Monday, May 20, 2013

Truth Is The Real Casualty

NOT the Ministry of Manpower advertisement
No wonder the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) flashed it's advertisement on telly last night again. You know, the one that has an old lady at a food court whinging about how her boss treats her. The happy ending has same lady saying "I know my rights", and the recalcitrant boss recanting, "I do it right". The stuff of fairy tales.

The hard truth on the ground, as demonstrated in the Shane M video, is a stark difference. The problem in propagating official lies is that truth becomes the real casualty. The MOM is not the only one at risk. The following opinion piece (unsigned) can only pull the paper's ranking lower than 149:
"In a parliamentary disclosure that took the wind out of the moral sails on which the opposition party had been coasting, he (Khaw Boon Wan) pointed that the WP, too, had turned to party affiliates in its own council management. The WP's defence - that the affiliates were supporters and not party members - was hardly convincing." (ST Monday May 20, 2013)

The believability situation is so bad that even the City Harvest Church media unit is setting up their own trial coverage because, "While we understand the mainstream media's perspective, we hope to plug possible gaps for our members."  Good luck guys, the gap in credibility is now so huge, it's as good as turning into a black hole, the cosmic region of spacetime from which gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping.


  1. "In war, truth is the first casualty."
    Greek tragic dramatist (525 BC - 456 BC)

    Has war been declared on Singaporeans?

    1. Gang rape is war in action.

  2. No war is necessary on a population that has already been subjugated.

  3. SL was 'slapped' so many times during that parliamentary debate by KBW. No different from watching this video. Now the 'slapping' continues from THP and MND.......MSM and supporters.

    Such abuse is endemic in Singapore. It starts from the top and feeds down. Politicians abuse voters, employers abuse employees, bosses abuse workers, families abuse maids, and they get away with such acts.


    1. Meanwhile the one who admitted fixing the opposition is strangely keeping a low profile. The more he open his mouth, the more blunders he made just like free pork chop soup from the Shanghai rivers.

      Afterall his henchmen are paid (obscenely) to do the dirty work for him. And is it any wonder that they find it difficult to recruit the right people ? But who, in their right frame of mind would want to be a running dog ?

  4. Gulf between reality and newspaper spin? Last week there was much spin about Singapore becoming more "transparent" as a money haven in the ST and signing up to exchange bank data of potential tax evaders with US and European taxmen (no mention whether China India Indonesia or Malaysia would be given any data!). That's the spin. What's the reality?

    The International Consortium of Investigative Journalism mega scandal investigation of money laundering havens forced this on red dot of course!

    Below are links, it's an going investigation leaked apparently by an insider of mega money laundering operator (and Singapore-based) Portcullis Trust Net. So far Mahathir's son (no wonder the other old senile is so bitter about red dot during recent elections!), Marcos' daughter, Suharto's bro-in-law, Zimbawe's Mugabe's handlers, Mongolian speaker of parliament, russian oil oligarchs under putin camp, venezuelan oil mogul, and thousands of chinese, only no chinese names were revelaed, -- far too dangerous for even the ICIJ to reveal!

    Singapore-based PortcullisTrust Net featured extensively in the investigation which has involved now the US tax men. If you do not know and ST surely did not mention, Portcullis is of course chaired by HE Tee Tua Ba (ex Police chief and ambassador to Switzerland, another money haven!)

    And how did our good Straits Times spin it? Go read last week's columns about Singapore becoming a more "transparent" money laundering haven.

    here are the links to the ICIJ's ongoing findings, rich rich rich.. huat arr

  5. Ha, CHC has its own propaganda unit?
    Nothing wrong leh.
    In fact, it's got 26k hits, more than the 1200 hits our 154th media state receives. Very telling isn't it.

    Afterall, THP and PAP has its own Communications Director - ie a certain Janadas to help draft its rebuttal and press releases, isn't it?

    1. CHC tv unit!

    2. Yes, nothing wrong, but why?

      Isn't it ironic that whilst they strongly believe that their faith in God will see their leaders being proven innocent eventually, yet by setting up this propaganda unit, isn't that a sign of lack of faith in God's power? Now, which is really going to help the leaders? God or the propaganda unit? You make a guess!

    3. This is Church propaganda vs State propaganda.
      The former for the flock, the latter for the 60% block.
      If you belong to neither one, just sit back with your pop corn and watch your media literacy IQ goes up.

  6. both the media .... straits times n city news are the messenger of god,

    only different;

    one is mouthpiece of the self-proclaimed god
    the other god originated from a story book

    1. haha.
      Good one. Have not had such a good laugh in a long time.

  7. The whole universe belongs to gods,

    so are the good, the bad, the ugly and

    the dark.


  8. Now with more and more people, the weather getting hotter and hotter in the middle of the year?

  9. 29 years old, can't even stand for himself. If I am the father, he will be disowned...

    Such is the state of our young people, SG is finish.

  10. If the victim is a sinkie; at 23 year old, he should have completed NS, so can he defend the country and protect his love ones when he did not seem to be able to protect himself?

    Could it be that he was terrorised during his NS and has got used to behave liked the way he did? And some netizens are saying such cases could be quite common. My god!