Saturday, September 12, 2015

We Wuz Robbed

The Singapore version of September 11 is a tragedy comparable to happened at America in 2001. There, jihadists flew jet planes into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center complex in New York City. Here, the ghostly apparition of the horrible person piloted the political machinery into the pillars of our fledgling democracy. That's the guy you saw on state television all week, whose name was invoked ad nauseam in print media as well. If the old goat was still alive, even he would have protested: "Have a care with my name. You would wear it out." (line from Judi Dench as Queen Elizabeth in "Shakepeare In Love")

The dissonance between the popular support at election rallies and the final count at the ballot boxes is evidence something is greatly amiss. Bashar was elected president with 97.29 percent of the votes, slightly less than the 99 percent his father regularly received to confirm his seven-year terms in office, but that is Syria. Asked to comment on the results, Reform Party's Jeyaratnam said the people deserved the government they are getting.

The big question floating in the haze is whether the leader of the Workers' Party would do a Lee Siew Choh. Latter yanked his Barisan Sosialis out of the first post-independence general election in 1968, and allowed the People's Action Party to grab all 51 of the seats in Parliament. Why bother to give credence to the mockery of a democracy when a monopolistic oligarchy is actually in charge?

The citizenry have other options, such as checking out the embassies to find out which country is better for the family they plan to raise. Making their way to Syria for military training is less attractive, the desert is far too hot for comfort. Or simply lie back and think of England Singapore, and the Swiss standard of living promised but will never be delivered. Bloggers should declare a moratorium in disgust.
Testing the "within 200m does not include inside 200m" law


  1. WP needs to do a serious soul searching. They almost lost to a nobody team from the PAP! Something has gone terribly wrong here. How are they going to hold on to the GRC in 2021 when PAP file a stronger team?

    As to emigration, check out the United States' EB-5 program. Many Chinese have managed to obtain green cards and eventual citizenships for their family with a half million US dollar investment. Of course you need to do your due diligence to avoid the scammers.

    1. Don't think so. There was a massive 10-point swing across the board, yet WP managed to retain Hougang and Aljunied with a small loss.

      SG50 celebrations, NDP, PG bribes, oops, package, SEA Games, and of course the LKY sympathy factor and the Sep 11 fear factor. I think WP did well despite everything thrown at them.

    2. Just look at the result across. This is nothing to do with WP. People need to find the root cause. No matter how much opposition party do, it is very likely the new citizens that change the voting pattern, as this is the only sure reason that they are voting PAP.

      There is a major significant voting of around 70% vote for PAP consistently, and suddenly out of nowhere the AMK came up the very top where it is the bottom previously. In other system, it is obviously that the system has very gamed.

      the two month electorate of withdrawn boundary and kept secret to public means that PAP has invested in complex software system that able to take into account of new citizen (which they must be sure to vote for PAP), and then withdrew the boundary for maximum win. In other words, in fact this is truly a freak election.

      the very fact that it can be gamed mean that new citizen is the key to ensure consistent high winning advantage.

      Some say that the new citizen number will not be sufficient to make such great impact, but question did the new citizen population statistic reliable and is meddled with ?

      In other words, unless singaporean do something drastic, the next election means that hougang and ajunlied definitely fall into PAP's hand through gerrymandering with help of new citizens again.

    3. Its not WP that should do the soul searching but Sinkies themselves.
      Give them a little $-pioneer package and PAP is heaven when this what any Govt should be doing to their citizens.
      Also Pinky taking advantage with Pioneer Package, NDP package and even the latest currency bearing booklets with his name and photo as if all given from his pocket.
      And we have his face looking on us all over the island since Nomination day.
      This GE result really pisses me about my spineless citizens.

    4. next time , we saw those pioneers carrying cardboard , we should do the right thing by cheering them instead of helping them. We don't need dignity and humanity , what we need is PAP. Let do the things PAP do to fellow sinkies since sinkies agree that PAP is doing great.

    5. Many of the commenters here are in denial. The PAP team in Aljunied was a lightweight and yet they nearly crashed the heavyweight and seasoned WP team. Sure new citizens may be part of it but it still does not explain the huge swing against WP. Basically, WP has not gained a single vote in Aljunied since 2011 and in fact lost support on the ground. The propaganda and dirty tricks used by the PAP are well known and the WP should have been better prepared. Please stop giving excuses because Aljunied is likely going to PAP in the next election. As the largest opposition party in Singapore, WP needs to be far more sophisticated in electioneering. It is irresponsible of them to take the election for granted.

  2. // The dissonance between the popular support at election rallies and the final count at the ballot boxes is evidence something is greatly amiss. //

    Regarding the crowds at the rallies especially at WP's rallies, based on many anecdotal evidence, young and other curious voters staying as far away as Jurong, Bt Batok, CCK, West Coast, Redhill etc were flocking there to soak up the atmosphere and experience how opposition rallies feel like.

    In terms of the WP's performance, given the circumstances, it is not impossible. Not so much that WP did not do but more what their competitors did.

    Take PE for example, assuming it was status quo, then it is abt 54% for LLL. But several national and municipal factors would have swung against her in PE.

    1. In the end, LLL got abt 48+%, a swing of abt 6% against her based on Jan 2013 BE.

      In the face of SG50, LKY factor and the many new initiatives WP's competitors mount on a the national scale, it is more than possible for LLL's vote share to drop by 6%, considering that several factors that swept her to victory over the Son of Punggol in PE in Jan 2013 BE were no longer there or mitigated.

      Moreover LLL took on a far more formidable competitor than the rookie surgeon, a 6-term veteran highly visible lao jiao!

    2. As for East Coast, it was a 5% swing against them which is within expectations given some of the abovementioned reasons.

      On top of that, the WP's team remaining member from GE 2011 was GG. On the competitors side, their seasoned team was intact.

      Also, one possible voters puller, GH from the 2011 GE team was missing. Females made up roughly about 50% of the voters. It may be too presumptuous to field an all male team when the competitors team have a seasoned successful career mother. In a tight contest, every tiny little detail may be worth some votes.

    3. Thus two of the critical factors contributing to East Coast defeat could be 1) a relatively new team, 2) the absence of a female candidate especially ( the relatively pretty) GH.

      Of course many elements of surprise pulled out by WP's competitors changed the game as well as once-off historic factors such as SG50, LKY factor etc.

    4. Why is it that they still send trolls to sound reasonable to justify a rape? We are not India for god's sake!

  3. What do Singaporeans want?

    They want material things
    They want promises that those things will come their way.

    They do not want hazy ideals of balance & check
    They did not see much check let alone balance.

    Singaporeans are not ready for the real politiks that a democracy has and perhaps do not wish for it either.
    They just want material things.

    I think all opposition parties should just promote wooly
    ideals and have sessions such as yoga and meditation.
    Thats where the market is... since 6.9 million is now on their way. They might get more funding that way.

    Truly a watershed result.
    No point in discussing politics with anyone in Singapore.
    They dont get it at all.

  4. The results do point to some common denominators.

    Consolidation is probably what is needed for the alternatives to stand good chance and make any ( future ) inroads.

    The alternatives fragmented nature may not bode well for healthy political maturity. This is something that needs to change and improve if there is any hope for progress in this aspect. The latest result, just like in the real economy, may force a consolidation.

    1. The consolation of this GE for the alternatives could be the analogy of farming and GE 2015 may well have been a time of sowing than harvest.

      Good new candidates had stepped forward.

      If the "farmers" patiently and persistently nurture their "plantations" in the coming years, there will come a time of an abundant harvest.

  5. What to make of the GE 2015 results?

    1) No contested seat whether SMC or GRC went beyond 80:20

    2) From the several seats garnering 20+% percent for the alternatives, it might be noted that the core alternatives supporters have watered down to about 20 - 25% at this juncture.

    1. 3) Looking across the national average, there are 6 GRCs which the alternatives have garnered "encouraging" support of above 30%.

      4) Across the nation, about three-quarter of a million voted for the alternatives despite all the goodies. Given the coming economics down cycle globally and widening income and wealth disparity, the group at the lower end might widen in the coming years.

    2. 5) Given the economics and social undercurrents, 2015 GE results would be a tough call for anyone to defend in 2020 and beyond. In financial market, they call it a lower high which is a general downward trending over a longer horizon. As compared to the previous 2 cycles of about 78% in 1980 and 75% in 2001, this cycle is below 70%.

      6) Statistically, the lows of the previous 2 cycles were in 1991 which is about 62% and in 2011 at about 60%.

    3. 7) Between 1984 to 1997, the winning percentage were in the low 60 to mid 60% with the lowest in 1991. Between 2006 and 2011, it was between 60 to 66%. In fact, the cycle seems to have shortened by about one-third. Would the next cycle show a similar long term downward trend given that the low and mid hanging fruits are already long harvested?

      8) WP and SDP though slipped marginally against the 2011 results but if compared to the last cycle of 2001 have improved by a substantial margin. In financial term, the 2015 results look like a HIGHER low for the alternatives generally, on a longer term trend. In a nutshell, it seems to indicate a brighter prospect for the alternatives in the impending coming cycle after the current peak or trough depending viewed through whose lenses.

    4. 9) As LLL indicated she may not take up the NCMP seat, it opens up for another promising candidate to take it up. Technically if WP collectively takes up two and bypass one NCMP seat, it opens up an opportunity for someone from another alternative party to lend a further alternative voice to parliament and broaden the debate which alternative voters may be looking for and gain overall goodwill if such is achieved.

      10) Both GRCs contested by SDP secured a creditable 30+% support in viewed of the latest big swing away from them in this cycle. The top scoring SDP team came in 4th overall in the 16 GRCs contested by the alternatives. This is a marked improvement ( over 2001 GE ) and indicative of a change in perception. But the road ahead is tough and the alternatives, despite the analysis from a long term perspective, may need to reflect on what they want to do next and pick up the pieces. Having said that, life is unpredictable and fate should not be overlooked in one's destiny. In the end, win or lose, the alternatives must take heart that they have contributed immensely to the ultimate policies rolled out and their sacrifices and contributions could be rewarded or recognised in some ways. Some may already have but some hopefully in time to come. A poem quoted by Dr Chee during one of the rallies could be a good reflection at this point of time. A GOOD dose of quiet times over the next few weeks and months could help the alternatives reflect on their next moves. There is LIKELY no necessity for any impulsive premature public announcement at this point of time.

    5. If you want to avoid international scrutiny on elections, you would gently "advise" your opponents to shut the gap, or we will bring the ISA on you, makes sense?

    6. The five stages of recovery in a huge setback:

      1) denial,

      2) anger,

      3) bargaining,

      4) depression and

      5) acceptance.

      The faster the alternatives go through these 5 stages, the better they will be able to face the future and better themselves in the face of adversities.

  6. A combination of factors lead to this result. It is real unfortunate.
    LLL had about 2000(+?) new voters in her ward.
    Ignorance seem to be a trait among many. Lky might be right about sinkies being daft.

    1. Ha ha ha.

      All these are factors always to put huge hurdles in front of alternative candidates.

      A bit here, a bit there. ..... the realities of such contest but not totally unknown going into the game ......

    2. LKY 'might' be right?
      Nah, he IS right. in fact, 'daft' is a very kind word.

  7. What a royally auspicious final vote count number that even Kim would have been proud off. Another 0.1% and we would be the world's laughing stock. The luckiest number under 70% makes us a truly just and democratic society. I am no longer so harsh on Najib from today.

    1. The five stages of recovery in a huge setback:

      1) denial,

      2) anger,

      3) bargaining,

      4) depression and

      5) acceptance.

      The faster the alternatives go through these 5 stages, the better they will be able to face the future and better themselves in the face of adversities.

  8. Given the logistics, manpower and goodwill support the alternatives had garnered, they can easily regroup and capitalize on their strengths and work on their weaknesses going forward.

    One lesson learnt from this GE could be quality and not quantity.

    Say what may but the electorate seems to go more for those alternatives with perceived good qualities and more likely to do a good job if elected. Having said that, the alternatives attempt should be applauded for their gallant efforts and huge sacrifices. Despite the ( unexpected and shocking) result, there are some bright spots in the alternative camps and they should leverage on them in the journey ahead.

    1. I thot only vbala auto-repost on fb, now trolls have all turned auto-repost mode :)

    2. Uncle, its not only u who r depressed by the results last night.

      But no point go berserk or trap in sorrows or cynicism. This may be what the alternatives competitors want it to happen.

      The alternatives are not worthy representatives if they can be floored easily by a setback, albeit a big one. Yes its painful but its either you win or lose. That’s life.

    3. please , let's get real. there is no hope. the real voters that make PAP win is surely the new citizens , no doubt. Looking at the figure result speak for itself that PAP is doing something that is sure win of significant margin through gerrymandering with help of new citizens, it is really a deliberate 11 September manned for sinkies.

      The next batch of new citizens is surely 6.9 millions in double quick time, let's not be dream land anymore.

      don't believe ? Just take all the mainstream media that fail to mention anything about gerrymandering through new citizens. the more PAP downplay , the more this is the case.

      there is no sorrows or cynicism but reality that you need to help yourself just like PAP help themselves with millions and billions, and forget about justice and fairness.

      why we are still letting pap get away with all their nonsense unless the sinkies on the whole are still feeling that PAP is still doing fine.

  9. Don't forget that majority of oversea voters (200,000) didn't get to vote this time due to some deliberate arrangement to prevent them for voting.

    In PAP, the mean justifies the end, so how come PAP can do that ?

  10. What ever the PAP has said has been the truth.

    - elderly folks collect cardboard to have exercise
    - $1,000 salary can get you a 2 room flat.. no cash outlay!
    - Foreign workers create jobs for Singaporeans
    - The PAP checks itself... no need for external audits
    - The AHPETC has overpaid its managing agent FMSS
    - Opposition run town councils are incompetent
    - Read only SPH publications.. they report/write the truths
    - Minimum wage is not good for the economy
    - GST is still the best way to tax
    - Minister's pay must be high or else no body will listen

    PAP rocks!

    1. truly agreed. We should send all old folks for exercise to collect cupboard, make it compulsory.

      We need to pay 50% GST because as all know it is really to help the poor.

      Due to the wonderful performance of PAP in this election, we need to pay each ministor at least $10 millions per year.

      We need minimum wage but minimum wage is $30 per month surely can survive as minister only tell the truth even they themselves need millions to survice.

      We need to build nuclear plant in Singapore because even if accident happen, we will be blessed with mutant power .

      Train breaking down should be happen daily because the voters are ok with it.

      There is nothing that Singaporeans and new citizens can't tolerate and even though they don't have to.

      PAP rocks !

  11. Ok.. time to strengthen our tried, tested & now proven policies:

    1. Build more ERP gantries & increase rates
    2. Enforce zero vehicle growth with each COE bidding
    3. Increase rate of foreign workers to help SME, businesses
    4. Slow down public housing to maintain assest values
    5. Increase funding for SMRT & SBS
    6. Increase more spaces in university for foreign students
    7. Incresae minister's salaries since they did very well
    8. Put more pressure on WP to expose their worthlessness
    9. Remind people that they are so "heng"
    10. Buy more fighter planes & submarines
    11. Extend F1 contract till 2030
    12. Give more money to GIC & Temesek to invest.

    1. beside, it is fair that NS extend to 5 years since sinkies has no problem with it to protect the foreigners. without foreigners, singapore will sink. we need foreigners to replace sinkies because sinkies is destined to be bullied by foreigners otherwise Singapore will sink.

      All opposition parties are corrupted, please retain all of them through ISA. We don't need opp parties, we only need PAP to give us more good years of screwing our backside because we sinkies really enjoy it ! The more PAP fuck us, the more we feel siong because we are unique breed that only enjoy when get bullied and exploited, we should feel proud. Please fuck us more, PAP, we beg you so that we will always be grateful to you eternally .

      PAP really really rocks, let vote PAP for thousand years.

      PAP, 万岁万岁万万岁 , 你真是真命天子,even上帝also agreed.

    2. Well, whatever the case, there is always matland to retire to in the golden years with liquidation of all assets in sinkieland.


      The alternatives have done their contributions for sinkies cause and they are all the unsung heroes and heroines.

  12. There is still that fear factor. This what I learned today. My sis was reluctantly voting for the PAP because of hearsay among her colleagues that they could check on who you voted for on the voting slip.
    My colleague wanted to vote for the SDP but was detered by his wife as they were expecting to get their flat soon.
    These are the better educated ones, and this fear factor would have contributed a certain percentage to the votes that would have otherwise gone to the alternative parties. Not making this up.

    1. If this is the case, we also appreciated if we sinkies stop complaining about train breakdown, increased crime rate, suicide rate, stress, lower salary ... all men to themselves. Please don't bother to give seat to those in need in mrt and buses. after all , all men to themselves. Why bother ?

      Just enjoy the utopia and delusion, and life in Singapore will be blissed. Let everyone join PAP for selfish gain, after all we are selfish , and why not be selfish to help ourselves. If we don't do it, others will do it anyway.

  13. How the election was bought:

    Pioneer Gen​eration Package to buy the votes of 450,000 senior citizens;
    $500 "SG50 bonus" to buy the votes of 82,000 civil servants;
    4 to 9 per cent increment to buy the votes of 30,000 Education Officers;
    $50-increase in GST Voucher to buy the votes of 1.4 million individuals;
    $80 million of Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC) rebates to buy the votes of eligible households;
    and unlimited budget for SG50 "celebrations"

    1. What kind of nation is this when money is more important than kindness, integrity and other basic and vital human values?

      Is it even a nation? Are there people out there?

      Or is it a country of grabby thieves and boors? Literally, the lowest and crudest of "humanity".
      The Singaporean version of ISIS.

      Soon we shall have energy shortages, water rationing, food shortages, as we cant provide any of these basics ourselves, and the popn keeps increasing in the face of major climate change.

      We are a country of idiots, led by more idiots.

    2. Voters see only within 1 meter, haze or no haze.
      The desire for immediate gain is reflected in the national psyche.. in casioo, 4D, football, buy & sell their homes.. cars.

      Issues such as Internal Security Act, LGBT, is for academia.. not the voter, who cant give a damn as its all too far away..( unless you are LGBT and are sitting in jail under the ISA )

      And the ever present qualities of kia-su, kia-si.

    3. Today my integrated Incomeshield premium costs me $600. Come November, my Medishield Life premium will be $1,400. That's where they find the money to buy the election.

  14. We wuz robbed?
    Not at all.
    We will be paying very very very heavily and painfully for this vote, whether or not we can afford to.

    1. Whenyou tell voters to empower them selves, they ended up empower the PAP!

      The slaved people decide to reject the people's power, or they just simply don't "get it". However, the 2011 young voters and aspiring voters do.

      After this incident, I think Jeanette Chong should just give up. She said the reason why ran is because her children felt that they couldn't make any difference in the politics. They want change but their apathy got her worried, so to review that, like any good parents, when their chi,dream complain how tough school work is, their end up helping the children do their homework, or arm them them with tutors to get through. So I. This instance, the fact that Jeannette Chong wanted to do the same on behalf of the children, is another clear example why the singapore system of governance and everything else has failed. If it has worked, it would her children who should've the ones to pick up the cudgel to challenge the system and prove it right/ wrong. Do the people see the irony?

      No thanks to these middle class fa likes, they are voting in for the downfall of their children's future.

      Right now, the nation of despair continue, and 5 out of 10'people spoke to after election is ALL investigating emigration. That says a lot.

  15. PAP says Vote wise-lee.
    WP should have say Don't vote unwise-lee mah...

    Did anybody notice anything?
    That energising buzz post 2011 and the quiet optimism before 2015 is now suddenly wiped off the surface of the earth?
    Like that quiet sense of draaaaagggggg is upon us all over?

    Truly the year of sheep has been sheep wrecked by the sheeple.

    Those 8% who voided or didnt vote , could have contributed much less to that mandate they now claimed to have. Stunned like vegetables.

  16. Hope to see Leon Pereira, Daniel and Dennis get into the NCMP seats to strengthen WPs voices in the parliament.

    Majulah WP!

  17. I'm not really sure how an overwhelming mandate for PAP will benefit Singaporeans and Singapore.
    This is the same leadership that brought us chaos in our train system over the last 10 years.

    And we all know how quiet and obedient PAP MPs are in parliament.
    Just a bunch of nodding parrots.

    So how does this strong mandate for PAP help Singaporeans?
    How does this bring in fresh and better ideas for Singaporeans?

    The ball is now in PAP's court to deliver.
    Singaporeans have given PAP exactly what PAP wanted.
    Now let's see if PAP can make our lives better.

    1. Go read the press con what exactly prince lee said again.
      He said The result is good for the party and good for singapore. There is NO mention of it being good for singaporeans.
      Did people notice how LHL was so confident this time round in this election?

    2. When the results are confounding, go re-examine your basic assumptions.

      The Electoral System and the very important Election (Voting) Process.

      Get International Observers and ensure a tight 'end to end' security verification on the ballot boxes. We don't want our ballot boxes to be ferried around in taxis, do we ?

  18. In a parliamentary system, the election is about voting for the next government. It is never about check and balance, alternative voice, etc. The fact is that none of the opposition declare they are ready to form a government. Singaporeans are left with no choice really, thanks to the calibre of the opposition who are quick to talk (check) but not ready to act (govern).

    1. I don't think we are that politically savvy or matured to buy your argument. The PAP has been running this nation like a dictatorship for 50 yrs and for many previous elections, they have been returned to power on Nomination day and yet voters still opt them in contested seats.
      We've been conditioned by the very same govt we voted every GE to think only our own selfish space and not the wider community.
      And to that the PAP has a masterstroke with the TC thing to make it more like a local election than a national one.
      Admit it that we are a people with kiasu mentality and the PAP has taken every advantage at it.

  19. "It is never about check and balance, alternative voice, etc."
    Anonymous 9/12/2015 5:58 PM

    You are wrong and very sadly mistaken.
    That is exactly the point about a democratic election.

    Without the checks and balances & alternative voices in parliament; we might as well just run a democratic dictatorship.
    Every 5 years, just vote in a dictator.
    Forget about all the other MP seats.

    Those who do not learn from history and the rise of Nazi Germany and Hitler.
    Is doomed to repeat the experience.

  20. Near 80% win in so many constituencies? No way!

    Like many others, my family and I are very disappointed with the GE2015 result. And we believe PAP very likely pulled a "David Copperfield". Obviously, I've no proof but judge for yourself, check out this video...

  21. @Anonymous9/12/2015 12:12 PM,

    "In other words, unless singaporean do something drastic, the next election means that hougang and ajunlied definitely fall into PAP's hand through gerrymandering with help of new citizens again."

    Could it be PAP let these two constituencies win so SG would like like a democracy?

  22. I don't think there was any David Copperfield magic involved.
    When confronted with the possibility of accidentally voting in an Opposition government, Singaporeans got cold feet like the cowards we know we are.

    Capable people who have stood up to be counted in GE 2015 for Alternative Parties.
    We are likely to lose at least 50% of them from discouragement.
    And the next 5 years are unlikely to see any more capable people come forward any time soon on the Alternative Party platform.
    GE 2015 has effectively dis-empowered Singaporeans from active citizenry for at least the next 10 years.

    How does this benefit Singaporeans over the next 5 years I really don't know.
    But it is clear.
    80% Singaporeans want the PAP current status quo to remain.
    And PAP has gotten exactly what they wanted ... their "strong" mandate.

    The ball is now in PAP's court to show how this "strong mandate" will make lives better for Singaporeans.

    Nothing has really changed with GE 2015.
    PAP's strong mandate and overwhelming parliamentary majority in the past 10 years has been made even stronger.

    So I guess the miracle starts tomorrow.
    MRT trains will stop breaking down.
    Buses will be less crowded.
    Singaporean PMETs will get job offers.
    And etc.

  23. My guess is, in the next GE, Aljunied GRC will be taken back by PAP and PAP will let another opposition SMC win. The key word is "let". Yes, my guess is, the GE results have been pre-determined, fixed since the day... PAP was in-charge!

  24. Lets forget about being a gracious society. After all, it looks like it's now everyone for themselves with this sort of selfish voting for the greatest personal gain.

    Well, don't expect us to be supportive for anything that goes against our own gain now. No more giving up of seats in public places, no more self sacrificing acts of kindness.

    We have been sold out for more foreign talent amongst us, more crowds everywhere, more competitors for all resources, 10-15% GST, average $8.80 meals in food courts and exorbitant cost of living in the Great Singapore!!!

    Thank you 70% of Singapore.

  25. GE 2020.
    Will we see Singaporeans begging Alternative Parties to stand for elections?
    Instead of Alternative parties begging Singaporeans for votes?

  26. A lot of people I spoke with still cannot believe the vote swing can be 10% so much margin.

    Did ALL the oppo volunteers follow the transportation of the votes transepfer safely to the counting station?
    Did they let any boxes out of sight?
    Were every boxes signed and accounted for?
    how were the sample votes being taken and counted ?
    Can someone who is in the ground care to explain?

  27. Punggol East SMC.
    Dear Singaporeans.
    You replaced a hardworking Lee Li Lian who is in her prime.
    With Charles Chong a 6 time PAP veteran who is ready to retire.
    Is this what you call leadership renewal?

    Who do you think will speak up more often in parliament?
    Charles Chong (PAP) or Lee Li Lian (WP)?

    1. Nodding Parrots in Parliament
      Look at all the TV interviews with PAP Ministers.
      The PAP Minister talks.
      All the other PAP MPs in the background keeps quiet and just nod their heads solemnly.

      No groupthink?
      Diversity of views?
      Checks and balances?

    2. Charles Chong got institutional advantage. He could conduct Meet the people session in PE before election. I am sure the Govt servants would give more weight to CC's letters and disregard LLL's letters.

  28. It is not unimaginable that not a few sinkies made their decisions in the 11th second ( not hour ).

    Not a few were torn between listening to their hearts or heads.

    Not unimaginably, at the 11th second, not a few sinkies went with their second nature. Something they grew up with. Like parents. In times of perceived perils, at the split second of choice between parents and not too well acquainted strangers, sinkies instinctively chose what they were familiar with. What danger?

    1. To equate a motley of ( selfish, self-serving ..... etc ) characters to parents is more than far fetched. But that's an ( inept ) analogy behind the presumed psychology and presumably what's in the back of the minds of not a few sinkies in some highly real perceived dangers.......

      What more apt than to remind sinkies of the historic "911" ....... a subtle ( yet strong ) hint of very possible impending "earth shaking" events looming in the near and far horizons alike ......

      The "financial calamity" of "911" maybe unfolding right under our "noses", sooner than even before Sinkieland's next cabinet is formed in two weeks time ( as what sinkies were told after the results ) .......

    2. Next Sunday on 20th Sept, the Greeks will be voting for arguably almost the same number of times in a GE over the past five years what sinkies had over the last fifty years ( the last election they had was in Feb this year, talk about election, campaigning, attending rallies, voting fatigues etc .... )

      Financial market likely will react long before ( this coming week ) the election takes place on 20th Sept.

      Piling on the Eurozone unending crisis since 2010, the top two trading partners of Sinkieland are on the verge of "potential huge turmoil" ........

  29. "A groundswell of political support – spilling over from fields and stadiums - for the opposition parties and their highly qualified candidates did not translate into votes. The opposition leaders will surely be scratching their heads in puzzlement; they have fought the good fight but did not see any reward. Singaporeans played the safe card again – rally attendances did not translate into precious votes on Polling Day, when support counted for the most." - Inconvenient Questions website
    No need to scratch head, lah. It was was rigged the moment Lee Hsien Loong asked the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee to start work and hid it from the people of Singapore for two whole months.

  30. Some observations on results of GE 2015:

    1) A marked improvement in the debut showing of Aung Juan Soon Chee since GE 2001 with 12% jump in votes garnered from 21% in 2001 to 33% in 2015.

    2) The complete "wipeout" of the SPP brand with swings away from them between 15% to 18% in 2015 as compared to 2011 in PP, MB and BTPY considering that they fielded a team of highly qualified individuals such as lawyer, ex-scholars. .....

    1. 3) WP "sorely" missed the deputy stewardship of "Eric Tan" manifested in their town council management, behind the scene team building and vote winning strategies.

      4) Mr Teochew's "Zhu Ge Liang" title is proven "浪得虚名" in GE 2015. His competitors completely outwitted him and exposed his and his party's weaknesses glaringly.

      5) The sooner supporters of the alternatives recover from their denials, the more worthy they deserve the support from the fence-sitting sinkies.

    2. 6) The roles and contributions of the alternatives are undeniable in the seismic policies shift of their competitors since 2011 and in particular 2014 and 2015 in the run up to the latest GE. Despite some parties getting the low twenties in votes percentage, their leaders can hold their heads high. In particular, KJ, TJS, AYG, GMS etc should be commended and deeply thanked for their tireless and thankless endless efforts and sacrifices to further the causes of sinkies especially those old and frail aunties doing their daily exercise of rubbish bins rampaging for disposed drink cans and discarded boxes in exchange for tens of cents per kg, "all credit" to Tan Chuan Jin and PAP in this particular heart wrenching side of sinkieland. The unending work to fight for the unprivileged should not end with a setback. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing is absolute. It would be wonderful if the vanquished in this GE can stand tall, take stock and go back to the drawing boards to rework their plans and strategies. No point telling sinkies come end of earth and heaven they will champion their causes when come some setbacks, they fall like 10 pins in a bowling alley. In the end, whether they carry on or pursue other causes, many sinkies thank them from the deepest bottom of their hearts for all the sacrifices and thankless efforts they have done for sinkieland's underprivileged and other worthy causes.

      7) For other parties leaders and stalwarts who garnered high twenties votes percentage, people like JAC, BP, LT etc, the problems could be in party image, party support and machinery more than anything else. Think of some ways to resolve such inadequacies. .....

      8) SDP probably can go far, if they can find and muster enough strength, resources and will to persevere and persist in their journey. But most of all, Aung Juan Soon Chee's talent and brilliance alone may not be enough to cross the finishing line of a political race with podium standings. Surely Aung Juan Soon Chee knows what he or his party lacks in their endeavours. May Aung Juan Soon Chee be blessed with what they lacked in the foreseeable future.

  31. I think WP should resign and walk out.
    It is extremely clear that singaporeans have no need of an opposition party.

    They have other avenues to voice their ideas:

    Business Associations
    Clan Associations

    No need for opposition... its a very small country that can accomodate 6.9 million.. nothing of significance.. we are small.. yah?.. just a little red dot.

    1. Great! Then Aung Juan Soon Chee can stand in the by-election and get elected either as an MP or NCMP. Others like LT, TJS, AYG, KJ, JAC, BP can work out who have the best chance and a compromise who should be represented to stand.

      Sinkieland cannot allow the mistake of the Barisan S walkout in 1963 to be repeated which led to a long 18 years drought of zero alternative voices in parliament.

      The current state of Sinkieland's democracy is partly due to that "impulsive and foolish" walkout.





    Thanks for the Companies for
    the Last Many Years.

    Good Health and Good Luck
    to All.

    Good Bye!


  33. One of the hard truths held in deep conviction by old man but left out in his book - Hard Truths ......... was probably that some sinkies are real daft.

    In defeat, instead of quickly getting over it and regroup, they wallow in self-pity and denials.

    It is unfair to say sinkies never increase their support for the alternatives in GE 2015 from GE 2011. At least not in Punggol East.

    1. In 2011 GE, LLL only got about 42% votes in PE.

      In the just concluded GE, LLL improved by more than 6% over the GE 2011 result scoring more than 48% of the valid votes.

      Sinkies are not looking and dissecting the data properly and jumping to conclusions. And they are just deluding themselves in the reasons why the recent nationwide results were not up to their "expectations" .....

    2. The alternatives have been totally outwitted and outmanoeuvred their competitors in several areas.

      Sun Tze wrote: " 兵者,詭道也。故能而示之不能,用而示之不用,近而示之遠,遠而示之近。利而誘之,亂而取之,實而備之,強而避之,怒而撓之,卑而驕之,佚而勞之,親而離之。攻其無備,出其不意。"

      In Dec 2014 party conference, the alternatives competitors chief lulled them into complacency by "declaring to his own supporters" that the coming GE was a "deadly fight". It was a "tactical ploy". Pure and simple. TRE commenters were having a feast wet dreams and making all sorts of premature counting. Despite vehement analysis to the contrary, sincere advice was derided and decried. No? Pls dig up the post in TRE in late Dec 2014/ early 2015 to review the comments again. But frankly everybody makes mistake. It's over! The most important thing is to learn from it than be totally floored by a setback and sunk in denial and depression. If the alternatives are so easily defeated, than is it not living testimonies that sinkieland cannot be entrusted to them at this point of time and voters voted the way they did? No?

    3. The first sentence @ 2.25 pm should be:

      "The alternatives have been totally outwitted and outmanoeuvred BY their competitors in several areas."

  34. General Elections are all about what the citizens want.
    The assumption being that citizens are of normal intelligence.
    Possessing some degree of courage and sense of justice.

    Assuming this to be the case in Singapore.
    Then 70% of Singaporeans have clearly indicated they want a PAP government.
    70% of Singaporeans do NOT want a non-PAP government.

    Alternative Parties will have to use this as a planning parameter in all their future campaigns.
    70% of Singaporeans will not support a change in government.

    Nothing has changed since Chiam See Tong formulated his by-election strategy for General Elections 20 years ago.

    1. What makes you think Chiam See Tong has the winning formula? look at where he and his party's growth is today? If you are looking to him for leadership you are kidding yourself. But that does not take away his goodness, perseverance and integrity as a person and the past works he has done. I believe the SPP team needs to move on, and move on quick to reinvent themselves or perish. CST is not LKY, and you can retain the respect for his political career but you can't milk any more dividends out of this withering state.

  35. Here is an example of a PAP Minister with FOUR nodding parrots (PAP MPs) in parliament.
    Shanmugam talks.
    His FOUR nodding parrots stand quietly behind, nodding their heads.

    In parliament, do you think it will be the same?
    When PAP Minister Shanmugam talks policy.
    Do you think his FOUR parrots will dare to question him?
    After all, they got into parliament by riding on his coat-tails.

    What do you think?
    How many nodding parrots do we need in our parliament?
    Cost of one nodding parrot = $16,000/month.

    1. Pointless to try and prick the brains of voters now.
      Regardless if any deeper thinking was exercised,
      they have decided.

      As Georgie said...."....go with the flow.."

  36. OK. Now you tell me how do Singaporeans benefit now that Charles Chong is the MP instead of WP's Lee Li Lian? at Puggol East SMC?

    Charles Chong
    6 term veteran PAP MP
    Will likely retire after 4 years.
    - how is this leadership renewal?
    - versus Li Lian who is in her prime working years

    Charles Chong will likely go on to take up directorships in PAP linked companies.
    - do you think Charles Chong will ask many questions in parliament in the coming four years
    - or will he be a quiet, nodding parrot in parliament
    - agreeing with all the PAP Ministers
    Li Lian who has a track record of raising questions in parliament
    and an exemplary parliamentary attendance record

    How many PAP MPs in parliament do we need?
    How many nodding parrots do we need?
    They all say the same thing.
    You listen to one PAP MP, you've heard them all.
    That's why PAP political rallies are so poorly attended.
    Nothing new to say.
    Might as well stay at home and read LKY's book HARD TRUTHS.

    1. It is extremely strange that many things are happening behind the scene especially in PE, PP, HG etc but some oppo bigwigs seem to have no idea???

      Take for example the 5% swing against LLL in PE.

      From some coffee chatters in the past years, it was overheard that many RC people from other incumbent strongholds sell their homes and settle in oppo wards such as PE. Presumably new citizens are also "encouraged" to settle in such estates.

    2. From empirical data in specialised property search engines, one cannot miss how many units changed hands and many probably bought by you know who supporters ........

      To secure HG SMC and AJ GRC, Mr Teochew and Co can also get their hardcore supporters in other estates like Nee Soon, East Coast, MP, Jln Besar, SKW, Mac, to settle in their remaining standing bastion of alternative voices. If they still lack numbers, do some shouting and it is not unimaginable that oppo supporters in non-blue contested estates might respond and top up the deficit.

      Likewise Aung Juan Soon Chee can eye for a ward and top up with his hardcore supporters there. High chance to win ......? It is not unimaginable that PP's 18% swing against LC could be due to massive "resettlement" of new residents ......? ?? Anyway to "verify", one just need to check each block's owners listing using some basic property search engines and the dates and name of new owners will be there lah ...... It's amazing "old bird" and "old orluak" like LTK and SL do not seem to know about this "legal backdoor trick" used by their political opponents. Btw, isn't there a few seasoned property agents featured in the recent slate of WP's and RP's candidates for some of the GRCs? Actually did not intend to "say" all these as assumed that the old bird oppo leaders would have known but seeing many supporters dumbfounded by the unexpected heavy defeat and some even in deep despairs and depression, just "chipping in a bit" and hopefully it can "go a long way" to further the alternatives cause in sinkieland. If this "new insight" is of "no use", just "ignore and discard".

  37. Based on GE 2015:
    It looks like only FOUR types of political parties will survive in Singapore:

    1) PAP - who will represent
    - the interest of the rich and powerful people
    - the interest of business corporations

    2) WP - who will represent
    - the middle class Singaporeans
    - the PMETs

    3) SDP - who will represent
    - the underprivilege e.g. single mothers and their children who face discriminatory PAP laws in HDB housing and Baby Bonus
    - the elderly
    - the poor
    - all the "strays" who are not represented by PAP and WP in parliament.
    - all the "strays" who do not have a voice in parliament

    4) The "one-person" political party
    - may be best exemplified by Chiam See Tong
    - who gave Potong Pasir a unique place in our political landscape
    - but was not able to build a political machinery that can carry on without him
    - Jeanette Chong Alduross seems to be going down this path

    1. Nothing has changed.
      The Singapore Titanic is still sailing towards the iceberg.
      The MRT trains will still breakdown ... and etc.
      We have re-elected the same people who got us into this mess in the first place.

      Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again.
      And hoping for a different result.

  38. To sum up in one sentence about the sentiments of many sinkies:

    "The WORST DAY in THEIR LIVES over the PAST 10 YEARS is 11 SEPTEMBER 2015!"

  39. Even if the PSI goes up to above 500 in sinkieland, it is probably still less suffocating than 11 September 2015.

    For many sinkies, probably next 5 years will be worst than living in HELL!

    Many of them probably have to endure another 5 more long, arduous and torturous years of hellish animal farms lives before any chance to break free and hope for a glimmer of sunlight. In the meantime, lives probably will be like perpetual darkness in a dungeon.

  40. The 69.9% have the next 5 years to ruminate and repent!

    1. Yes, they will increase the population to 6.99m in the next 5 years.

    2. PWP was a population of 6.9, GE 2015 was 69.9, now what would be next that starts with 6 and ends with 9?

  41. WP shouted in 2011: " Towards First World Parliament ".

    What did sinkies get between 2011 to 2015?

    6.9m PWP

    1. WP shouted in 2015: " Empower Yourself ".

      What happen in sinkieland?

      69.9% APOCALYPSE.

    2. After half a century, WP still doesn't seem to understand sinkies political maturity is like a new born?

      Shouting abstract western liberal ideals to sinkies is like "playing guitar to a buffalo" ( "对牛弹琴" )。Sinkies political culture is too juvenile to appreciate.

      What should WP shout in 2020?

    3. Slogans less abstract might work better?

      Sinkies only understand rudimentary tangibles?

      Things they can see, feel, practical?

    4. How about the following no frills slogans?

      1) " More smelly armpits in MRT trains?"

      2) "Generous sponsorship of aliens students education?"

    5. 3) "More exercise for oldies collecting cardboards?"

      4) "Towards $300,000 COEs ?"

      5) "Towards $50 ERP Gantries?"

    6. 6) "Build more casinos?"

      7) "Organise more extreme mountaineering for primary 1 students to become future leaders? "

      8) "Towards cheaper, cheaperer, cheaperest? "

    7. 9) " Empower more sinkies graduates to drive taxis?"

      10) "Sideline more sinkies PMETs to become security guards?"

      11) "Empower your parents to clear food courts tables? "

    8. 12) "Towards 200 storeys HDB flats?"

      13) "HDB BTO Flats, Condo Prices?"

      14) "Towards One Country Two Systems?"

    9. 15) "Mortgage Your Future?"

      16) "Pawn Your Children's Future?"

      17) "Fast, Faster, Fasterest? "

    10. 18) "Give up your CPF?"

      19) "Surrender your wives? "

      20) "Enslave your husbands?"

    11. 21) "Erect ERP Gantries in HDB lobbies?"

      22) "Hang a ERP reader on your neck?"

      23) "Towards the most enslaved nation?"

    12. 24) "Towards a First World Dictatorship? "

      25) "Bankrupt more opposition politicians? "

      26) "Towards First World Gerrymandering? "

    13. 27) "Towards 9 NCMPs in Parliament? "

      28) "Towards toothless alternative voices? "

      29) "Towards 24/ 7/ 365 working hours?"

    14. 30) "Towards $500,000 minimum sum?"

      31) "Towards 4th class sinkies citizens?"

      32) " Invite Japan to celebrate their National Day in Orchard?"

    15. 33) " Receive one chicken mid joint, give back one whole turkey?"

      34) "Towards 5,000 ERP Gantries in sinkieland? "

      35) "Towards 10 year wait for hospital appointment? "

    16. 36) "GST ENRICHES the poor?"

      37) "Hike GST, it helps the poor?"

      38) "Foreigners bring jobs to sinkies?"

    17. 39) "1 million foreigners bring 2 million jobs?"

      40) "Faster bring 10 million to sinkieland? "

      41) "More foreigners is good for sinkies?"

    18. 42) "Sinkies old folks collect cardboards for free exercise? "

      43) "Sinkies women work in Geylang for "free enjoyment "?"

      44) "Sinkies men should thank foreigners for "giving jobs" to their wives?"

    19. 45) "Sinkies women should thank foreigners for "giving taxi jobs" to their husbands?"

      46) "Sinkies students should thank foreign counterparts for taking up their university places?"

      47) "Sinkies taxpayers should feel magnanimous sponsoring foreign students to stay in brand new multi-billion NUS TOWN for free?"

    20. 48) "Sinkies parents should feel magnanimous foreign students are sponsored for all expenses in sinkieland? "

      49) "Sinkies should thank foreign students for spurring many of their undergraduate children to work part time for their own basic expenses?"

      50) "Sinkies 30.01% should thank the 69.9% for subjecting them to More Good Years and Swiss Standard of Living? "

  42. Sinkies voted for doomday and the end is brought closer.
    More population will increase consumption to keep the economy going. But for how long?
    Where are the space, resources and
    infrastructure to sustain growth ?

    1. not sure if a bigger population is helping at all. the retail scene is in the doldrums. according to shops that are closing in orchard rd and the heartlands, it has been for the past 2 to 3 years. so this even as the popn - the number of potential customers - has been swelling.

      since the pap has brought things down with its policies, it might perhaps be a good thing that they now have to solve this growing problem.

  43. I like to think that the GE2015 outcome is the unlucky confluence of:
    * SG50
    * LKY's death
    * The start of a global economic downturn
    * The hungry ghost month
    * 911

    Opposition parties take heart that this is a once-in-a-lifetime coincidence of events.

    1. They can try a SG55 next election. Or a snap election in 2019 to celebrate SG200 (start counting from 1819 when Raffles landed on Temasek). This time they can invite the Queen to attend, instead of Prince Andrew.

  44. The Sinkies have chosen the Aristocrats to lead them forward. They have made the Choice.
    Where individuals head to/for shall be up to the Individuals to decide. There is no pount crying over spilt milk.

    There is unlikely any possibility of taking power away from PAP henceforth. So, it is time for individuals to seek and plot their futures independent of the Regime and tge Alternative Parties.

    Explore whatever way and evenue and look for better future is the Way to go. Fret not tge Result of the General Election.

    1. They voted and approved of a self-check party.
      Ah gong get to laugh at these daft people even in his ether world ....
      See lah, they must be all blind because of the haze.
      White haze over blue sky. And they are obviously sheeple who choose to jump over cliff?
      But they were so smart back inGE2011?
      How to explain? Did they just use the oppo team for their own selfish gains ?

  45. The ultimate reason for the election result could be WP's slogan ( and their manifesto )?

    How could sinkies hand the destiny of sinkieland ( manifesto of WP ) to a bunch of newbies?

    In most if not all countries, party manifestos ( representing the blueprint forward ) are always presented by their leadership, not newbies. Look around China, Xi Jin Ping never relegate such task to some newbies .......

    1. So when sinkies saw, read and heard their slogans " Empower Your Future", it sounded like an "amateurish half-baked incomplete message " to many straight minded whole life spoon fed sinkies?

      "Empower Your Future" but need to do what? Sinkies need to be spoon fed .......

      So you see, at the rallies sinkies heard "Empower Your Future" but as they got back home and move around everyday during the 9 days, their minds link with the ubiquitous posters every few metres they move around whether by foot, car, lorry, motorbike, bicycle, wheelchair and what have you ......

    2. The human mind works subconsciously through "triggers" .......

      For 9 days, they were bombarded with "Empower Your Future" but the next moment when they look up everywhere they go, they see a smiling face at them. For 9 days many life long spoon fed sinkies were conditioned that way. ......

      So in the end, through their human mind subconscious triggers, which party do you think majority sinkies associate "Empower Your Future" with and who they voted in the end ....?

    3. In other words, could it be intrinsically there were 2 words short in WP's slogan?

      It should have read " Empower Your Future, Vote Opposition "?

      For many sinkies used to life long learning, told what to do and conditioned by lifetime of reacting to ( programmed ) triggers , their subconscious minds link "Empower Your Future" slogan with the ubiquitous posters?

    4. So for many sinkies used to life long spoon feeding, the subconscious mind triggered "Empower Your Future" with the ubiquitous posters?

      No prize for guessing how many sinkies voted at the ballot boxes .....

      When sinkies life long spoon fed mind triggered by the two signals daily for 9 days, could it end up in their subconscious minds: " Empower Your Future, Vote the party associated with the ubiquitous posters"?

  46. For average sinkies, when their minds processed "Empower Your Future", who would their subconscious minds associate the slogans with?

    Porky? Some scantily clad 26-year old model? Or a person associated with authority and ubiquitously omnipresent every few metres?

    Could this be destiny?

    1. Heard about randomness vs determinism?

      So sinkieland opposition and sinkies can hold their heads high .......

      The outcome could have been "truly a freak result" based not insignificantly on "RANDOMNESS" than any deterministic cause?

  47. PSI has been at very unhealthy level in the past few days.

    Every breathing smells like carbon.

    But the suffocating haze pales in comparison to the political climate.

    1. The "political haze has blanketed sinkieland for the past 50 years".

      And agonisingly going to stay for "another 5 years".

      The latest "PSI" of the "POLITICAL HAZE" after "11 Sept 2015" has "busted the scale's upper limit" ( which was at the reading of 6,900,000 ).

    2. The "political haze" is suffocating and with the contamination of pigsty stench, the sinkies "N95" mask is even rendered impotent.

      To give sinkies some sense of the "political pollution" level, by 2020 the "PSI" for the "political haze" may breach 10,000,000.

      Heard that some sinkies are so tak boleh tahan and might "precipitate an exodus" not unlike the migrant crisis in Europe created by the fleeing asylum seekers in war ravaged Syria.

  48. 70% Singaporeans do not want a regime change.
    - That's the bottomline.

    1. Yes agree. They just want a population change.
      Filled with new citizens recruited from India and China and ASEAN. They should be proud.


    Go read the Chinese forum above and find out the renewed calls for PRCs citizens to start applying for citizenship as soon as PAP landslide win.

    Then go read the latest blog by Anyhow Hantam to understand the number reality behind the win. Those who are still in denial will be in for the rude shock. The game is over. The country you love you can officially hand it to the new so called singaporeans core...who have already been overtaken.

    The emigration embassies of ANZ, US and Canada are spiking with Singaporean numbers.

  50. I totally understand why KJ said those harsh words he said. He was not wrong, and he should have known better than anyone after seeing how his father was mistreated by PAP and now the people continued to be cowed under the dictatorship.

    For those who wants to give wishful thinking that it will only take another 25-50 years before it can be overturned, is just kidding themselves.

  51. D r Ang yong guan believes it is due to gratitude transfer from the father to son.
    Methinks it is hope transfer ...but they will wake up too late about their addiction to this hope-pium which is a bottomless pit.
    How is it that a population of 6.9m and those job issues have already been so openly discussed and talked about among PMETS and yet they have 4 years of doing NOTHING about it, and are prepared to give LSS a minister who has no portfolio in the past to drive such an important task? What has he been doing? WhAt has PAP done the last 4 years that they deserve another chance and 4 years of millionaire salary?! And this is the guy tha talks about productivity and quibble $60 increase to cleaners? gosh.

  52. There is an argument in social media that new citizens tipped the scale in GE 2015 and led to the massive swing. One apocalyptic conclusion is that sinkieland is lost forever bcos the tide is too huge to overcome ( and can only get bigger going forward ) thus GE 2015 was the last chance.

    There are many numbers tossed about ( in social media ) the actual net increase in new citizen voters in 2015 GE. Some neglected the 180,000 walkover voters in Tg Pgr in their computations and thus huge disparity in numbers are assumed in various hypotheses ( argued in social media ).

    Perhaps a comparison to GE 2011 results could yield some light. However, before going into that on the new citizen paradigm, if one assumes the new citizens factor is there but not that significant, GE 2015 might have revealed some stark facts about the sinkieland electorate. It seems the only political party who truly understands the electorate well in GE 2015 and at the same time issues on the ground is the PAP. Not even WP ( actually meaning only Mr Teochew bcos even SL is in politics only since 2006 and she cannot really be seen as a veteran and the rest even much lesser ) knows exactly what the electorate in GE 2015 wants after all these decades in politics.

    1. In a nutshell, why the tsunami ( which hits the opposition rather than PAP ) when even way back in 2008/ 2009, people were predicting that the political tsunami up north in our neighbour ( Matland ) would spread to sinkieland by 2015/ 2016. Alas, the opposite seemed to have taken place, going by GE 2015.

      Sinkieland's opposition fraternity especially the politicians and active vocal netizens might do well to really study ( and research ) what would trigger political change in a society ( regardless democratic, communist or monarchy ).

      Otherwise they may be raising false hopes ( both to themselves and others ) and thus massive wastage of resources, energies and precious time barking up the wrong trees.

    2. Aung Juan Soon Chee, during his Raffles Place rally in GE 2015, opened his speech by making reference to the ancient Chinese Art of War, particularly the strategic genius of Sun Tze.

      But he only mentioned 10% of that particular maxim he referred to. Here is that complete maxim ( apologetically in ancient traditional Chinese, alas this is another glaring shortcoming of many ( OCBC - orang cina bukan cina ) sinkies. Many dun know simple modern Chinese, much less ancient traditional Chinese ):


    3. The crux of what went wrong may be found in this particular full maxim ( as quoted above in ancient Chinese ) expounded by Sun Tze.

      Fully dissecting the causes should do sinkieland, sinkies and in particular the opposition fraternity substantial good both in the short, medium and long run.

      For those who still cannot get it after much thoughts, pls KEE CHIU and shout out. Will try to give a simple explanation here.

  53. It's normal to do post mortem after every election. However, to speculate and do guessing after results are known is not productive.

    If the result is accepted as proper and in order, then it is the duty of the government to look after the wellbeings of the people and the state. The people have to work hard with the government they have chosen to face whatever challenges that arise.

    Those political parties that failed to win the hearts of the voters have to work harder to show the people their credibility and worthiness to be in the competition to be leaders. Failing which, they have only themselves to blame.

    It's time to move on and hope that the government and the people are most willing to share the weal and wealth and shall be together as one in everything.

  54. working hard9/15/2015 9:41 AM

    "work harder"
    "worked hard"
    "hard work"

    seems that is the descriptor for just about anything now.
    donkeys work harder
    horses were worked hard
    water buffaloes do hard work

    no wonder there is negative productivity...
    ... we "worked hard"

  55. // It's normal to do post mortem after every election. However, to speculate and do guessing after results are known is not productive. //

    That is very presumptuous!

    Who r u speaking for to conclude it is not productive?

    In 1980, the PAP under the old guards garnered about 78% of the electoral votes. But 4 short years later, the percentage dropped to 64% in 1984 with a grim looking LKY fielding questions in the wee hours of the morning in their post-election result press conference.

    1. Even under then LKY, within 4 short years ( from 1980 to 1984 ), the voters then perceived huge problems in sinkieland and thus turned against the PAP in 1984 GE with a 14% swing.

      It is pertinent for sinkies to know the basis of the election results.

      With the problems planted pre-2011 GE not fully solved and new problems cropping up ( and some time bombs set ) pre-GE 2015, why was the result as it is in GE 2015?

    2. Anon 6.27m, in case you never read history textbooks or have short memories, immediately after the 78% landslide in GE 1980, the PAP under the old guards with the likes of LKY, GKS, TCC, SR, EWB etc lost in the following year by-election ( 1981 ) in Anson to JBJ of WP then.

      If a 78% landslide in 1980 under the old guards can have such a drastic outcome in the following year, what makes anything impossible under the new PAP ( with arguably no one coming near the likes of LKY, GKS, TCC etc ) with just 69.9% this round, still way below the 78% in 1980?

      Several inherent problems are still unresolved, unanswered or conveniently side-tracked during GE 2015. On top of that, several time bombs planted, new and old, not defused at this moment. Knowing the causes definitely is not harmful for sinkies to plan their lives accordingly going forward.

    3. If sinkies are supposed to follow blindly what they are being told, Sinkieland might as well save the resources, energies and time spent on election every 5 years or so and just vote only once in every 50 years so that PAP can rule almost in perpetuity?

      Some bloggers and/ or political observers/ analysts subscribe to the view that given the results of GE 2015 and the dynamics of the demographic pattern going forward, it is almost next to impossible to have any glimmer of hope for political plurality in sinkieland?

      That again is too presumptuous going by history and historical precedences over the ages. To come to grip with the results of GE 2015, knowing and/ or have some understanding of the possible causes of the GE 2011 results is of paramount importance and quintessential. Just as the 1776 book published by Adam Smith, entitled "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nation", led to the foundation of modern economics, sinkies and sinkieland's "Inquiries into the Nature and Causes of the 69.9% Results of GE 2015 on SG50" likely would lay the foundation for the posterity of sinkies and sinkieland in the future and in particular for SG100.

    4. The Civil service is 99.9% in their pockets
      The SAF is 99.9% in the pockets
      The Elections office is 100% in their hands
      The Parliament is 92% in their control
      The PA is 100% in their control

      Regardless of the voter's emotions, a little marketing about threats, fears and its a done deal.


      No way!... maybe escape to the north & further north or south.
      The people have no interest to defend their values.
      but they will run to preserve their money & materials.

    5. @ Anonymous 9/15/2015 11:19 AM

      That's the most ludicrous suggestion or idea if you even thought of that!

  56. The problem of Singapore
    Politics is simply bcos there
    are too many Khong Mins/Zhu
    Ge Liangs.
    Too many cooks spoil the broth.
    It is especially so with the alternative

    1. @ Anonymous 9/15/2015 11:02 AM
      // The problem of Singapore
      Politics is simply bcos there
      are too many Khong Mins/Zhu
      Ge Liangs.//

      You are SO WRONG!

      The truth is that the opposite is true!

      It is the dearth or lack of a bona fide Zhu Ge Khong Ming in the alternative ranks that led to the present state. Zhu Ge Khong Ming believed in "唇亡齿寒" 。That's why he signed a pact with the King of Wu ( 孙权 ) to counter the State of Wei ( 魏 )。

    2. Mr Teochew is no Zhu Ge Khong Ming though he is touted to be one by his alternative fans.

      If he was one, old man "would have treated him roughly " long, long ago ....

      But in GE 2015, his "羽翼" were clipped to ensure that they do not become "丰满".

    3. The Khong Mings/Zhu Ge Liangs in Sg are all self claimed and self appointed la.

    4. Anyway, old man's style leaves no stone unturned!

      If he thought a potential alliance or marriage between Aung Juan Soon Chee and Mr Teochew is possible or workable regardless of timeline, he would have reacted long ago ( before his passing) and ensure it will never happen .....

      Naturally Aung Juan Soon Chee and Mr Teochew are like cats and dogs or cats and mice in the animal kingdoms. They are incompatible by nature. Any "marriage" between them would likely end in divorce faster than you can count 1-2-3.

    5. Any close alliance between Aung Juan Soon Chee and Mr Teochew is highly unlikely to endure or stand the test of time.

      An "acrimonious divorce " highly publicized and make a giant buffet out of it by the MSM after say a "whirlwind marriage " between Aung Juan Soon Chee and Mr Teochew would likely caused further disrepute and tarnished the alternatives image in the eyes of Sinkieland's voters.

      A close alliance between WP and SDP is unlikely to work in this generation in terms of Mr Teochew and Aung Juan Soon Chee in the natural scheme of things. Nature makes things like that. Why cats and dogs can't get along or work together as a team? This is nature. Ever seen a coalition team of cats and dogs work together to catch mice?

    6. Having said that, Aung Juan Soon Chee and Mr Teochew can always explore the possibility and try to work things out.

      They can do a CBA and SWOT analysis bearing in mind the risk to the alternatives image should their "marriage of convenience " ends up in an "acrimonious split ".

      Most of all, despite their religions, they may want to seek the advice of "expurt geomancers" on their compatibility. Those could be the bare minimum homework and due diligence they should do before further discussions.

  57. This may sound counterintuitive but the alternatives should keep pressing on. Why?

    Let's take a leaf from the 1980 GE where PAP under the old guards won a landslide crushing the alternatives 78% to 22%, much more than the recent 69.9% vs 30.1%.

    In Anson ward, the PAP won by an even bigger margin of 84% vs 16%.

    1. The following year in 1981, the seat was made vacant when the MP stepped down and a by-election was called.

      Initially it looked like a 4-corner fight but in the end, CST of SDP pulled out leaving JBJ to slug it out in a 3-corner fight.

      JBJ of then WP emerged victorious with a 52% vs PAP 47%. It was a huge reversal of 37% swing in the alternatives favour as compared to the GE in 1980 which was held just a year earlier.

    2. Balaji Sadasivan, a SMOS died while in office in 2010.

      Ong Chit Chung, an MP died in 2008.

      In 2012, by election was called in HG.

      In 2013, by election was called in PE.

      Destiny often plays an important role in a politician's life and success.

    3. In such a dynamic world, anything and everything can happen for whatever reason.

      The alternatives should continue to walk the ground and consolidate their goodwill with their core supporters.

      Meanwhile alternatives heavyweights such as Aung Juan Soon Chee should continue his other work such as consolidating his part machinery, recruit and train new potential members/ candidates/ volunteers etc. And of course continue to publicise his books and raising funds for needy days. He should "shout" in the social media as and when he intends to visit Raffles Place or other parts of sinkieland to autograph his books. Quite likely a sizeable supporters and fans would turn up to get his autographed books and take selfies with him or his volunteers. Who knows, some fans may get 10 or 20 copies and redistribute/ give to their friends, relatives and close associates?

    4. As sinkieland enters into choppy waters on the economics and financial fronts in the near and medium term, many poor, underprivileged, core supporters of the alternatives etc would need some form of assistance and guidance in their lives or some other matters.

      A friend in need is a friend indeed.

      Such friendships, kinships, camaraderie, solidarity built and forged during times of difficulty often last a lifetime. Unwavering support going forward from such a group is probably unquestionable. Without a core base and an expanding one, it is not easy to make political breakthroughs, inroads and maintain there.

  58. The GE 2015 landslide victory won by PAP is not by fluke or by chance.

    In the past few years, it is not unusual to see them organise many outreach programmes through various ways for different segments of the residents across the heartlands.

    The Chinese have a saying :" 一份耕耘, 一份收获。"

    1. To PAP's credit, they have worked real hard on the ground in the past 4 years since GE 2011 and the resounding victory in GE 2015 is concomitant with their seismic, conscientious policies shift where appropriate, rolling out of various initiatives benefiting different segments of the society. etc etc. Some may call it pork barrels politics or carrots but such measures do benefit voters in many tangible and intangible ways. If PAP is caring, why should the voters turn them away?

      In their outreach programmes, week after week, voters interact with the PAP volunteers and inevitably a sense of strong bonds is forged between residents and PAP. How to break such bonds with some alternatives held rally speeches etc?

      If the alternatives do not pull up their socks, it will not be a surprise they fall further behind in the foreseeable future.

    2. //If PAP is caring, why should the voters turn them away?//
      You will be eating your own words when you see your Medishield Life premium in November.

    3. they may tell you that they going to subsidize your medishield life, and here they go taking the money from reserve to top up your medishield. Isn't this how reserves are raided ?

  59. If the alternatives do not pull up their socks, it will not be a surprise they fall further behind in the foreseeable future.

    good then we dont need elections or this false democracy....we can be like north Korea, syria and china........

    1. If goodness's sake, there is totally nothing to pull the socks, the new citizens are voting for PAP, get this in mind !

  60. Despite the GE 2015 results, major root causes of the economic and social malaises may not have been fundamentally, sufficiently and adequately addressed.

    The electorate's maturity in terms of medium and long run implications of many issues is probably still stuck in its infancy despite half a century of nationhood.

    The "uneducated, farming background" of the Chinese forebears from southern China who tend to look at only physiological needs such as basic necessities, shelter etc seems to transcend multi-generational gap and apparently still pervasive among many sinkies.

    1. How much have sinkies learned from its short past?

      Probably not a lot.

      The voting pattern of GE 2015 mirrors that of GE 2001. Some kind of flight to safety. The crux is did the flight to safety in GE 2001 brought about greater progress in the long term perspective?

    2. The economics downturn before and after GE 2001 fully exposed sinkieland's weaknesses in its economics policies and structure, one which is the cornerstone of the lao goa's watch between 1990 to 2004.

      After getting a resounding mandate of 75% in GE 2001, what did the PAP bring about that cement and secure sinkieland's place in the world over the long term?

      Nothing much really except several short term solutions that are likely to morph into long term quandaries and some already are.

    3. One of these "solutions" after the PAP landslide victory and resounding mandate of 75% in GE 2001 to solve the economics malaise in sinkieland was the approval to build the two casinos in 2005. Alas, what kind of economics choice is that when one goes into vices to prop up economics growth. It is not unlike individuals who in times of economic hardship, try to maintain a household's income level by going into vices. If this is not an example of running out of options and choosing a short term and easy ( lazy ) but definite long term downward spiral approach to abyss, what is?

      What new approach can the incoming PAP government steer sinkieland's economy into a path of long term sustainability after this resounding mandate in GE 2015?

      If they already ran out of options ( and bankrupt of ideas ) after GE 2001, what makes them different this time around after GE 2015?

    4. The 69.9% voters are essentially short-termists.

      The PAP knew that and the main reason for them to call for this snap election on 11 September 2015, 15 months ahead of its full term latest date of Jan 2017.

      Why not have the GE in 2016 instead?

    5. The 69.9% essentially cannot look beyond short term barrels of pork and baskets of carrots and think what 2016 forestall for them?

      If 69.9% cannot think beyond 2015, it is probably too high an expectations for them to take a much longer term perspective and look at 2025, 2030 and beyond.

      In other words, the position of the incumbents on a longer trend is likely a downward slope mirroring the TFR trajectory. On the flip side, the fortune of the alternatives is an upward sloping curve but ironically mirroring the mortality rate in sinkieland.

    6. The roles of the alternatives in sinkieland are very clear.

      1) To keep the ruling government on its toes so as not to slip into complacency, lapses etc.

      2) To support the ruling government where they are on track.

    7. 3) To provide alternative ideas ( for them to copy and paste or cut and paste ) when they run out of options such as the case when they dived into the casino vice trade to solve sinkieland's economics malaise carried over from lao goa's economics policies ( mismanagement and ) missteps ( between 1990 to 2004 ). A ( headlong ) plunge into shallow water with deep mud. Jumping in to get the initial splash is easy but pray tell how to get out of a mud pond?

      4) To represent sinkies voices in parliament as they are not bounded by any party whip etc. How many times in total have Raymond Lim and Lao Goa spoken up in the last 4 years in parliament? Total only once in Feb 2013.

      5) To engender the growth of sinkies political maturity otherwise by SG100, sinkies' political culture may still be no better than a new born. Let’s wait and see how 69.9% sinkies react when the political fishermen reel in their lines post-GE 2015 .......

    8. The DOWNWARD sloping TFR curve is projected to meet and intersect the UPWARD sloping mortality rate curve around 2025.

      From 2025, both will diverge, mortality rate going up and TFR descending. ...... all thanks to lao goa and his high cost asset enhancement policy.

      Despite his First Class Economics degree, lao goa's understanding of applied economics sucks as far as the sustainability of sinkieland's economics and social landscape is concerned. BABIES under his rule between 1990 to 2004 have become "inferior goods" from working women's perspective! The higher the cost of living, spiralling into higher wages and therefore higher income, the less women want to have any child. Lao goa simply failed to see and understand that and sinkieland's TFR keep plunging under his watch from a high of almost 2.0 when he took over from LKY in 1990 to a low of about 1.3 when he handed over to LKY's eldest son ( LHL ) in 2004.

  61. Forget about the local media for the hard truths, watch CNN instead:

  62. Coming to the fast declining TFR curve and fast ascending mortality rate curve and their projected intersection in 2025. What is its significance possibly in sinkieland's political, social and economics landscape?

    First the political landscape. At 69.9%, it may be a peak and the only way to go is downwards, not unlike sinkieland's TFR trajectory.

    On the other hand, for the alternatives, at 30.1% they may have bottomed and the only way is up and up, ironically just like the mortality rate trajectory in sinkieland.

    1. In sinkieland's demographic projection, both curve will intersect in 2025.

      Possibly the next 2 GEs could be in 2020 and 2025.

      Hypothetically if the TFR curve represents the long term support of the 69.9% side and the mortality rate ( ironically ) represents the 30.1% side, the ominous projected crossing of the TFR and mortality rate trajectories could also ominously signify the meeting of the support level of both the 69.9% side and 30.1% side in 2 GEs from now at 2025?

    2. With so many social and economics time bombs planted, in between 2016, 2020 and 2025, the possibilities of several black swan events cannot be ruled out.

      Thus the alternatives should take heart that the latest 30.1% result highly likely is a bottoming out and therefore the only way they can go is up.

      Thus to give up or ease up on the accelerator is likely an unwise move. They should keep pressing and keep in mind that the coldest and darkest moments of the night signified the beginning of dawn and daybreak .....

  63. How can the alternatives keep the fire going, the connection intact and the mind sharp and in focus, ready to step out of the shadows?

    Well, the alternatives would be kidding everybody including themselves if they keep doing things the same ways but expecting different outcomes......

    What else can be a game changer that the alternatives can embark on before the next hustings come by, be it 2020 or earlier or even some BEs such as in 2013 PE BE for whatever other reasons.

    1. What game changer(s) to reverse the swing in the alternatives' favor?

      First, before knowing what are the game changers to impact future outcomes, perhaps the alternatives may need to work their overall plans backwards......

      Foremost what are the short term, mid term and long term ends the alternatives want?

  64. During the recent hustings, the alternatives were accused of "reckless" ideas such as "cutting defence budget ", "tax and spend " etc

    Anybody who cares to look at the defence budget over the past decades as a proportion of the annual national expenditure would not have missed the drastic fall from 33% in the 2000s to just about 20% in the 2010s. Based on the arguments made in the recent hustings, have not some people already subjected Sinkieland to great risk?

    In terms of "tax and spend", Sinkieland may already have the world's highest indirect taxes ( in some areas ). Typically the omv of an average car is about $18,000. The retail price of an average car is currently about 6 times, ie, a 500% indirect tax including 100% excise duty at the custom and abt 400% in the COE. Greece in comparison tax only about 23% on its car sales omv price. Talking about tax and spend, who is already guilty of committing it? Where did the yearly COE revenues go to?

  65. After this spectacular GE 2015, it may be a long time before the opposition can regain the preeminence they had after GE 2011.

    Going by the past, it took 10 long years after GE 2001 to reach the standings the opposition in 2011 GE but even then, politically was not even a small tidal wave, much less a tsunami. At the most, for the opposition, GE 2011 can be considered a big political ripple that appeared to have petered out over the past 4 years.

    What next?

  66. In the past 10 years, the opposition suffered 2 political tsunami, one in 2001 GE and the second GE 2015.

    In between, the opposition scored a political roller in GE 2006 slashing their competitors margin by about 9% and a big ripple in 2011 GE by another 6% or so.

    In GE 2015, the opposition had a big home run against them and afflicted by a 10% dissipation of popular vote to a most dishearteningly low of 30%.

    1. How to stem the current slide?

      The answers may lie in the stratagems outlined in the following verses ( in ancient Chinese ):

      // 孫子曰:昔之善戰者,先為不可勝,以侍敵之可勝。不可勝在己,可勝在敵。故善戰者,能為不可勝,不能使敵之必可勝。故曰:勝可知,而不可為。

  67. The alternative parties are still in denial that they are fractious, even broken, their inability to work together with members jumping ships and forming new political parties, are getting no trust and fate from the people.
    Worst of all is their constant internal bickering ob top of their inability to work together.
    When politicians are not able to take care of their parties and co-operate unite, how are they to take care of the people and the state ?

    Such a simple logic is beyond them, how to believe they are capable of wisdom ?

    1. Apology.

      'Fate' in my Above Post to be
      corrected to faith.
      Sorry for the mistake.
      If there is anything truly outstanding about PAP, it is it's ability to work closely as a pack like the wolves under one supreme commander.

      When the wolves go hunting, they seldom failed.


  68. The alternative parties are deservedly thrashed and dumped by the voters.

    The voters erved them rightly and justly.

    Time for Alternative parties politicians to repent and learn their follies.

  69. Based on past experiences, the apparent many social and economics time bombs planted since 1990, as well as many reversal precedences in history, it is unlikely sinkieland and sinkies are heading into utopia soon or anything close. In fact, time might prove the realities are far from it and the many underlying problems decried and kpkb before GE 2015 did not dissipate or evaporate overnight.

    This GE 2015 likely could be like GE 1980 and GE 2001 and probably even more ......

    Those who are old enough to have memories or read up the short history of sinkieland about the following GEs after 1980 and 2001 in 1984 and 2006 respectively would probably not have difficulty to have some inkling about what could happen in the coming years. Of course, no sinkies in his right mind would hope for any unfortunate happening in sinkieland.

    1. Essentially LLL is likely right in her conviction that having been rejected by the voters in PE after her extensive engagement with them in the past 2.5 years since PE BE in end Jan 2013, it contravenes the spirit to be PE's representative by accepting the NCMP post.

      Going back to GE 2011, old man said Aljunied GRC's residents have five years to ruminate and repent if they decide to vote Opposition.

      Now the same shoes are transferred to PE residents.

    2. If all voters or sinkies who voted opposition or disagree with some policies need to be fixed, why even bother to have elections?

      Since most if not all Asian societies are so used to monarchy dynastic rule for the past few millennia, why not ditch this shit about embracing western democratic traditions and follow the footsteps of Yuan Shi Kai.

      But alas, even in feudalistic China in 1916, Yuan Shi Kai's unitary proclamation to be an emperor in the nascent Republic of China four years after the official collapse of the Qing Dynasty in 1912 lasted only 87 days .......

    3. Is it not a "great burden" to have this ( "cumbersome and thankless " ) right to vote as compared to the current PRC?

      Do the 1.4 billion Chinese need to vote every 5 years and go through all these "agonies" which sinkies have to bear?

      As proven by 5,000 years of history, eventually the system under absolute rule will implode. Why should sinkies bear this ( "democratic but unappreciated " ) burden to avert the system from going the path of tens of past dynasties in history? Are the 30.1% who voted opposition being appreciated or has it been a thankless job? Is it not a thankless job being an opposition voter in opposition held wards such as HG SMC or Aljunied GRC? Essentially sacrificing themselves for the entire sinkieland to elect alternative voices in parliament yet how many sinkies go to HG SMC or Aljunied GRC to personally say a thank you to the opposition voters there?

    4. Sinkies are champions in complaining and casting protest votes as exemplified by the GE results of 1984, 2006 and 2011. And those sinkies include many in the 69.9%.

      Dun be too glee with the GE 2015 results. Likewise the alternatives and their supporters need not be too disheartened or drowning their sorrows and despairs in alcohol or other forms.

      As proven in history time and again, political honeymoons usually do not last very long, especially in a ( kiasu, kiasi, ai qi, ai pi, yew ai tua liap ni, yew ai kia choo bih, yew mai tiok HIV ) culture as "UNICORNIC" as sinkies and sinkieland.

    5. For those alternatives still staying back to persist in their causes, one thing probably is quite clear.

      No point doing the same things all over again and expect the results to be different.

      On a quick overview based on GE 2015 results, probably about 38 seats +/ - another 5 seats are worth another consideration.

    6. The rest of the wards which voted less than 30% for the opposition should one way or another give strong grounds or justifications for the alternatives to have another go at it.

      It was quite obvious the alternatives resources and coverage were stretched razor thin in GE 2015.

      Just some anecdotal evidences. Despite all the "wayang videos and rhetoric" about walking the ground for weeks or even months, many households in the heartlands did not get a single visit from the alternatives, not even a small piece of notice/ paper inserted at the door to indicate they have visited. However, this does not mean some in the alternatives did not go all out to cover the ground in the run up to polling date. Just that there were quite a number of "black sheep" in the pack and they know who they are!

    7. Those who are sincere in championing the alternative causes should do "the right things".

      Surely by now, if any alternative is still in the dark what are "the right things", they should probably dig a hole, jump in and never to emerge or at the very least not wearing the hat of an alternative.

      Those who can't "do the right things" or dunno what are "the right things" the alternatives must do to even stand a slim chance, they should then do the "next right thing" which is to make way for others to step into the shoes than "chope" the seats and get 20 to 23% vote shares. If there are some economists in the alternative ranks who polled such low percentage in those wards they contested and still intend to do the same things all over again, it makes one wonder how on earth they got their economics degrees from renowned centuries old global institutions such as Oxford? Surely, in the courses they studied, there are modules on probability and statistics taught and tested, is it not? If they have totally forgotten such fundamentals, maybe they should go for refresher course before "wasting" sinkies time and chances to elect rightful representative to go into parliament.

  70. PAP JOKE
    A PAP Minister married a female first time PAP voter who has been divorced ten times before.
    On their wedding night, she told her new husband, "Please be gentle, I'm still a virgin."

    "What?" said the puzzled PAP Minister.
    "How can that be if you've been married ten times?"

    "Well, Husband #1 was a sales representative, he kept telling me how great it was going to be.

    Husband #2 was in software services, he was never really sure how it was supposed to function, but he said he'd look into it and get back to me.

    Husband #3 was from field services, he said everything checked out diagnostically but he just couldn't get the system up.

    Husband #4 was in telemarketing, even though he knew he had the order, he didn't know when he would be able to deliver.

    Husband #5 was an engineer, he understood the basic process but wanted three years to research, implement, and design a new state-of-the-art method.

    Husband #6 was from finance and administration, he thought he knew how, but he wasn't sure whether it was his job or not.

    Husband #7 was in marketing, although he had a nice product, he was never sure how to position it.

    Husband #8 was a psychologist, all he ever did was talk about it.

    Husband #9 was a gynecologist, all he did was look at it.

    Husband #10 was a stamp collector, all he ever did was... God! I miss him! But now that I've married you, I'm really excited!"

    "Good," said the new husband, "but, why?"

    "You're a PAP Minister.
    You have just been elected.
    This time I know I'm gonna get screwed for the next 5 years!"

  71. hi tattler, have you stopped blogging?

    1. //Bloggers should declare a moratorium in disgust//
      Don't stay away too long!

  72. Goodbye Tattler!

  73. Haven't heard from Tattler since last GE. We are truly robbed!

  74. Tattler, please come back soon !!

    1. Any idea where is Tattler? Can his friend educate us? It is not normal for him to "run off" without notification.

  75. Tatt,
    we miss you
    we need you
    PLSE come back from moratorium-ing.
    no point letting the turkeys get you down.
    it's been 3 Weeks since the big fiasco.
    don't you have lots to say re recent devts?
    oct 12 seems like a good date to rise n write again.