Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Price Of Silence

Contrary to widespread public skepticism, what you read in the morning papers can actually be true, when the source of their stories originated from the online media. As in the strange tale of the love child thrown out of her only home since the age of 7, her silence supposedly purchased for the price of $1 million.

Ms Chan was not ashamed to admit that "my father and mother were not married when i was born." What riled her was that her "legitimate" siblings "kicked me out of the family... and who are going around town saying that i demanded money from my step mother, when i was kicked out."

When father died in 2009, her step-mother, 78, wanted to sell the $20 million bungalow at Lornie Road. That's lots of money to go around for her, her 4 kids, and Chan, the offspring of her husband's mistress. Apparently Chan was not happy about moving out of the outhouse (what's that? a bungalow within a bungalow?) in the family compound and was given 1 million smackeroos on condition that she won't publish anything about the subject matter on the internet or social media. Mainstream media was probably left out because nobody believes the stuff they print anyway.

Nobody really cares about the goings on within gated grounds of the rich and notorious, private citizens are entitled to their privacy, standing members of parliament included. The public interest lies in how the court will rule on whether the undertaking signed by Chan amounts to a total gag order on speaking about the family affairs or whether it was really about airing dirty laundry.

The wide publicity coverage of the recent high profile graft cases unearthed by our hard working CPIB chaps has led many to assume that Singapore's 5th ranking by corruption watchdog Transparency International is at risk. Surprise, surprise, the number of cases totaled only 138  in 2011, compared to 323 in 2007. The only worry is that the downward trend could be the result of paying off the potential whistle blowers. That's corruption upon corruption. Nixon got into a real mess because of the secret slush fund to silence the Watergate bunglers. This is the kind of stuff that can bring down a government. Especially if office holders have lots of skeletons in their cupboards.


  1. //This is the kind of stuff that can bring down a government. Especially if office holders have lots of skeletons in their cupboards.//

    Frankly, this is how the country will fold up.
    LKY should stand corrected again.

  2. I never understand why the Pro Alien Party holds the rich in such high esteem.

    I've learnt to measure a person's worth by his values and what he does for his fellow human beings.
    Maybe that's why I vote Opposition?

  3. Less than a week after we pledge 'to build a democratic society" we have elite and powerful citizens who have the means to hire expensive legal counsel to place a 'gag order' on an ordinary citizen?! Exactly what "Prosperity' can do to "Progress".

    Let's keep that pledge aspirational indeed. Like looking forward to santa clause and tooth fairies will one day exist.


  4. What is reported is [No of Cases Opened For Investigation].
    What is NOT reported is [No of Cases Reported For Investigation].

    Remember, is political will? How badly do you want to keep your Top 3 rankings? Hard-working? Yes. But I think they can be even more hard-working if they have the righteous will, without fear and favor. Just look to your neighbor ICBC to see how they go after their Chief Executive, rich tycoons bar none. What do we have here? Sex and Sizzles?

  5. Even FM Power 98.7 has reported it. Wanbao too?
    So new tabloid ST is also covering it?
    Let's see if MP FMH is going to threaten libel suit to shut people up this time.

  6. Don't believe in all those world rankings about Singapore being quite clean. Corruption is practiced in its subtlest form in here that it is not obvious to the public.

    The ruling party is in power for so long, for sure, it has lots of hidden skeletons, that's why it exercises tight control of the media and use the court to sue people until they bankrupt in order to silence any critics.

    This is not the rule of law; this is gangsterism!

  7. As long as 60% have the endurance to continue to suffer.
    Nothing will change.

  8. Never have so many, been blinded by so few, for so long.

  9. All I know about Woffles Wu case is this -

    The fact - price of Kuan's silence is $1000
    The fact - price of the real driver's silence is zero $ & unpunishable (for now)

    According to the "factual sheet", only 1 case of WW's false driving is outlined in 2006. What happens to the 2005?

    How many of those 6 cases were also repeated offenders like Dr Wu?

    How many of those false-driving-abetting cases not selected by Shanmugam also resulted in jail term?

    And how many of those who averted justice was let go as in the case of Kuan?

    And it remains unanswered whoever was/were the driver(s) in those two cases were still unknown, and let off the hook? So the final judgment remains to be seen and heard.


    So, I hope the price of Ms Chan's silence is more than a million dollars. Because it would really be daft (almost too good to be true) when one should keep silent for exchange of nothing other than misery to his/her conscience.

    1. Reading the transcript of the "Oral answer by Minister for Law, K Shanmugam" in the MinLaw link, I was shocked to learn that, in the minister's own words:
      "13. The investigations showed that false declarations had been made by Mr Kuan - at the request of Dr Wu. "

      Why was Wu charged with "abetment" when he INITIATED the breach of the law? Abetment suggests Kuan conceived the transgression, with the assistance of Wu. Unless Shamugam was careless in the his choice of words, it looks like the charge on Wu is in error.

    2. Don't Be Daft8/16/2012 2:30 PM

      I remember Mdm Grace Fu said in June, if residents want cleaner estate, consider paying more.

      Shortly after in July, 7 town council increase the service & conservancy charges.

      And thanks to our Audit-General report (pg 57), we now realize that despite overpaying the NEA contractors to do their work on time, cleansing works were NOT carried out, and litters and unsatisfactory performance were recorded. In short, this has nothing to do with the supposed 'trade offs' that Mdm Grace Fu wants you to believe you have to make.

      To the residents of the 7 town councils, your price of silence will be an addition of $6.50 per month on top of the excessive reserves they already have. Before you pay it out of your willing pockets again, it pays for you to demand that your TC/NEA contractors are actually being supervised to do their paid jobs properly!!!

    3. If citizens want better government, then better learn to vote more wisely in GE 2016.

    4. Don'r be Daft
      I wonder whether you are aware that the average town council shows that 30% of all fees collected from residents go straight to the "sinking fund". Another 30% goes to pay Singpower for brightly lighting up the estate so Temasek can pocket their dividends. Of the remaining 40%, half goes to maintenance and lift upkeep, the rest is "management fees". Of the $100m in sinking fund for my GRC, $39m are allocated to "fund managers", I suppose this means equities and all those assets which replaced the highly inflation-protecting mini-bonds.

      My point in bringing up this is that Singaporeans must try their best to challenge status quo. Clearly in times like now, the town council shud stop allocating money to sinking funds which benefit only the fat cat fund managers' bonuses. They collect a fee regardless of whether they make money for you. If I want to invest, I can make the investment decision myself, why should I go thru the town council for them to choose the fund manager?

      I wonder when someone will take up my challenge to review NTUC Fairprice audited report, that one shows $180m of annual profit, where do these money end up??

      My town council is West Coast GRC, its annual report is found here :; go straight to the audit report page 3 and 4 if you have no time)

    5. Fumanchu.
      Too much work lah.

      I voted Opposition so that they will do the work for me.
      No brainer.

      Must learn to work smart.
      Like the Pro Alien Millionaires.

    6. Fumanchu,

      Good point. There are many more within the system that can be opened to abuse. The Audit General scope seems very narrow and limited here. Why shouldn't they cover the TC's sinking funds and their usage? In fact, the GIC report was surprisingly not included there, but separately reported in the annual report , it says. I wonder why?
      Do Companies openly state how their processes are lapsing in their corporate annual report to the shareholders?

  10. 1m out of 20m is not even 0.5%!

    Foo Mee Har should learn the cue from PM Lee.
    You don't see him going around putting gag order on his sister who enjoy going around telling stories about their father's underwears. Living a frugal live makes good urban legends.

    Maybe Wendy Chan should go find a ghost writer to help her channel her frustrating thoughts into more legible writings and turn blogs/articles into some form of short-stories. Might ink her a book deal too if it can write some good fictional affairs and bankruptcies for example.

  11. He walks away a free man8/16/2012 10:00 PM

    Confirmed WW is the driver behind the wheels.

    Now is AGC turn keeping silent.
    Refused to say how much is the composition fine, and if his license is suspended. Why so hush hush?

    1. Incredible.

      This case proves that it is a non-crime for obstruction of justice/cover up just because no money has changed hands.

      There is value to keep your 80 yo ah kong and ah ma alive.


      Some are more equal than others.

    3. GE 2016.
      I wonder which political party Woffles will vote for?

    4. From CNA report:
      "A check with the Singapore Traffic Police website showed that drivers get six demerit points for exceeding speed limit of the road by more than 20km/h up to 30km/h and for exceeding the speed limit for vehicle by more than 20km/h up to 30km/h.

      In addition, a composition amount of S$150 for light vehicle and S$180 for heavy vehicle is imposed."

      So what is the AGC trying to hide? Unless, of course, Woffles Wu was was offered composition amount less than $150. It's time we find out who this AGC guy is - another relative of Wu?

  12. Even Woffles hiding behind the excuse what he say will be politicised, keeping mum, taking the cue from Shanmugam. What a sham.

    1. Shanmugam: "Leave aside politics, and if we want to be honest and fair, then we must look at the facts. "
      Woffles Wu: "Everything that is said is politicised so I think I will keep right out of this for the time being."

      Is the tail wagging the dog?

    2. I thought Shanmugam is a politician.

      So why is he putting aside his profession as a politician.
      And going back to being a lawyer.

    3. A Member of Parliament is a politician.
      Especially when he is speaking in parliament.

    4. Mr Shan should tell Ms TPL not to inject her designer bags into charity auction. And also Mr LHL not to inject Mee Siam food into politics. And also Mr Chan not to inject XO chaitowkway into policy.

      Did he ask his colleague Hr Kumar Nair if he was also a qualified lawyer, he wouldn't have disagreed with the sentencing and blog about the "bias insinuation" too. Is this some kind of nigerian scam?

  13. tell me the make of the car ww was driving


  14. Only now they want to admit he is the driver after the fines has long been paid. Some more he is a repeat offender.

    Wonder whether they r comparing 2nd timers with 1st offenders?

    So essentially our Sham Law mintster is saying a peanut fine is sufficient price 2 pay 4 a repeat offender 2 ask an old man to suffer the loss of dignity on his behalf?
    ur Sham Law Minis

  15. "I never understand why the Pro Alien Party holds the rich in such high esteem."

    Answer: Money, money and money. Money make the world goes round. The rich will make the govt richer. The rich will bring further rich. Bear in mind, the govt clown depends on GDP, and with more rich, so is their perk and bonus ... Get it ?

    1. Funny video. Comedy Central.
      Why the poor must subsidize the rich.
      Pro Alien Party style.

    2. Same reason why Jon Corzine and Jamie Dimon piss in front of Congress even when they openly commit crime by stealing from investors' accounts after losing billions. Politics and money are linked at the waist up, and when push comes to sham, money talks, politicians oblige. Why did the Brits ditch BS in favour of PAP, who was backed by the communists? because behind certain "leaders" are big money bankers linked to the British politicians. Did you not think Marshall or even Dr Lee SC had better credentials? Tunku for all his worldly ways understood the link between money and the Brits decision, feared for his country. Today, Malaysia despite its squabbles still control its own central bank, Dr Zeti still does an honest job in Bank Negara, Malaysian inflation is twice lower than ours, their people's money is "nibbled at" (several billions here and there for their politicians and entourage) but mostly safe. Our $200b CPF and $400b reserves, where are they?

  16. "Corruption is practiced in its subtlest form in here that it is not obvious to the public."

    Apparently legalized corruption is not corruption if it is approved by the govt.

    May I know creative accounting is a form of corruption itself ? After all, why fake account if there is nothing to gain from it ?

  17. Wat woffles did is confirmed a crime as it is stated Kuan to take the rap upon the request of Woffles himself...

    those who continue to abet to cover up this idiot woffles...are also criminals..and that include the law minister they even consider this.

    Why continue to cover for such an idiot...and this idiot with high probability in the future screw the pooch again...

    Cover up the idiot woffles ass again?

    It only means as aforementioned abetting a ciminal again thus become the criminal assistant against or backside cleaner again..worst...also prove finally one is a true idiot cos partner of the idiot woffles too.

    How lame Mr. Law Minister and company? Are you lame in the brains department or has shown to many what little true wisdom you have..intelliegnce you may Intelligence without wisdom is not intelligence.

    And so, what do you think now (to phara-phase our DPM Teo who can't answer questions and ask the questioners to ansewer their own questions..paper intelligent all right only)...

    Forget...just let thse farktards and leetards do the dying and sacrificing in the i am leaving...tired of feeding and subsidizing and giving continued "welfare" to these current generation of PAP leeches and brain shot dead idiots.


  18. It is strange that all the 6 cases provided by Mr Shan involved driving without valid licenses. And those false information, did they ALL involve abetting someone to take the rap, with/without money? And what happens to those aider? Like Kuan, did they all get away scot free too?

    Regardless, while we understood why WW was fined $1k in first instance (this was before the expose), but we fail to understand why he was fined (yet again for repeat offend) $1k in the 2nd instance (after involuntarily expose). And I am surprised there is no appeal and the AG/TP finally confirmed only a composite fine is warranted. The public opinion remains unconvinced.

    One word of advice to Mr Shan. Just because Ms Lim is a qualified lawyer like you, and capable of answering some questions, doesn't mean that the public are not entitled to have their doubts answered in parliament. We are not interested in seeing a lawyer defending an institution or a party as you are not acting as a SC here for the AG. Rather, you should attempt to answer as an elected MP to the questions put forth by another elected MP (WP here) on behalf of the public. In other words, it really doesn't matter if as your insinuated, that IF Ms Lim is a qualified lawyer like you, she WILL/SHOULD agree with you on the assertions/explanations made is irrelevant to us. What matters is the public gets their answers from the podium. Save your ego and hatchet for your court-houses. The public has not patience for cleverness, other than truths.

  19. Kuan has walked away a free man. You think he is going to appeal?!

    Unless there were other victims of similar speeding-abetting-fine cases out there (same time-frame) and who got a different or heavier sentencing than the one WW faced, come out to appeal against it, we will never know if injustice had been done.

    Recall a man who used his wife's IC to enter into Casino (on his own self-exclusion) was fined $3000. And his jail sentencing of 2 mths was quashed.
    Apparently, going to casino on false information is more dangerous than speeding on the road on false information.

    WTL Aff WendyChanMeiYoke 1st dd 24.08.2012.pdf