Saturday, August 4, 2012

National Night

Finally, a National Day ditty that makes lotsa sense. And if you are one of those who think otherwise, why so serious?

Why you eating a mint baby?
So I can kiss you, on the face -Why?
Because it's National Night - What??
You see this August the 9th, it's time to do our civic duty
And I"m not talking about speeches, fireworks, or parades
- But I like that stuff
I'm talking about the stuff after that stuff
I'm talking about making a baby, baby.

U ready? Leh-go!
The parade is long gone, the kids are in bed
Let's not watch fireworks, let's make 'em instead
Yeah, it's National Night and I want a baby, boo
I know U want it, so does the SDU
I ain't Merlion, baby, this is national duty
Let me SMS the details of our late night dooty call
Yes, y'all, I'll meet ya in the hall
Don't wake the kids up, cos they'll be appalled
About the stuff we gon' do up in that bedroom
I'll take your breath away like a sonic BOOM

It's National Night, yeah, so let's make fireworks ignite
It's National Night, let's make Singapore's birthrate spike
Singapore's population it needs some increasing
So forget waving flags this August 9th we be freaking
Like a government scholar I wanna cram real hard
Tap U all night like an EZ-link card
Let's make a lil' human that looks like you and me
Explorin' your body like the Night Safari
I'm a patriotic  husband, you my patriotic wife
Lemme book into ya camp and manufacture Life

It's National Night, we'll gonna go all the way for Singapore
You know what I'm saying?
Light some candles while I sing the chorus
You're gonna do what you're gonna do baby
It's National Night, come on now let's get that baby bonus
Girl you're so hot I wanna turn on the AC
You finer than eating durian on the MRT
From Changi to Joo Koon, from PIE to the KPE
Your'e riding 70 mph on the AYE

If a fish and a lion can spawn an infant
You and I together, let's not do different
So mobilize your body coz my name is Mc'Loving
Put this track on repeat. let's put a bao in your oven -TAU SA PAU

It's National Night, I wanna upgrade your HDB baby
I can't wait to buy a $900 stroller, I wanna hang out on your void deck
It's National Night, you know what I'm saying, that's what I'm saying
It' gonna be a really, really, really, really fancy stroller

Whatever you doing right now,
Whether you're about to get your tau huay, get your National Night on,
If you're visiting  Gardens by the Bay right now, get your National Night on
And if you're offended by this song, well, get your National Night on
It's August the 9th baby, this ain't no holiday
Raise that flag, get mobilized, and let your patriotism explode!
Cos it's National Night


  1. It's a truly well-made video! I laughed so hard. Well done to the agency.

    1. Agency should make another version.
      This time from the viewpoint of a woman.
      She will say no honey no baby...more realistic.

  2. Hilarious. No horse run :O

  3. Let me guess, the lyrics were written by Minister Mentos?

    1. No. The name is;
      Mentos Millionaire.

  4. I think on 9 of August, Panadol will have better sales than mentos.

  5. Wherever you do, avoid the big splash carpark and national stadium carpark. Not sure if there are CPIB cameras around there prying. Better go get a room.

  6. They are creative. But they use creativity in the wrong place = promoting government propaganda = do your national duty and have babies = help boost our gdp.

    Why not produce something in the voices of what the 'people' want?
    There aren't enough to begin with. In the struggle for our own national identity, influx of foreigners and buying talents for medals really boils down to - WHO ARE WE to begin with. IF we as a nation can't even answer who we are or what it means to be a singaporean, do we have culture, etc..why would i bring another human being here who is neither here/there/freak?!!

    All those decades of propaganda by govt have only produced 1 clear winner.
    PAP = SG Govt = National flag??
    PAP = Great elite leaders = Most expensive = Best to govern??

    All are the pride and promotion of its people? And 5 decades later, we ask we exactly we are? Are we not worthy of all the success and glory that were brought only to the Country and that 1 Ruling Party?!!
    This is the only country where they promote their party on an international stage, instead of its people. Shame on the leadership. We should do what the brits say - We are Singaporeans, don't; give us any (thing else). You better get used to it, and integrate !!

    1. Taking pride in ourselves,
      Self respect,
      is a gift that only you can give to yourself.

      Whitney Houston called it;
      "The Greatest Love of all"

      As long as you suffer from low self esteem;
      You will keep voting for the Pro Alien Party,
      And that is why we are always told that we are daft and no good.

      Vote for leaders who will inspire you to greater things.
      Not leaders who keep pressing you down,
      Constantly telling you that you are not good enough.