Saturday, December 21, 2013

Temperatures Rising

The Times of India has this report about family members of three men arrested in Singapore for alleged rioting accusing officials of external affairs ministry and Indian embassy in Singapore of turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the plight of their kin. Apparently officials refused to answer their calls or reply to petitions after informing them of their wards' arrest on December 12. Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs Vayalar Ravi said he has yet to get a full report from the Indian high commissioner in Singapore about the situation.

One concerned father in particular, Chinnappa from Mallaiyur near Pudukkottai, said he tried calling the Indian embassy several times but no one attended to his calls. A number of Indian nationals were coralled after the conflagration on Sunday, of which 53 persons have been hastily deported. However, there is confusion since no official communication about the names of those arrested or to be deported has been released. The stone walling is in place.

Meanwhile, in a more civilised part of the world, US Secretary of State John Kerry  has expressed his regret over the way an Indian diplomat was treated when she was arrested in New York. State department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the transfer of diplomat Devyani Khobragade to India's Permanent Mission at the United Nations should grant her full-diplomatic immunity temporarily and protect her from any arrest in the US. The visa fraud complaint filed by the diplomatic security wing of the state department is still a legal case, but at least Khobragade will have her day in court. Kerry is planning to call on external affairs minister Salman Khurshid soon to discuss a way forward to the sudden eruption of tension between the two countries.

We may need the storm in a teacup, a.k.a. once in 40 years' occurrence in official parlance, to boil over before the protestations of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are given the light of day. An application to the High Court in relation to the deportation of Rajendran Ranjan may have been filed, one of 4 charged in court but subsequently had their charges withdrawn (wrongful arrest?), but one man is determined to draw blood. Commissioner of Police Ng Joo Hee spells it out: ".. because the persons who received the warnings, in this case, are foreigners... So they are then deemed as undesirable immigrants in our country. And then there are powers that the state has, to proclaim someone a prohibited immigrant and to remove him from the country.” Same guy who said "(ex-CNB chief) Boon Gay has been found not guilty… but certainly his acts are reprehensible.” His self righteous moralising is still ringing in our ears. Maybe when the Singapore embassy in India is picketed, he should be sent to the frontlines.


  1. Can the deported Indians sue the Singapore Government (High Commission) in India? It would test how the Indian courts handle cases where their citizens are deemed to be unfairly punished in a foreign country.

  2. The deportation process is certainly a possible benchmark for the competency and transparency of the PAP government.

    1. So does one define "taking a passive and incidental role in rioting" which is what got them to be deported in the first place? Show me the transparency and then you can deport them.

  3. We lost our sovereignty when the PAP government signed the CECA with India, opening up Singapore to the mass influx of Indian PMEs. The Indian government may call in the chips through the WTO DSB (Dispute Settlement Body) for the high handed and arbitrary action of the Singapore government in relation to the riot, otherwise their own people will condemn them as pussies. They have already threatened to do so when the PAP government restricted the number of PMEs from India to work here that supposedly contravened this agreement. Payback time for the greed of this Regime and their growth at any cost policies, that benefits mainly the business elites but disadvantages the underclass here. We'll wait and see.

  4. Well, the Indians are demonstrating and vociferous
    about the Investigation of their Female Consular Member.
    They are demanding that the US Government makes amend
    for the mistreatment to their(India) Diplomat.
    However, there was not even a murmur with regard the measures and penalties meted to the Indian Rioters in Sin. They must have accepted that their compatriots are wrong, if not guilty as charged. It cant be that they respect or are afraid of Sin.

    1. //It cant be that they respect or are afraid of Sin.//

      Or they simply dont give two hoots about those dalits. Or the mistreatment of the maid whom the Diplomat in US had been ill-treating. Is the elite that matters to them.

    2. the Indians are very class conscious. far worse than here. the workers are lower beings, and therefore, not worth their attention. it is the same for the maid. to them, only the elite count.

    3. The caste system in India is very strong, although supposed to be illegal, and this practice is carried here by Indian FWs. You'll find that higher class (caste) Indians, those holding PME positions, don't mix with the lower class. Preferential treatment is given to them here, even to their spouses and dependents, spelled out in the CECA - they are called "Natural Persons" (see link below under Chapter 9: Movement of Natural Persons). Caste is the reason that the Indian government is so outraged at the treatment of their diplomat by the US immigration, and little help is given to an abused maid.

      Those Indians frequenting Little India on weekends are mostly of the lower class, the "un-natural persons". Is that why the rioters, the lower caste, are given short shrift by their own government? Even our local Indians are very class-conscious, especially the elite ones, those who have achieved the top rungs in politics, GLCs, or the private sector - they carry this elitism and snobbish air with them, and many marry their own kind (often through matchmaking in India - cf our Law Minister himself). There are of course some aberrations to this. Do you expect sympathy for the rioters from them?

  5. After fare hike.
    Then SMRT will report record profits.
    Then SMRT management will reward themselves for their hard work in increasing profits for SMRT.

    Then PAP Ministers will reward themselves with yet another round of pay increase.
    And Sinkies become poorer.

    So is PM Lee really on our side?
    What do you think?

  6. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Lee Li Lian disadvantage is that, she don't have the massive propaganda machinery support?

    So in order to counter the massive propaganda machineries, she went door to door to talk to every Punggol East residents? She has a heart for the commoners?

    WP last minute then announce the candidates, so the massive propaganda machines have lesser time to scrutinise her and run her down? Now more and more oppositions co operation and less revealing of their candidates and more and more highly qualify talent like Tan Jee Say, Dr Ang and Chen Show Mao and more joining the oppositions by the days?

    Lee Li Lian is a small town girl who rise through her sheer hard works and in present system?

    Against the like of the arse doctor who is highly qualified, she had clear disadvantages of the resources, the arse doctor where promised further promotion if he won, he have a few cars, it is like he can buy few cars when he won?

    With massive incentives and support from the very top he got every reasons to work success but he lost?

    So there is no much free tickets just to stand behind a veteran politician can go in like walkover, and get some free meals?

    Many could lost like George Yeo in Aljunied GRC. Unlike the past if you have civil servants type of mentality just follow order you can success in the GRC system?

    Many of the type of follow the top type of civil servant mentality might not like to come forward now, you can see the cabinet with 6 generals one had lose in the GRC George Yeo? As the potential of losting are very high in the Eastern side where more are local populations lesser new citizens as in the west?

    If those civil servant type of mentality would be field it is likely they want to be field in the west, where their chance of winning is higher with more new citizens? But this could change as the New Citizens had wise up as in the Punggol East?

    December 22, 2013 11:26 am
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Li Lian selling point is buy one get one free if you vote the oppostion you can get 2 MP to work for you and the main MP give you more incentive and profit sharing schemes from tax payers?

    December 22, 2013 11:40 am

  7. The first four year after 2011 they got take back slowly what they give after elections 2011, their pay is ten times that of the Nordic countries minister pay, so they got to take back as much as they give and more to pay themselves that much?

    Then in 2016 they will start giving and giving and call for an elections when every persons is happy and might vote for them?

    But the Punggol East, which in the middle of what they want to take back in the 2011, could prove them wrong, as many new immigrant wise up and might not vote for them?

    And the profit sharing schemes may not work and the GRC schemes which past the votes to the weaker candidate through the back door schemes might not work out as effectively as the past? As Aljunied GRC lost to the oppositions?

    In Presidential election, Tony Tan which they endorsed and they supported against 3 oppositing or oppositions views persons only can get 35 percents of the votes against 60 percents of the votes in the 2011 elections?

    So 65 percents of the votes go to the opposing views?