Thursday, December 22, 2011

A World Of Difference

Jerusalem has a Light Rail system, the first of several rapid transit lines planned for the city. The clean smooth 6.5 km ride from Mount Herzel through the heart of downtown to Pisgat Ze'ev in Northern Jerusalem was built by the CityPass consortium. It was inaugurated in August 2011, but full operations began only on 1 December 2011.

The $1.4 billion project was budgeted for dramatically lower costs and an earlier debut, but delays were caused by the discovery of archaeological sites and glitches in the signalling system. During the debugging period between August and December, Jews and Arabs were provided free transportation as a token of goodwill, and in part to make up for the inconvenience, traffic jams and economic hardship created by the construction. This is Israel, not Singapore.

Think of the headaches of the Maplewood residents, and businesses affected at sites like the Beauty World area. Was any affected party compensated for inconvenience or economic disruption? The unresolved problem with the third rail, which provides power to the SMRT trains, is still not addressed. Commuters have been made to pay full fare for a system not thoroughly debugged. Gerard Ee 's PTC even approved the recent fare hike.

Yaacob Ibrahim could provide no (credible) answers for the Orchard Road floods, neither can one expect much from the likes of Lui Tuck Yew. These expensive overheads are just muddling through on-the-job-training at the cost of taxpayers. And if that's not enough, they add to their team keechiu generals and Kate Spade junkies who have contributed zilch since collecting their enhanced paychecks after the May elections.


  1. Isn't it ironic to see TPL commenting on crisis communication when she did a personal great job doing her run up to the campaign finish line.

    She has been on the "forgiveness" bandwagon since elected, and is sprouting it once again. Looks like she really wants people to put all the bad taste/experience about her behind. Forgive and forget so she can start clean slate. I suggest she sell that concept and idea to her paymaster when it comes to past-prisoners who'd lived in exile or are still waiting to be vindicated in ISA plots. Action and Examples are louder than cheap words and long GP essay.

  2. Sori!

    You overlooked that this
    tiny rock is ruled by men
    n women with little or no


  3. Have read online about the call for the SMRT CEO to resign, which I think a lot of people miss the point.

    I think the fate of this current SMRT CEO is already been sealed. She will go, but not now, because for face reasons, PAP doesn't like to look weak as if it is pandering to people's demands. She will be a convenient scapegoat because people at higher level are not going to take on the blame.

    In my opinion, removing this SMRT CEO will not solve the problem. This kind of 'problem' will surface at some other place and appearing in different form! This is a systematic fault!

    It is about the way Singapore is being run. Currently, Singapore is being run like a business and if you have to be business-oriented, you have to be profit-oriented and every business' main priority is to have profit and to maximize profits to answer to their shareholders. So, with this business mindset, which is the way Singapore is being run now, profits come 1st before other things. So, you will have government leaders emphasizing their own paid, you have government-linked organizations emphasizing profits at the expense of public services and real concern for people's welfare. We're all just like the geese and people at the top will try to extract as much 'golden eggs' as they can!

    This Is The Way I Look At The Situation. So What Do You All Think?

  4. Gerard is the one tasked to narrow the difference. His long awaited, earthshaking paycut of higher mortals is not more than a week away. Let us see how much is the worth of the fiascos of the past few years, in the eyes of the higher mortals.


  5. @Ng Eng Hou, couldn't agree with you more.

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