Sunday, October 3, 2010

This Is Not Mother Teresa

Madam Kwa Geok Choo, known to the world as the wife of Singapore's first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, died at 5.40 pm on the evening of 2 October 2010, 11 weeks before her 90th birthday, at her Oxley Road home. Her daughter Wei Ling, 55, was by her bedside. Younger son Hsien Yang, 53, had been with her earlier in the day. Her husband of 63 years was in hospital with a chest infection. The flying PM was out of town.

Although Straits Times Online reported that "Netizens send condolences", they quoted only the saccharine sweet posts but not the unexpected ugly backlash from disgrunted citizens. Frankly, nobody deserves that level of vitriol, alive or dead.

She was rumored to have nagged to death Wong Ming Yang, the beautiful first wife of Lee Hsien Loong, for contributing an albino to the family bloodline. Then there was the story about rearranging the career path of a coloured young man who paid too close an interest in daughter Lee Wei Lin. Like the internet myth about Wong Kan Seng marrying into the Lee family, the truth will probably be shaded quite differently.

But she was by his side when Chia Thye Poh was accused of being a communist and locked away for 32 years. She was there when Teo Soh Lung's life was destroyed because, in her husband's eyes, she would look like a typical communist cadre if she had sported a ponytail. As for the Mareva injunction invoked on the properties of Tang Liang Hong's wife, guess who's the conveyancing expert?

You can't pin the Holocaust on Eva Braun, but they do say that “Behind every good man is a good woman,” and vice versa. Why should Lady Macbeth lament, "All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand", when it was her husband who wielded the dagger? Even Geok Choo was confused when she once wondered aloud, why her husband was admired by many and hated by just as much.

In the same week that the Princess of Wales and Mother Teresa died, the adulteress was worshipped while the nun was buried in the backpages. The mainstream media tends to screw up their perspectives in these matters.


  1. voted best post of 2010! singaporedesk ftw!

  2. Mrs Lee Kuan Yew has now becomes a wonder herself, so many people wondering about her role with the state and why her demise is like a state(national) affair.

  3. Laughing at our foibles, remembering our triumphs and mourning our failures n prejudices are the warp and woof of our fallen humanity. Tattler's meditation "This is not Mother Teresa" is eulogy, iconoclasm and lament rolled into one.

  4. As far as I am concerned on of the founding partner of Lee & Lee, which monopolised the HDB market without competition for decades is dead.

  5. If only she had shown some sympathy and offered help to the families or wives of those politicians detained by his husband, I would have a different opinion of her. Afterall she is also the wife of a politician.

    Instead she has not shown any and neither did she offer to say a few kind words to reduce their sufferings even though she was in a position to do so.

    So may I ask, how great can she be as a person ? Sometimes when you glorify a great person, it can look quite silly if the facts does not speak for themselves.

  6. "It is a very great mistake to imagine that the object of loyalty is the authority and interest of one individual man [insert by me..of one individual woman], however dignified by the applause or enriched by the success of popular actions". By Samuel Adams

  7. I cannot understand why the local MSMs have treated her passing to such proportion, almost absurd and idolatry with day and night continuously reporting.
    She wasn't a leader of the country, hasn't done anything outstanding or spectacular or lead in some humane and charitable causes. She only happened to be politicians' wife and mother.
    Now she's almost lying in state at the Istana.
    To use her oldman's words "Where's is the sense of proportion?"

  8. It is not her fault as it is the running dogs who are overreacting and tripping over themselves dishing out idolatry and brown nosing.

  9. Hmm.... typical opposition party's nastiness to fore

  10. Mother Teresa's Sisters of Charity work in over 100 countries caring for disabled and sick orphans.

    God Bless Mother Teresa

  11. Interesting you mentioned Mother Theresa. Like Kwa, the media gives a distorted image of her, never mentioning that she colluded with dictators, flew herself to get the best treatment in world class hospitals while allowing the poor to suffer, and squirreling away donations.

    You should look up the book 'The Missionary Position' to get a more balanced view.

  12. Very well chosen title. So true.

    WTF is Choo choo train?

  13. Mother Teresa was closer to devil than saint. There is much evidence on internet and the city she "lifted" Here is one such link . Quite ironic that is blog is trying to awaken people when itself is biased. Adulteress! at-least she was not promoting suffering to already half dead people. Half the morons pray before political "saints" and half like you to "mother" teresa

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  15. Princess Diana was not an adulteress. When she started having sex with Dodi, her marriage had long ended in divorce. Because he was not allowed to re-marry, you can only fault her for post-divorce, pre-marital sex, but not adultery. Prince Charles and Camilla were the ones who committed adultery as they had a liaison when Charles and Diana were still married, but Royals are supposed to have the prerogative to have many wives (if though he was not King yet, he was the intendant, so Camilla was something like a Mistress / Concubine, albeit a very old and ugly one).

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