Sunday, December 25, 2011

Silent Night In Bethlehem

The Arabs in the Bethlehem Manger Square were appreciative of the traditional carol belted out in their native language. The super fit Palestinian soldiers providing security for the VIPs (including Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas) dropping by for the Xmas eve gathering smiled ear to ear at the recognition of the familiar tune. Peace on earth and goodwill for all mankind.

Li-lathon! Thick-ru-ha!
Khalidon, wa-atheem,
Ith taja-lat lil-wara,
Nematu-rabbil karim,
Fee wajil massih-ih,
Muf-taddil atheem.

P.S. It rained, but there were no flash floods (or "ponding") like at Orchard Road on Friday.


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