Monday, November 21, 2011

Tempering With The Law

The police is investigating an offensive Facebook posting. On Saturday, YPAP's chairman and vice-chairman, Teo Ser Luck and Zaqy Mohamad, visited Huda Kindergarten to apologise in person. Is that an admission of guilt, being accessory to a criminal act, and willingness to accept the punishment according to the laws of the land? If not, why the orchestrated photo op in the mainstream media?

Zaqy Mohamad should know better than to interfere when a police investigation is in progress. The officers of the law should be allowed to proceed with their work without undue influence. Zaqy alludes to same arms-length approach in his own Facebook posting - "leave it to the relevant authorities and let the law to (sic) run its course" - but is pictured arm-twisting the Huda principal, presumably to to withdraw the police report he lodged:

This has to be Teo Ser Luck' attempt to "balance the usage of traditional media like newspapers" since "the Government is now learning to use new media effectively" (his own words, no less).

Unfortunately there was more than one police report made about the rhetorical question concerning a bus load of young Muslims. Maybe that's why a fall guy was needed. Someone who could have cut and pasted any of the graphics from google images available online. Someone who expressed a personal outrage like Wafa Sultan, the first Arab Muslim woman who dared to challenge Islam. Wafa Sultan could be wrong, but she provides ample evidence for her own persuasion. Evidence that invites reasoned debate to change her mindset. She's one gutsy Muslim sister. Only the asinine would charge her with sedition.

Religion was never a recommended topic for polite dinner conversation, in Singapore or any other part of the world. That doesn't mean intellectual deliberation should be held hostage to the madness of McCarthyism. During the McCarthy era, reckless, unsubstantiated accusations and demagogic attacks were made on ordinary citizens to serve the politics of the day. When common sense finally prevailed, contrived punishments which came about were later overturned, mischievous laws would be declared unconstitutional, dismissals from employment declared illegal or actionable, convoluted extra-legal procedures challenged in open court. That was in a country which embraces democracy.

The best we can hope for is that the law will be fairly administered, and seen to be fair.


  1. "The best we can hope for is that the law will be fairly administered, and seen to be fair."

    That is a lot to expect. Look at TPL, just a slap on the wrist only. Same will apply.

  2. The US took only 5 years to overturn McCartyism and undo the damage via judiciary, law, due process and govt change. In Singapore, even after 25, 30, 40 years later, PAP and the law still tells us those people are Marxists, communists, even when some of those people already dead and cremated. No need to hope ... it will be business as usual.

  3. Tattler,

    I don't get what you're trying to say. Are you insinuating that there is intellectual merit to the content of Neo's caption, and that charging him with sedition would be mischievous?

  4. It seems to be the MPs and Ministers are just waiting for such incidents to happen (some might think overblown or engineered) so that they can gain some sympathy points and portray themselves as defenders of the people. To me these people are not sincere. Why act after the event is made public, there are so many other discriniation going on, act on them quietly

  5. Maybe we will be seeing NG Eng Heng and the SAF chief shaking hands with the chief madrasah of Islam soon for the guy's folly. Do you think if this person is from a non-PAP member, the same arm-twisting will still happen. In the case of JN, we are not talking about a 13 year old boy..but a 30 yr old man who is undergoing his legal studies mind you.

  6. Do I expect any reasoned or intellectual debate.
    It will be tip-toeing on broken eggshells, then swept under the carpet again.
    To give people the illusion that we 'get' multiculturalism, and 'practice' them. Just pretend and carry on.
    Even LKY have to cancel and refute 'venomous'. At least this Christian Ratnam has put his views, much in line with Wafa Sultan.
    But how does that make it a crime, or seditious even?
    Wonder how the Muslim community will take a leadership from here.

  7. 19 November 2011

    13 detained in Tawau most dangerous to M'sia and region

    KLUANG: Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the group of 13 individuals who were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) by the authorities in Tawau, Sabah earlier this week were most dangerous to the security of this country and the region.

    He said the group of 13 individuals concerned, including six foreigners who were "not afraid to die" and wanted to become martrys, were most dangerous not only to the people of Malaysia but also the whole South-east Asian region.

    "This group is not afraid to die and they actually want to become martyrs," he told reporters after attending a gathering at Felda Bukit Tongkat, here today.

    Hishammuddin, who is also the Member of Parliament for Semberong, described the issue on the detention of the 13 individuals concerned as 'most serious' and said that they were currently being detained at the Detention Centre in Tawau.

    The minister also disclosed that the operation to detain the 13 individuals was carried out by a Police special anti-terrorism unit which also found a large amount of firearms and explosive materials.

    He said the quantity of firearms found was substantial and they were from abroad, adding that this showed that this group of individuals was most dangerous.

    He also disclosed that the operations carried out by the 13 individuals who were detained involved three countries, but he declined to expose the three countries concerned.

    Hishammuddin said the group also used several locations and individuals as their targets.

    "It involves three nations and there was a certain country that provided them military training," he said.

    Two days ago, Hishammuddin had said that he had gone to Indonesia to have a closer look at the group's network in Malaysia and the neighbouring countries.

    He said the Home Ministry would go all out against any terrorist activities and did not want the matter to be politicised. -- BERNAMA

  8. What is this Malaysian news got to do with the topic above?


  10. It would be of great interest to watch HOW the police is going to differentiate between the two cases of JN and Christian.

    On one hand JN is associated with the PAP, on the other, Christian is associated with the Jewish community.

    JN has made a direct and potentially inflammatory statement. On the other hand, Christian seems to have expressed an opinion about a issue that is obviously sensitive.

    Basically, both have committed offences under our current law on sedition. Little to choose between them, IMO.

    The law is very clear on this.


  11. Both get 'go to jail' free pass

  12. Who writes the Law
    who can change it?