Thursday, December 26, 2013

Taking The Easy Way Out

The first statement he issued on Dec 9 said it was an isolated incident arising from the unlawful actions of an unruly mob reacting to a fatal traffic accident. Only once in 44 years, no big deal. Nevertheless Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong  directed the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to convene a Committee of Inquiry (COI) to: (1) look into the factors that led to the incident, (2) check how the incident was handled on the ground, and (3) review the current measures to manage areas where foreign workers congregate. On Dec 14, he explained why he left out (4), one of the possible causes of the riot being the eruption of pent-up tensions among foreign workers in Singapore.

Then there's the part that makes you wonder if the neurons in his cerebral cortex are misfiring: “The people who were involved in the riot were not from one company, or one dorm; (they were from) several dorms, many different companies, and it is unlikely that all the companies will have the same problem.” You don't need a degree from Cambridge or Oxford to deduce that since there were representatives from several dormitories and different companies that the problem is not isolated, but has to be island wide. Lee also blamed alcohol, also available island wide, provided in abundance at Clarke Quay watering holes and similar. Just count the number of liquor licences issued at Ang Moh havens.

After telling the COI what to write in their report, on 25 Dec, he specifically spells out what to leave out: the broader issues of whether social or population policies need to be re-thought. The sacred cow of Population White Paper will not be slayed.

“I do not accept that we must straight away ask whether fundamental approaches or the whole way our society is organised needs to be re-thought immediately,” he stubbornly insisted. His father said the same thing more or less when reminded of George Yeo's irritating suggestion of change, "And every defeat must be accompanied by a thorough rethink. But it does not mean a change in your basic values and policies." So much for "we didn’t quite get it right, I’m sorry, but we will try and do better the next time". The apple does not fall far from the tree.

In a perverse way, it makes glorious sense. Why change when one has benefited immensely from the system? The COI has been a very effective rubber stamp, LTA spent $10 million on the COI hearing, and trains still break down. Even the brand new Circle Line had a disruption involving 23 out of 30 stations on Wednesday. And they can always shell out big bucks for a consultant to add a layer of authenticity. Hopefully not a $2 set up headed by an ex-member of parliament like what Chandra Das did to supply software for Teo Ho Pin's town councils.


  1. Vote mini Lee out in next GE.

  2. Even as the COI was set up and doing its work the PM has, as you recounted, undermined its efforts. He might as well written the report himself. What the hell is happening? It is well established by experts that alcohol can trigger off aggression and violence when those who imbibe it have pent-up grievances. A political leader who refuses to change his policies even in the face of evidence of their shortcomings will cause untold damage to the country. You wonder if the PM is committing political suicide.

  3. Sorry, typo. Should read "write".

  4. The reasons are very simple:

    Overcrowding and exploitation.

    These apply to the general population too...but surprisingly the majority are still happy :(

  5. I have Cambridge degree in maths.. I understand numbers better than you.
    I have been a General.. I took charge of cable car rescue
    I have been Finance Minister.. I made sure GDP went up
    I have more information at my disposal than you
    I have the Army behind me
    I have the Party behind me
    I have the Police behind me
    I also have my dad's knuckle duster and hatchet...

    What can you do?

    1. Vote lor.
      He said sorry to get votes, remember.
      Even superman has kryptonite.

  6. If you think $1K per month can buy HDB flats or raise a family and workers should be cheaper, faster & better, lead by example volunteer to reduce your salaries to that level of the Nordic countries ministers' salaries of around $20K per month and reduce all the indirect taxes and give back people the CPF at 55 as original promised?

    It better to give people a good future, people need to have good secure jobs, then kept giving handouts hope that they vote for your?

    Don't just use your mouth to talk, use your brain to think too, Singaporean are not stupid? In the recent Punggol East by election, Singaporean and New citizen had awakened?

    The presidential election too show that their popularity had kept dropping only 35 percent support the govt endorsed Tony Tan, the rest support opposing views of 65 pc?

    Nordic ministers' salaries around $20K per month is 20 times that of $1K, why should you take $200K per month and increase the business cost of Singapore and drive them to look for cheaper and cheaper foreign workers, which took away Singaporean jobs and depress their pay?

    As a result lesser and lessor people want to marry and born babies, so you got the excuses to increase the foreigners because of no babies?

    All these indirect costs, like GST, GRP, COE, Levies etc, make business more and more difficult to employ Singaporean and have to employ cheaper and cheaper foreigners, which come at a huge social cause to Singaporean, which they brought along all the socials ills?

  7. If I vote for the PAP in GE 2016, how will this benefit me?

    Dear 60%.
    Please ask yourself this question before voting.

  8. Hope to give more handouts, profit sharing schemes and other incentives to entice voters?

    All these don't work already see after the GE2011, their support kept getting worse and worse, as more people getting wiser and wiser?

    All these handouts, profit sharing schemes come at a price, their CPF locked up for life? High indirect taxes like COE, GST, ERP and levies etc?

    People realised that the life time locked up of CPF maybe be use to give more handouts and profit sharing schemes to lure the voters, but later they got to payback a heavy price with more indirect taxes to support their world highest pay?

    Since in the recent by election and presidential election people could kept the handouts and profit sharing schemes and voted the oppositions?

    Yet they might hope to give more handout hope to get a higher percentage from the sitting on the fence to vote for them or they might increase the GRC to 8 percent, so that those with the highest votes can pass to those so type to pull them in so that the oppositions can't come in? And the can change the law as they like?

    Hurridly past the white paper so that more new citizens can vote for them?

    Houngang with the mistake of Yaw Shing Leong and new comer Png, they hardly able to capitalise on YSL and only can pull back a few hundred votes, whereas Michael Palmer case they lost heavily, a staggering 3000 over votes in Punggol East, even with one more opposition party contesting, and got to hurriedly took out the white paper hope that more new citizens come and can vote for them and continue their multi million dollar pay?

    The presidential elections also show the voters had wise up, they only give 35 pc to Tony Tan despite the massive campaign of Media support, Associations support and Govt support, the rest go to 3 other candidates with critical views of the govt which got 65 pc?

    Voters are getting wiser by the days and getting younger and younger? And many don't have much time using the MSM as the prefer the internet?

  9. Nothing wrong with having opposing views or critical views, as a leader don't need so work up and, need to fix them they provide good ideas and new, better perspective and different angles? The oppositions has their important role to play in any advanced societies or democracy?

    Some of the very successful countries encourage oppositions to participate and give their solutions. More oppositions it became more competitive and the cost of running the govt is cheaper and less wastage?

    Oppositions provide checks and balance and a brake to some wrong policies, and don't let the driver keep driving without a brakes?

    LTK act as a co driver is good idea, if not if the driver is sleeping the whole nation might be in trouble he need to slap him to keep him awake?

    The Nordic countries because of multi parties systems are very successful, each party foster the best candidate to take the lead by example not just make while claims and ownself want the highest salaries in the world, others can be cheaper, faster and better?

    Reduce the business cost like the indirect taxes which was a heavy burden to the business, so that they don't need to rely so heavily on foreign workers, and possibly the riot can be avoided? If Singapore sink everybody sink think of long term, don't just think short term you can forever enjoy your highest salaries in the world?

  10. Oppositions parties play a very important roles to a successful societies, example like the Nordic countries, which many brains is better then one? Which many parties bring solutions to the nations?
    We can't have too many yes men to lead?

    This is something wrong if a opposition hold an opposing views, you need to fix them, until they hold the same views as you, or see and listen to the right stuff? No man an island?

    The main party need to co operate with the oppositions or work together with them to improve the lot of SIngapore not just get the easiest solutions of keep importing people and left our children and future generation in trouble?

    For example if a person drive a car and is sleeping, somebody like the oppositions got to slap him until he wait up, if no brakes the nation will be in trouble, the recent violent riot show the strains one by one already creeping up, these is the sign of previous excesses? Which rely too heavily on cheap foreigners?

    Singapore can no longer depend on foreign investment along, need to develop and foster its SME and grow itself to other countries like multi national companies which invest in Singapore?

    Earlier Singapore success by been cheaper and have one of the busiest port were outmoded with CHina 1.3 billions population began opened up more and more? But Singapore can't continue to rely so much on cheaper foreigners which they will bring in more of their social ills to Singapore if Singapore to reach the next level like the Nordic or the Swiss?

    We need to rely more of our own SME and develop them to be world class and able to complete with other countries, and not to rely on only multi national companies which want the cheapest labour, as Singapore is getting more expensive with levies, ERP, COE, GST and other rising cost etc. More importing of people mean more competitions for facilities, goods and sevices which lead to higher and higher inflation?

  11. I have a suggestion for all those living in Ang Mo Kio. By hook or crook, DO NOT VOTE FOR PAP. Let's kick out the useless PM. He is the downfall of the nation. Also, to those living in Tanjong Pagar, do not make the mistake of voting Chan Chun Seng. He is not fit to be a PM.

  12. I just like to relate the defeat of minister-led teams in aljunird. One could just take an easy way out by saying it was due to poor campaign programs. Is that so? The answer is propbably not. Similarly, if a road acident was the root cause, then we are in trouble as we have more than one or more of such road
    accident each day. Let's think again what the cause is.

    1. Alcohol lah - haven't you been listening to the politicos?

      Housing not an issue - therefore let's build more dormitories.

      Workers are happy - so unhappiness not a reason.

      Workers are happy with their pay - so pay not an issue.

      As Sherlock Holmes would say, if you rule out all the probable causes, the answer must be remaining cause, however improbable.

      There you have it- alcohol is the reason for the riot. Ban alcohol, and you solve the problem.

      Heck, if that is the case, why are we wasting time and money on the COI?

      Where are there no riots and burning of cars in Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Mohammad Sultan Road, etc?

  13. son of singapore:
    December 25, 2013 at 8:20 pm (Quote)

    The real danger is there could be no Singapore in 1 or 2 decades.

    Citizens will lose all.

    As imperfect as ruling party is, it is neither the biggest devil nor the direct destroyer of Singapore per se. They have vested interest in Singapore as well, and they do want a thriving Singapore for them to squeeze their gains. Vermin the liberal policies let in should be our concern. Even our self-proclaimed know-it-all G underestimated the foreign new comers strength. Singapore can fall into foreign hands.

    Anyone remembered that Peru used to have ethnic Japanese leader? Older ones can remember, younger ones can search internet. Usurper episode is never bound by HK kongfu series or Hollywood block buster. It did happen in Peru. Who say the sneaky foreigners cannot sneak their way into our parliament? How many ambitious ones are already ambushing inside our grassroots? They won’t “work” or “serve” for free in Singapore, they want something in return. Those whose race coincide with the original C,M,I,E will have better camouflage to home in and make a kill. Though in the end, Peru citizens succeeded to purge a foreign ruler, it is violent and carried a lot of damage both domestically and abroad. Who in the right mind want to go through this?

    During the unfortunate racial riot against ethnic Chinese in Indonesia, there was plea for China to step in to rescue, though no such thing ever happened because there seems to be a lot of restraints on China side, whether it is foreign affairs or internal population control, whether it is right or wrong. The same may not be true if some bad foreign elements with poisonous intention cited mistreatment of their countrymen in Singapore and call for foreign invasion into Singapore. The infamous “Flor” case always stayed in the mind of older citizens, younger ones can search internet. Eventhough the maid killed an adult and a child, emotion ran wild and our troops on training there evacuated immediately. Smaller countries may not have Centrally-Controlled Restraints like China. A brief armed conflict can happen. Are we prepared for this? It could be really nasty as Friends as well as Foes live together in the same street. How can our soldiers fight external foreign forces with full peace of mind, when the soldiers have to worry about families back home surrounded by so many foreigners, who can turn deadly at an instant without provocation? The leadership and mental resolve of our HomeTeam also does not alleviate our NSmen’s fear and worry, as demonstrated in the Little India Riot.

    The foreign investment by our 2 G related entities using our monies could be quite disappointing at times, from one of the earliest Suzhou misadventure to Lehman Brothers funeral. Is our G really no match for foreigners and keep losing money?

    Next GE 2016 or not we really have to vote with danger in mind. Foreign visual guide dogs let in to lead the blind (you name who) can suddenly be pack wolves. Numbers add courage. Cut foreign influx.
    Rating: +24 (from 24 votes)

  14. You can be sure that the COI's report will be first vetted by PM's secretary and DPMs and approved by PM before it is released to the public. The "friendly" COI will be most willing to amend or rewrite their report according to PM's "whim and fancy". Then in the news, you will have hear PM accepts the findings and recommendations submitted by the COI as if he did not have a hand in shaping the report. So that's it, case closed, everything is okey-dokey once again... until maybe the next social unrest erupts.

    1. The old man was only good at treatening us with a dose of incompetent govt. But can he explain how an incompetent Govt can pay out a better rate of return than that of his?

  15. Sometimes our PAP leaders are damn stupid. They think by giving us that $200 CPF top-up, we should really be thankful to them for being so generous. They forgot on the other hand they are really sucking us dry. That $200 top-up is really peanuts from the profits they get out of making our CPF monies work for them.

    If the more incompetent Malaysia Govt can pay out a rate of return of at least 6% over all these few years for their EPF funds, why is it that our competent PM & his wife can't even match them in terms of the rate of return for our CPF funds?

    Or can we interpret that our more competent Govt is more greedy by keeping the profits to pay themselves more salaries & bonuses rather than paying out a reasonable rate of return for tying down our CPF funds until we die?

    Or is this a hard truth that even LKY would not dare to talk to us about ripping our rightful entitlements off from our CPF forced savings?

  16. Stupid COI. Each time COI then the Boss will hint to them what is the expected outcome. May as well save the money and give to the poor. COI only endorse what PAP wants, period. Wayang Wayang and waste our money only.

  17. Only the truely stupid or i say leetarded people who left the chicken coop opened in the first place which of course allowed the wily + pleasantly surprised fox in to ravage everything.

    And to compound the stupidity further, will ask and set up an investigation committee after the above why and how did it happen!

    Stupid is as Stupid does.


  18. The history of the tryannisation of nation states are filled with failed examples. It's only a matter of time.

  19. Coi coi coitus interruptus.

  20. Forget the COI, it is another PAP wayang. We know the conclusion of COI will be so muted that it is useless. Come 2016, just vote the PAP out , it belongs to the yesteryears and they are redundant and self serving.

  21. LHL 欲盖弥章

  22. Goh Chok Tong recalled 2012 as annus horribilis for the PAP when nothing they did went right.
    His successor then capped the dragon year angering Singaporeans into the new snake year with his white population trash paper after being thrashed in Punggol East.
    So he reaped his rewards near end of 2013 with an angry mob of people rioting, burning and thrashing cars and streets. Another annus horribilis
    Why ask the leopard to wash away its spots when it can't. Let them gallop into another glorious outcome.

    1. Do not worry the PR department has been ordered to spare no effort.

    2. Propaganda Rules ok!

  23. No surer evidence that party inbreeding makes you stupid.

    1. No party is complete without singing and dancing.

  24. What is PAP's value proposition to Singaporeans?
    How does it benefit us to vote PAP?

    I really don't know what to say.

    1. Just say nothing, do nothing and be nothing loh.

    2. Good point.

      How is PAP adding value to the lives of Singaporeans?

    3. Thanks to PAP, the car will be out of reach for many Singaporean families.

      Many thanks to PAP, many Singaporeans especially those reaching their 40s will have to compete with foreigners for their jobs.

      Special thanks to our PAP leaders for crowding 7million into this tiny island.

      Greatest gratitude to the father and son who make all this possible. Long live our god.

  25. 治 本 自 打 嘴 吧

    治 標 自 欺 欺 人

  26. The Ultimate Way Out will be for the Royal Family to abdicate and call it a day to live in opulence thereafter.


  27. Farkers dun know what it means to be a human being anymore...zzz