while eliminating gardens? exactly whose pay will be growing that per capita GDP will be $91k? can we deal with all the shit that all those millions in 2025 will be excreting?

    here's the real poser: does a foreigner's sewage produce better newater than a sporean's?

  11. one last one: if the total popn planned for 2025 is 5.4million, and that is supposed to be optimal and necessary for our growth and survival, how is it we seem to be so far from paradise when we'r just 300k short?

  12. Not only need to attract the multi-millionaires or billionaires to come. We need to attract the highest class whore houses here as well. Do you know one shot will cost you US$5,000? One night stand will US$100,000. These whores are high net worth individuals as well. We need to bring the high-class exclusive entertainment centers like those in Germany or Japan to here. They will definitely push the GDP to new high. After all, they are to satisfy the needs of those multi-illionaires and billionaires.

  13. According to IMF (which I think shld be very accurate too) is that Singapore projected population by 2016 is 5.7m . You don't have to wait till 2025.