Saturday, December 24, 2011

Marry Christmas

The spelling mistake was pretty obvious, since most of the other text on the hotel display were in Hebrew. Aha, jolly good opportunity to chat up the chiobu Jewish receptionist, pointing out to her the management's mistake. No, she insisted, the word is spelled with an "a", not a "e". Google it, we suggested, not wanting to ruin the spirit of goodwill in the air.

Later in the day, after covering the day's activities, we noted that the spelling mistake was corrected.
If only it have been so easy to convince the SMRT apologists of their foibles.

There's a good book out there with a title that asks why intelligent people make the most stupid mistakes. One of the examples quoted was about how animal activists burned down a mink farm to protest the use of animal fur for fashion apparel. The collateral damage of the minks' lives was somehow missed by the animal lovers.

Seng Hand Thong may have thought he was protecting the mirage of superiority that his political party uses to justify their "mandate to rule". In doing so, he ended up exposing the rot within. It would have been so much simpler if he had humbly apologised, repented, and promised to sin no more. The snowballing negative PR is far worse than the SMRT taxi message, broadcasted notably in English, not Malay or Indian.

But we won't let them ruin our Christmas, will we?


  1. Another few days before the yr is up. What a way to end the yr with these 2 events. Really explosive end for the yr. What next? Ministers' pay I suppose. Let's see. Langgar!

  2. Gintai, you are too optimistic about that long due Salary Report ! Mr Ee will submit on 30th Dec a Friday. 31st is a Saturday. PMO half day at most, so it will roll over to 2nd Jan 2012, before we lesser mortals get to read what was proposed, if ever.
    But guess what ? I have this wish and vision that the PM will accept the Report and even up the percentage of cut proposed.
    Why so generous ?

  3. Salary Report? Oh, you mean the dog and pony show.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Don't hold too much high hopes on the Salary Report.I don't think they will propose a cut, most probably they will propose something that make it harder or stricter to raise further. But anyway, won't affect them at all, is it, since they had already pocketed so many years of super high salaries. Next few years with the economic growth rate slowly down, even if they cap their pay while others suffer pay cut or lose their jobs, they will still gain.

    Believe In Miracles But Don't Live On Them!

  5. I got a feeling that the report will include a formula even more complex than our current Taxi Fare calculation. At the end we will never know how much each minister gets. What the way to go. Ha!

  6. Ng Eng Hou, stop embedding your site link within your posts!! This is not the way to promote your blog. Stop riding on the efforts of others!!