Monday, November 5, 2012

Catch The Litterbugs

Are we such incorrigible litterbugs that government officials should slime us to no end? Talk about giving a dog a bad name and hanging him.

It was not so many years ago when our Taiwan agent told us about his Singaporean visitor sight-seeing at Huaxi Street Night Market (Chinese: 華西街夜市; Hwahsi Jie), and looking for a trash bin to dump his sweet wrapper. It was a fruitless endeavor in the streets of Taipei and, according to the admiring Taiwanese, our compatriot finally kept it in his pocket until he could deposit it at the litter basket of his hotel room.

Then there was the experience of visiting North Western University campus for the first time, and discovering that the walkways were so clean that you could literally eat off the pavement. Suddenly it dawned that when the Ang Mohs waxed lyrical about Singapore being so clean and green, they actually meant it was cleaner than expected, compared to the congested Asian capitals of Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur or Manila. Quite obviously, sparsely populated suburban areas are less polluted by the human debris associated with overcrowded cities. The "windy city" of Chicago had natural elements to sweep the pathways clear, not cleaners from Bangladesh.

At the CGS Carnival at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay, Tharman repeated the recent NEA survey claim that about one-third of Singaporeans said they would litter if they can get away with it. This could have been the same survey that was quoted to justify MP (Nee Soon GRC) Lee Bee Wah's Facebook rant, “Can we use the strength and power of the 60% good Singaporeans and residents who do not litter to put pressure and change the bad habit of the other 40% litterbugs?” Except that the percentage had been tweaked to blunt the innuendo, what Chinese would term "There is bones in her speech".

With so many foreign elements crowding out our law abiding citizens, most of whom have put in two years of military service to ensure our property is protected, are the wagging fingers pointed in the right direction? Maybe the vigilantes proposed by Vivian Balakrishnan should be unleashed, just to clear the air about recalcitrant litterbugs. Some of whom may not have acted intentionally to dirty the living space, but to spite the authorities for mismanagement in the first place.


  1. Always nothinn goood to say about local Singaporeans, or are we so dislike by them..

  2. What happened to those manipulated cleanliness ratings used by PAP Town Councils to show they are a class above the opposition led ones? Meaningless now because it was part of the scheme to fix the opposition?

    Just wonder what would be the ratings of these PAP Town Councils be especially those ones who are now screaming they are short of cleaners? Gone down the drain ? PAP really damn scheming, are they not?

  3. We are mollycoddled, unskilled, inefficient, underproducing, impotent, xenophobic litterbugs.

  4. I used to be very careful with my litter.
    A long time ago, when I thot S'pore was my home.
    Nowadays, I really don't give a fark.
    I'm only careful not to litter in Hougang and Aljunied GRC.

  5. how does he knows those who actually litters are Singaporeans?

    1. Because Pro Alien Politicians are anti-Singaporeans.
      They think Singaporeans are no good.
      Why 60% of us want such people to "represent" us I don't know.
      Party of Traitors?

  6. I think is easier to shame the people for dirtying the environment than to think of new ways to keep places clean. I think our leaders have run out of idea and have to resort to shame and blame tactic

  7. S'pore is already littered with foreign trash, it is not easy to sweep them away in this short period of time till 2016. I cannot wait till the day we have a clean slate and start afresh again. No more foreign trash and no more cleaning supervisors who claim they are doing a good jpb about the imported dirt.

  8. As I posted some weeks back, frenchies came 10 yrs ago and left impressed by cleanliness. Same frenchies came this year and walked away after 2 days of a 3 day stay, thye though the red dot resembled more and more the dirty slum towns occupied by illegal immigrants in suburbs of Paris. "Who threw those PET bottles at kallang park", asked one of them?

    If they wouldn't jail molesters and assaulters FTs, will they prosecute the same FTs for littering? If not who will they prosecute if not true blue NS-serving silliporeans?

  9. 10 years ago our city was relatively clean. What has changed? We have 40% foreigners now, and one of the most desnsely populated countries on this planet, with construction everywhere. The conclusion is obvious. So don't blame the true blue singkies for everything that goes wrong.

  10. The Party of Traitors are always blaming Singaporeans.