Friday, August 10, 2012

Love Hate Parodies

When Sin Chew Daily reported that a "quirky" music video depicting the frustrations of the average Singaporean had received an unexpected endorsement from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, we thought it was referring to the cheeky Mentos rap that has the truism about government scholars cramming real hard, working all night to make life more miserable for ordinary citizens. Who do you think came up with the money making COEs and ERPs?

Instead it was a saccharine sweet delusional diversion, a pale parody of a Bollywood production with prancing zombies zonked out on the prosperity placebo. The video clip was supposed to put in perspective the love-hate relationship many Singaporeans have with their country's foibles, but the portions are way, way skewed towards la la land. And it's not even accurate.

Dream on. Cleaning tables can afford you a $73,501 COE for a small car (as of 9th August 2012)? Sure, if you still think you can pay off a $100,000 HDB flat on $1,000 a month.

You call that a queue? Better close that gap before some one cuts in, and be careful with the raised finger gesture. Cross culture co-mingling can be a touchy affair.

A padded wallet, didn't it go the way of the dodo bird? Most probably it's stuffed with GST U-Save vouchers - applicable only for one member per household.

Has the anti-littering law been lifted? Kids, you definitely do not want to try this at home, unless you plan to move the whole family out to the void deck.

Hah! National Day, and there's only one flag on display at the whole block. The grassroots leaders must be skiving.

Haven't you learned anything from the Sticker Lady episode, don't you know graffiti is verboten? You think this is your grandfather's sand pit izzit?


  1. Greatest NDP joke of the year, grandfather is alive and kicking. So many people asked me that million$ question, but how am I suppose to know ?

    And why would anyone spread a rumour that he is .... & giving false hope to some peope as what some netizens claim ?

    To be made a fun like that, he must be a very mean person.

  2. Whether rumors or not, they will eventually be true. It's not surprisingly. He is reaching 90 soon. Anything can happen.

    God is fair, everyone will have his/her turn.

    1. Anything can happen.
      But nothing ever does.

    2. Before you play the odds against that, best to find out what our Human Genome Stem Cells Team where billions of tax dollars are spent on them for doing unaccountable tests/researches amount to. Much like SWF, they are non-transparent. Gene therapy replacement, anyone?

    3. Fortunately.
      No amount of engineering can prevent the inevitable.
      Let's hope cremation is the final solution.
      And not deep freeze with hope of future revival.

  3. Part of being skilled at politics.
    Is knowing when you have worn out your welcome.
    But then again.
    We don't have politicians.

    We only have machine men, with machine hearts & machine minds.
    Men who despise us and enslave us,
    who regiment our lives,
    telling us what to do,
    what to think and what to feel,
    who drill us, diet us,
    treat us as cattle, as cannon fodder.


  4. Whatever it is, the citizen's own ND renditions without all the rose-tinted skylight and view of casinos are definitely better produced than the official ones.

    I was overseas and saw that even CNN news was jesting about the mentos ad urging singaporeans to make babies. Seems like we not only have to reproduce (babies) but also produce (productivity). Die lah, we are such a useless species issit? So much love and oohs and aahs for your country is good, but get to the roots first lah.

  5. Think he is not a cleaner, but a self-made man selling muslim-indian food at his own stall! So COE not problem?! They should have included an old auntie on the bus then it will complete all the demograhics.

    1. Chinese press said not long ago, a very fed-up auntie on a super-crowded MRT shouted

      "I'm Singaporean! Do you want to squeeze me out of Singapore?!

      Someone ought to tell her that PM Lee is trying to put to practice when he said "the tests of life" not 'life of tests".

      Bear, grin and suck it up.

  6. it is clearly a govt funded video... don't be fooled.

  7. Alert! Alert!

    A fierce and interesting debate continues in the previous thread "Value The Frugal Life"

  8. This type of video watch oredi can Pui Chao Nua

  9. the video is sponsored by the govt ... the theme and this year's theme with the ndp coincide... this says a lot already.

  10. No amount of engineering can prevent unhappiness from bad policies.

  11. OMG Even the poor is made to look rich to hoodwink and spread propaganda to the world that Singapore is affluent and successful. So the next is to market to the world that even beggar own a bungalow in Sincity to give the perception that there is no beggar in land of SIN.

    1. So you noticed that the guy is not wearing a Casio, the watch of choice for people who live frugal lives!