Friday, November 18, 2011

Managing The New Media

Speaking at the Project Reach discussion on strategic engagement of new media, Teo Ser Luck lamented that a Facebook post by someone from an opposition party gathered " a lot of likes and hero worshipping", but a similar message posted by a PAP member resulted in criticism. That was before he was alerted to the posting by a PAP youth wing member of a photo of a Huda Kindergarten school bus, labelled "Bus filled with young terrorist trainees?"

Tampines resident Firdaus emailed YP vice-chairman Zaqy Mohamad, and latter's comments are illuminating:
"The YP has throughout the years, brought in its members through the branches. They would have demonstrated a certain level of interest and commitment towards the Party before they would be referred by a trusted comrade for membership. The reference would largely be experiential; with the referrer’s knowledge based on his practical and personal encounters with the potential member."

Zaqy's initial response ("My Holdingt Reply Last Night') to the email stated this:
"However, I am informed that the photo posted was made earlier in the year some time in Feb. XXX had joined YP much later in June."

Note the lifeline extended to the racist: the offending post was made before the party membership card was issued. It would appear "a certain level of interest and commitment towards the Party" is all that is required of membership, moral inaptitude and innate prejudices are presumably secondary considerations. The Ku Klux Klan probably shared similar recruiting philosophies.

Initially YP leaders contemplated an internal investigation before taking action, a protracted process that calls for a vote by the central executive committee. Teo Ser Luck, who expressed disagreement at the Project Reach meeting with the IPS survey finding that the recent GE was not a "Internet election", knew he had to cut his losses, and arranged for the black sheep to resign, and the Facebook account deactivated.

But three police reports have already been lodged, including one from the principal of the Islamic kindergarten maligned. It remains to be seen if the final outcome will be a repeat of the "investigation" involving a certain Marine Parade GRC MP. After all, Teo did say the Government is now learning to use new media effectively, but it is still essential to "balance with the usage of traditional media like newspapers to tap into different communities".


  1. Some humans are just sensitive to religious manifestations and cannot desist from expressing their feelings. This human nature is innate and it will last for as long as there is mankind.

    Me just wonder why humans are not able to keep their beliefs in their hearts. Religious Beliefs by any definition is a personal and private affair that should be practiced without having to show any manifestation.

    Does manifesting ones' Belief make one more religious and holy??


  2. AFP says:

    If there are government records — in any country — that you’d like an Associated Press reporter to try to get, let us know.

  3. Same outcome as Ms TPL. You get a special sedition pass when you're a member. And at least this Jason member + that Steve Tan have the shame in them to resign before the circus get out of hand. But not the one who desperately want to ride the coat tail in Marine Parade GRC.

  4. He will be slapped on his wrist, then given a counseling, that's all.
    But wtf he's thinking? Is he an ignorant foreigner-turned-singaporean?

  5. quoting teo ser luck abt the new media is like referencing a bald man to help you sell hair care products. This fellow has started so many initiatives in the net. All of them have failed. He has not even managed to do one thing right. So it doesnt surprise me, if he is in a state of denial concerning the internet.

  6. Another storm in the teacup.
    This huta saga only goes to show they can install hundreds/thousands of cctvs also useless. Illicit activities will just go underground.
    As long as the govt don't openly address the influx of foreigners on this island, there will be more seething feelings bubbling underneath the surface. There's a lot of tension already at work place/households and society with this all round intrusion that singaporeans are feelings.
    People then act out their fear irrationally against other races including their neighbors & own kinds. Where are all the anthropologist when you need them? Sleeping on the jobs? When the gahment so openly endorse an open-door policies, they have no clues or policies to ensure social cohesion..except only as after-thought.

  7. TSL will say is cathartic; just another way to vent.

  8. Reminds me of the Rachelle - Gay incident.
    YPAP supporters & members also need to vent leh.
    And traditional media balance it by not reporting after a few radio silent days.

  9. You may be surprised. This guy is someone who could be made an example of.

  10. Has anyone wondered if the real source of offence in the photo is not the rhetorical question posed but the headband worn by the impressionable kids, in the fashion of Al Qaeda types seeking martyrdom? It's not a male variant of the tudong, is it? To be fair to both sides, the principal of the Huda Kindergarten may need to explain the choice of headgear. Perhaps the Minister for Muslim Affairs can enlighten us, now that he does not have to worry about the floods at Orchard Road.

  11. I don't know about you folks, but one thing so obvious to me about the new media can be clearly sum up in this way:


    And the people of Singapore can now see clearly, with the scales removed from their eyes, the truly bad and even grotesque areas of govt performance and decisions.

    Post, 2011 GE, the LHL govt and its proxies are now embarking on a clandestine strategy to put the blinkers back on us. DON'T EVER LET THEM SUCCEED.

    There are many among us without gainful employment anymore who would have nothing to lose to step up to the plate for those who can't risk their rice bowl.

  12. //There are many among us without gainful employment anymore who would have nothing to lose to step up to the plate for those who can't risk their rice bowl.//

    I SALUTE and THANK you..