Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lessons From The Titanic

Not exactly Leonardo DiCaprio's "I'm the king of the world" shout
At a People’s Action Party (PAP) lunch-time rally at the promenade area beside UOB Plaza yesterday, you have heard how prime minister Lee Hsien Loong tackles wrong-doing and corruption in high places in Singapore:
"That's why we have the CPIB reporting to me as PM, and if I don't give approval to the CPIB to investigate somebody, the CPIB can go to the president and ask the president for approval. The president says yes, and the CPIB can proceed, against the PM."

The argument would have been more convincing if the president were not related to him by family ties.

No wonder Workers’ Party (WP) chair Sylvia Lim said Goh Chok Tong’s statement that the PAP is its own check was a “more seductive lie”. She was referring to Goh’s remarks that the opposition’s call for checks and balances on the PAP was “a seductive lie”. Goh, while rejecting the call for more eyes on the government from the opposition, had boasted, “We are our own checks.”

The captain of the ill-fated Titanic, Captain Edward John Smith, had failed to take proper heed of ice warnings which was transmitted to him. As the most senior of the White Star Line's captains, he thought he knew it all. We now know one of the reasons for the collision was the direct result of steaming into a dangerous area at too high a speed. We also know the Titanic only had enough lifeboats to carry about half of those on board. There were also stark differences in the survival rates of the different classes: although only 3 percent of first-class women were lost, 54 percent of those in third class died. That's what can happen with growth at all costs, overcrowding and ignoring the Gini coefficient.

The British inquiry findings warned that "what was a mistake in the case of the Titanic would without doubt be negligence in any similar case in the future". Sylvia Lim's own take is that the ruling party might not be what it was in the past and there is no assurance on the quality of future PAP leaders (or past and present pms).


  1. // No wonder Workers’ Party (WP) chair Sylvia Lim said Goh Chok Tong’s statement that the PAP is its own check was a “more seductive lie”.//

    The seduction referred to what had happened in sinkieland since 1990.

    And sinkies ended up what they are today after being seduced, doped, screwed endlessly left, right, centre, front, back ....... till sinkies are almost senseless now like "those women in India repeatedly raped continously by countless men gone berserk" .....

    Anyone who had been through such ordeals and torments whether physically, mentally or
    emotionally would likely be highly traumatised and a wreck for some time to come ...... Many sinkies cannot say they are not feeling wrecked by so many policies rolled out by Lao goa in the past that greatly left many sinkies traumatised.

    1. Agreed. Many Sinkies suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. Their CPF accounts have been raped by the PAP, and they are still happily voting for the party and enjoying it.

    2. Think of the ERP, when you pass by some stretch in sinkieland, some "monsters" can "gobble up" as much as $6 per gantry.

      This is on top of the 100% or 120% excise duties ( ARF OR PART ) already slapped on every car when they landed on sinkieland's shore.

      And also on top of another abt 300% to 500% of the OMV for the COE of an average 1600 cc saloon car. Many foreigners even from rich western countries usually cannot recoil their tongues and close their mouths for a quite while when they hear that the overall indirect tax sinkies need to cough up for an average saloon car can be as high as abt 600% of the OMV. In Chinese, they called such seduction "骗财骗色" 。。。。。After being "seduced and screwed", sinkies found themselves being made "much poorer by policies that indiscriminately plunder them financially ".

    3. Autocorrect mistake. .....

      Should be " ...... ( ARF or PARF ) ....... "

    4. To me, the whole COE bidding resembles a sham with the LTA allowing car dealers a free hand to bid for COEs on behalf of car buyers. You just ask any new car buyer, has the car dealer ever ask them what actual price to bid ? To me it is more like a phantom bidding business allowing motor dealers bidding for permits to sell cars rather bidding for COEs to own a car.

      Always remember the COE is like a tax to be paid to the Govt but why does our PAP Govt allows car dealer companies to manipulate the COE bidding system more for their own interests than car buyers ?

      Why is the COE price always included as part of the car selling price and why the Govt does not restrict the car dealers to sell all cars excusive of the COE price so that any car buyer armed with a COE can buy any car from any dealer since the COE is to be paid to LTA directly ? Why does LTA allow motor dealers a free hand to manipulate the COE prices ?

      Is PAP being more than happy by closing one eye to all these manipulation by motor dealers ? If you are angry that our PAP is doing nothing about expensive COEs, would you rather send a clear signal to PAP this coming Friday ?

    5. The Singfirst team has revealed that HDB construction cost is onlly 16% of the selling price. The rest are for land cost! Why are people not outraged yet about the incredulous "Affordable" public housing that goes into 300-500k that takes 30-50 years to pay off!?! Who can guarantee you have an iron rice bowl for the next 30-50 years?!!! Just look around now that the retrenchment and ageism the PMETs are being prejudiced in the world place!

      And those people who have a hands in the crafting of 6.9m PWP like Sim Ann , and the ex-MTI bloke Chee Hong Tat who now coat-tailed into Bishan that has done nothing to create relevant jobs for the 40-55 yo skilled workers who all landed up no-where or high employment because of cheap and plentiful foreign workers/professionals ! And people put up with these?

      Ask yourself this. Why would an AngMo FT can simply breeze into Singapore and compete directly with its locally and regionally skilled PMETs?

      - Do they grow up here and understand the SG better than you do as an Asian?
      - Do they speak other languages other than English?
      - Do they have an edge over local markets-, culture, people and knowledge than you do?
      - Do they have better university or experience than you do to replace or suppliment you?
      - Can you walk into Switzerland or US or UK armed with your degree and asian experience and get hired to work in EU or US or ANZ like any of your FT colleagues can?
      - The answers are NO to most of it..they will probably tell you to start from bottom to gain or prove yourself. So why would you allow this PAP govt to sign off your rights away in favor of giving priority to this group of people who will now work above you or kick you out of a job ?

      Just because they are cheaper?
      Just because they have a scholarship bond that guarantees them access to local borns?
      Just because they are plentiful and hungrier?

      Please think carefully before you cast your vote of approval to the reality outlined above. There are many people who have suffered the same and will tell you to watch yourself and your children suffering the same fate next.

      IF you endorse and approve LHL and LSS policies, go ahead and welcome your next 6.9m or 10m as the horses will be bolted out of the gate before you can save enough for an immigration exit for you and your family.

  2. Legendary words:

    "... if you trust me, and my team.... "

    They still dont get it.

    1. First World Electorate?9/09/2015 11:17 AM

      Based on the bookies odd, I think most still dont "get it". The spin doctors are still spinning yarn from the clueless herd.

      Assuming we retain the original 7 opp seats in Parliament, and Oppo only gain +1 GRC + 2 SMCs (which is very likely the case now) the overall vote shares to PAP will be actually higher.

      It's estimated 70+% . Which is a +10% above GE2011 ! This is a travesty for the people. PAP will read that as a strong mandate and approval for LHL's governance the last 10 / 4 years and will only steam ahead confidently for the 6.9 or 10m.

      I think this will indeed be the sad outcome.

      Those who know the math and the slow progress of SG politics should know. Even IF WP were to win ALL 28 seats (again, very unlikely) we are still looking at 1/3 of the parliament.

      While ALL the seats are contested nationally, but unlike what Khaw says, the reality is that many will NEVER vote for new or unknown parties that are contesting for the first time..winning first time on first contest has never happens. So discounting all the new/small/irrelevant parties, the only serious contenders we are talking about here is really just WP = 28 seats = 1/3 of parliament . Which will still keep PAP running, but hopefully make them work harder and engage better.

      GE2015 will be an sign of the electorate's maturity.

  3. Internal auditor: I want to audit the company chairman.
    CEO: You cannot do that. If you disagree, you can ask the chairman for approval to proceed.

  4. "only 3 percent of first-class women were lost, 54 percent of those in third class died. That's what can happen with growth at all costs, overcrowding and ignoring the Gini coefficient."

    Call me cynical, but "if" I were an elite, I would be quite happy with those survival rates for my class. And I would do my best to maintain the gini there, or make it more in my favour when disaster strikes. What do you think?

    1. Not only the sinkies core is highly diluted by the mass and indiscriminate importation of 3rd world immigrants, policies are sliding almost inevitably and inadvertently to 3rd world standards.

      Any surprise so many sinkies are now disenchanted with the many ( bad, sneaky, ridiculous, hilarious, unbelievable ) policies and in a way disenfranchised by their lack of determination of many policies that worked against sinkies than for sinkies?

      When policies are skewed against sinkies on a consistent basis and mass scale, even if one put a holy man up there, it is a no; much less "unholy and greatly contaminated " people who had wrecked sinkies lives with their greedy and indiscriminate policies such as lao goa .....

    2. “人不为己,天诛地灭”, so when they say "we care", that means they care for their own pockets issit? I not sure leh! Because one MP said yesterday categorically : give priority of jobs to sinkies is bad for singapore, which singapore she referring to ha?

    3. After the Titanic sank, George Benard Shaw noted sarcastically, "that the wreck was nobody's fault, but a triumph of British navigation"

      The manager of the Titanic's builder had betrayed his noble obligation by refusing to go down with the ship. He was rumored to have sneaked into the lifeboat wearing a woman's shawl was proof of what the wealthy were really all about. The man who in the management of the line had sent the great steamer to sea with lifeboats for about 1/3 of the ship's company, bore a responsibility that might well have been atoned by joining the gallant men who went down with the ship.

      More importantly, those in the lifeboats turned out their lights, so that those who were swimming would not find them. Thus all the rescued lifeboats were only half filled.

      Let not the catchy slogan "Leave no one behind" stolen from the US campaigns and shamelessly touted by Chan Chun Sing and his white ilks. Just listens to the real, personal and heart wrenching stories from Dr Paul of SDP or Kervyn Lim of NSP and many more examples we have seen around us, and you will know how many have been left without a life jacket, let alone boats.

  5. One reason the economy is such a mess is that politicians care far more about keeping their jobs than about helping you keep yours.

    When politicians like Amy Khor or Vivian Bala say Singaproeans First is not possible or that without 6.9m we will not survive, is clear signs they have ran out of fresh ideas.

    Notice the media has been DRUMMING up all the old age facilities, numbers care etc...and they talked like as if Singapore is now already fully occupied by 60+yo people like the silver tsunami is already here. Next they will be drumming up all the new blood and citizens they need to keep the economy going. You can bet the bottom dollars for it. They are as predictable as they have been past 50 years, but even more arrogant. NOTHING can stop them now. Not with 10-12 Oppo seats out of 89!! .

  6. //The argument would have been more convincing if the president were not related to him by family ties.//

    Yes indeed.

    Why would the Uncle report his own nephew?

    Why is the Defence also under the same family?

    Why is the nation's bank reserves under the wife's charge?

    Why would our critical Air/ Sea / CPF and now another
    General all come under the same NG family?

    Are people reading the right history books?


      Nothing like a hard hitting Jeya from RP asking that all important financial questions.

      We need people who are strong in economics to contest. We need someone like Dr Paul to question mMedishield life if this wpis going to the next premium rolled out after GE2015. We need Dr Chee to question on TPP and CECA plans that impact our workforce and jobs. We need a healthy 1/3 Oppo to constructively work with ruling party to steer the safe ship. The problem with PAP is they think they are the best elites in this nation who have no equals. They refuse to engage and collaborate with diverse voices from Oppo team because their pride and egos have prevented them to do so.

      If this govt claim they accept success in diverse ways and not just one narrow definition, then a 1/3 Oppo party is the best way for them to prove so! We need to stop their contempt and bully tactics towards WP.
      I hope people will continue with the momentum we had achieved in GE2011. Majulah singapore!

  7. They are the ones who approved the 2 gambling dens but prefer to call them integrated resorts, so integrated until they don't even want to approve the free buses to fetch the families to enjoy the reaort's integrated facilities.

    They really know no shame to collect $100 from each person wanting to enjoy what they referred as 'integrated' facilities, yet they want to accuse WP as a gambling cruise ship to nowhere.

    Such pureness of their hearts so pure that Kee Chiu should really give both himself and that horrible son a tight slap on their faces for such seductive lies.

    1. You are referring to the George Yeo who famously said, "But we are building integrated resorts, not casinos". I found this statement very annoying, not merely because of its inherent dishonesty, but because it also assumed that Singaporeans were so stupid that they would fall for it.

  8. The policies bugbears and incongruence run very, very deep ......

    Sinkies are angry with LTK not bcos he slapped the drivers but due to LTK and team not SLAPPING hard enough.

    Given the many bugbears and policies incongruence, it seems the DRIVERS are still in deep, deep slumber!

    1. There are only 7 hands slapping 80 PAP faces.
      Is that enough?

      Is like Goh Chok Tong says 1 made 1 speech in my 4 years in Parliament. Is impactful enough! Is it enough?

      Why don't you convince more friends and families to vote in more hands instead.

  9. Take for example MOE, the ministry helmed by HSK.

    To many parents, it is probably a disaster. ......

    Asked majority of parents with a sec 3 or 4 or JC 1 or 2 child/ children and you will know why .......

    1. Many parents with child/ children in sec 3/ 4 or JC 1/ 2 easily have to fork out an average of about at least $1,000 per month on tuition fees just to get their kids through to the next level.


      Ask around those with child/ children in sec 3/ 4 and/ or JC 1/ 2 ....... How many of them don't send their kids for tuition costing at least on average about $1,000 a month. ...... Now that is where the problem lie! Pls read further comments to follow ....

    2. From anecdotal revelations of many parents in private, when their kids are in the sec3/ 4 and/ or JC 1/ 2 stage, many are left baffled, befuddled, disconcerted, vexed, disturbed and often a sense of helplessness. .....

    3. Many ended up "solving their kids' problems" the most travelled path --- coughing out an arm and leg to finance their kids tuition in 2 or more subjects.

      When more than 50% of bright students in JC need to go through tuition and spending a small fortune of their parents income/ savings just to get through, it begs the question what is MOE and HSK doing in the education system?

      LEE HSIEN LOONG said under $1,000 monthly income can buy a 2-room HDB flat and raise a family during his 2015 NDR speech. This is another great "MYSTERY" that will baffle even the most learned Nobel Prize Mathematics and Economics Laureates? How do they square the numbers? 开玩笑? April Fool jokes played on low income sinkies?

    4. Ladies and Gentlemen and Fellow Sinkies,

      Use a bit of your IQ to ponder over this ......

      Do you seriously think the child/ children staying in 2-rm flat can make it through JC 1 and 2 on their own without tuition when more than 50% of their peers have to spend at least an average of $1,000 to get through?

    5. Now ladies and gentlemen and fellow sinkies, LEE HSIEN LOONG is a Cambridge First Class Double Honours graduate which sinkies give a lot of respect!

      But how can he not know simple math? HUH?

      Is he playing a cruel joke on poor sinkie or an April Fool joke?

  10. Now, HSK or somebody is given this ( last ) chance to come out with an answer tonight .....

    How do you square the figure?

    What is HSK or those running MOE going to do about it?

    1. How are those earning below $1,000 going to put their kids though the education system?

      How are they going to compete with those who can afford the $1,000 to $2,000 tuition fees a month?

      Asking sinkies earning below $1,000 to own a 2-rm flat and start a family in this kind of education system and high cost of living environment? What do you call this, HSK? Is this NOT THE "SEDUCTIVE LIES" lao goa is talking about?

    2. That's why sinkies are very angry with LTK!

      "恨铁不成钢", "Bor Chak Png", "Never Eat Rice ", "没有吃饭", "No strength to SLAP HARDER"?

      Apparently some people are so DEEP IN SLUMBER now their simple kindergarten math also screwed up? Pls , pls LTK and coy, wake up the DRIVERS for sinkies sake...... 求求你 help help sinkies 。。。。。Tolong Lah ..... for sinkies sake .... sinkies beg you LTK and coy, for their sake pls WAKE UP THE DRIVERS!

  11. From the eulogy "

    //It is often said that my grandfather built great institutions for Singapore. But what is an institution? It is a way of doing things that outlives the one who builds it. A strong institution is robust, it is persistent. It does not depend precariously on individual personalities. It places the rule of law above the rule of man. And that is the sacrifice of being a builder of institutions. To build institutions is to cede power – is to create a system that will not forever rely on you. That this occasion passes without disorder or uncertainty shows that he succeeded in this task. We are bereft at his passing, but we are not afraid. The pillars that he built stand strong, the foundations that he dug run deep.//

    Singapore cannot survive without PAP?
    Singapore will be finished if xx Party governs?
    Isn't all that a slap in the face of the old man?
    Do you hear americans say if we dont vote for Democrats' founder's party or Republican founders party, we are doomed?
    Do you hear British say if we don't vote for Conservatives or Labor we are doomed?

    So Singaporeans, remember, the best test to the above, whether a system or institution can run on its own without its original personality or party, is the real test to the wisdom of its people. Our guidance must come from our pledge (that is penned by our early pioneers) and the constitution.

    Not any xx Party's manifesto. So please do the right thing and start to tilt the balance for Singapore and her people to thrive. If our pioneer can rely on 1.5+m of early population to take us to first world, there's no reason why any good party or leader cannot take a 3.5m highly educated and discerning population to the next 50 years. Dont let anyone tells you otherwise. Because those leaders are the ones who don't have the iron in them to make it but needed outside population to pull their grades through. The people are not afraid, but the lousy leader should be.

  12. Some questions for HSK tonight!

    Why is MOE not delivering? Why must parents of JC children spend $1,000 to $2,000 per month on tuition fees to get the students through the exams?

    MOE no budget? What happened to all the yearly budget of 20% or about $13 billion given to HSK to spend? It is equivalent in amount given to ministry of defence, the top 2 ministries in devouring sinkieland's taxpayers monies! Defence need to buy all the shiny toys like F35 etc but what expensive toys is MOE spending on? Why the need for more than 50% of JC students to go for intensive tuition outside the MOE school teaching system to get through exams? How many students can make it without tuition industry help?

  13. /// There were also stark differences in the survival rates of the different classes:
    although only 3 percent of first-class women were lost,
    54 percent of those in third class died. ////

    On the Singapore Titanic cruise ship.
    If our PAP captain accidentally and incompetently run our ship into an iceberg then how?

    Will our PAP captain hara-kiri?
    Will he and his team of Aristocrats be the first to jump into the lifeboats?
    How do we know if there are enough lifeboats for all of us in the first place?

    Do you think it is a good idea to have at least a one-third core of peasants in our Aristocratic Parliament to represent the 99% of us who are peasants?
    Just to make sure that there are enough lifeboats.
    And to be operationally ready to take over if we see that our PAP captain is incompetent or cowardly or lazy or stupid?

    1. //How do we know if there are enough lifeboats for all of us in the first place?//

      Do you have enough trains and buses to ferry you prior to GE2011 and now, when NSEW line was down affecting 250k commuters?

      Do you have enough hospital beds, not those in make shift tentages and corridors?

      Do you have enough nursing homes, not those across JB causeway?

      Do you have enough tertiary seats or scholarships for your children born and bred here and serve NS?

      Do you have enough affordable housings that wont' take 3-4 years wait time and 30-50 years to pay off loan? Not those that are self-advertised on glossy brochure that ownself say is affordable and with no subpar quality compromised?

      Do you have enough retirement savings in your CPF to cover your old age use and meet rising medical cost without having to downgrade/sell off housing or jumping into rivers so that you wont have to burden your children.

      Do you have enough jobs going around for you to be fully employed within your age group of 45-65yo when retrechments and replacements usually happens, without resorting to cardboard exercising.

      If you can answer YES to all the above, you can happily vote for People Aristocrat Party.

  14. When people start being excessively friendly...and say stuff like trust me...or see my uncle/daddy past record...i start to get and be very extra careful around these type of people...some more clothed in white to show lan par understand.....zzz

  15. //Mercedes has an outstanding F1 car, you don't need Lewis Hamilton to win the F1 championship! Because the car will drive itself.// LHL

    Faulty logic. The real question to ask is who is he competing with? An F1 race must have other racers & cars to compete with. Nobody wants to watch only Mercedes cars going round the circuits, and declaring to audience that it is the best car racers in the world!

    When PAP returns to its super majority power in Parliament, we will see a strutting PM supremo happy with his mandate, flagging off the F1 cars in the following weekend racing recklessly towards 6.9m, and sipping his champagne with the rich millionaires in town. Business as usual.

  16. Pinkie said trust me. Actually hor, he was also saying that to those involved in scandals like AIM to trust him in covering up their misdeeds. Otherwise how to explain why no action is taken against those involved?

  17. Vivi Bala "The question you should ask is, why we do not have this tradition. Reason is if you are a member of PAP, it's not about you. It's about Singapore first, party second, the individual doesn't count. You won't get this kind of thinking and behavior in the PAP".

    So many freudian slips from this Minister. The "individual " doesnt count.

    Citizens, you should be awoken that we are the 3rd class passengers by now. It puts to rest why we can be carved out of our own constituency like a nomads so the party has a higher chance to win and stay on power. Is never about us. The population game of 6.9m they are toying with, is the same. We are mere digits to meet the "GDP growth" they need. Every elections is always "At stakes" , so PM Lee said that many times prior and in GE2011, and now again GE2015. The only stakes I see is turning me and my family into sizzling steaks for them to feast on.

    Vivian Bala has turned into an ex-stalking partner refused to accept that the spouse doesn't want to be abused repeatedly by him anymore. And his ex-colleague, Michael Palmer probably didnt get the memo of not doing one night stands. This is a pesky mosquito that needs to be killed before more blood are sucked.

  18. IF I have to write a new chapter for the so-called new PAP, I might as well write a new chapter for new Oppo?

    Because frankly, I think the same PAP is asking for new blank cheques all over again.

    After the 2011 SMRT disastrous breakdowns, we learnt that the private company dawdled on fixing those wiring-system, maintenance and neglecting on up keeps. Thus resulting in problems until another more fire fighting and funding are needed to fast tracks other projects. It then became clear that the underlying problems have been unreported and unattended to all these years they were grossly profiting.

    So going into the "new PAP" how is PAP handling this differently? Scape-goating your Transport Minister is not enough, but you didnt even bother to outline what plans or leadership you have in mind for the next Minister? Once again, voters can only learn the outrage and pain AFTER putting you in parliament again?

    You deserve 50 seats or 50% of the votes in lieu of SG50.

    1. Why do you think he's called for early election
      Why do you think after SG50 and NDR
      Why do you think all these bribes, carrots & freebies
      Why do you think in ghost month
      Why do you think his "likeable posters" everywhere
      Why do you think he's channeled LKY's words
      What do all these "dividends" he wish to reap say about his Leadership?

      PM Lee not so slow, we also not so stupid lah.
      Stop playing cat and mouse with us.

  19. Respect Singapore9/09/2015 4:31 PM

    It is statistically improbable that PAP will lose majority. Not this election for sure, as much as they want to put fear in voters who didn't know any better.

    Below a great comment from FB : -

    If you believe in the principle that there needs to be an alternative voice in our government, then it follows that such alternative voice needs to be of a substantive (and not just a token) size.

    I don't see the point in sending 7 or so elected opposition MPs back to an 89-seat elected MP Parliament. They're just going to continue talking till they go hoarse to an indifferent wall of white, whose members will continue voting under the party whip.

    I don't see the point in just having a symbolic presence of opposition MPs to "voice our concerns". We would then be reducing the role of an MP to a mere feedback unit, easily brushed aside with no real power to push through any actual changes.

    I don't see how a small number of opposition MPs can do the job properly. A government debates and sets law and policy for numerous matters across extensive sectors requiring expertise in various fields. It would be unfair to expect a bantam band of opposition MPs, each with their respective strengths, to effectively become experts in all fields and properly critique all matters.

    I think the "quality, not quantity" argument is a valid but incomplete one. If you support a particular opposition party's values and believe that it is sufficiently credible, unless the opposition party/candidate is inept or dangerous (and I can name a number of such parties/candidates), why not give them the benefit of the doubt and the firm support they need? The same way we are also asked to give the benefit of the doubt to the PAP and support their large swathe of generally anonymous and less-than-spectacular candidates tucked under the PAP brand anyway.

    I don't think you have to agree with all the policies of an opposition party and the details thereof to vote for them. Wouldn't you otherwise vote for the PAP even though you disagree with some of their policies or the details thereof? As with all parties, scrutinize what you can; as for what you can't, if you have enough faith in their brand, trust that they will keep listening to you and do the right thing.

    I don't think a truly representative Parliament will necessarily lead to gridlock and politicking. It will only have such a result if a party allows it to, by muddling partisan self-interest with national interest. The Workers' Party supported a Parliamentary motion critical of them, I wonder if the People's Action Party or any other party would ever do the same?

    So if you believe that there needs to be a balanced and genuinely diverse Parliament, and that a proper check and balance in our government is required, consider giving the opposition (that you regard as sufficiently credible) the strength in numbers they need. Because, honestly, anything less than that, come the convening of our next Parliament, will just be noise.


    1. What is the lesson of Hitler's Nazi Germany?

      Was it the danger of letting one man monopolize the entire political machinery of the country?
      Was it the danger of supporting bullies?

      Was it the danger of selling yourself for the "greater good" of one political party?

      Are there lessons in Hitler's Nazi Germany for Singaporeans to learn?
      What do you think?

    2. Aiyo ........ !

  20. I am a Singaporean voter. I want our policies to be thoroughly examined by different political parties in the Parliament.

    I know all the candidates have different strengths, weaknesses and abilities but that is exactly the whole idea. A policy paper can be better scrutinized by different people with different perspectives, angles and insights. Ultimately, Singapore and Singaporeans benefit from better policies. Good policies can withstand scrutiny, no matter who came up with them.

    I am a Singaporean voter. I want our anti-corruption department to be completely detached from the power of any government, regardless of political party

    The department should be a checks-and-balances asset for the people of Singapore. The anti-corruption department should report directly to the people and conduct regular and random checks on every single branch of the state and government to ensure nobody plays under the table. Nobody.

    I am a Singaporean voter. I want our civil service, army, police and judiciary systems to be independent from any politically-motivated decisions from any incumbent government.

    I dislike the practice of parachuting newly-resigned civil servants, army or police officers or judges into the political sphere weeks or days before elections. This presents a serious conflict of interests because these newly-converted politicians still hold networks of influence within their old jobs and that may present dilemmas in crucial decision-making. Imagine if we go to war and our generals hesitate to act because they are considering military decisions based on answering to ex-colleagues-turned-ministers on which electoral constituency to defend or retreat from. Wouldn’t that be a disaster if they lost battle initiative due to such considerations?

  21. Lion Hearts 29/09/2015 7:00 PM

    I know all policies cost tax payers monies. But I am not a rabbit. I don’t eat carrots dangling in front of me. I am not a dog to be tamed or intimidated by fear-mongering tactics. I am not a crazy person either. I don’t intend to bankrupt Singapore or Singaporeans over poorly-planned policies. I am, however, keeping an open mind to alternative suggestions to current policies. I don’t mind these alternatives be thoroughly debated in Parliament because there is always a chance to find moderation and suitability in them until these policies can meet the needs and wants of Singaporeans.

    I am a Singaporean voter. I want my government to work for me, not against me and certainly not for themselves. I want my politicians to earn their keep, not sleep through in Parliament and just nod their heads in agreement to pass policies into bills which are not clearly understood by the people.

    Governments are servants to the people. If they lord over their own voters, they are not governments. They are called tyrants. I understand the need for attractive pay to entice the best talents and minds into a government. However, I want such salaries to be pegged to real performance in their terms of office. This is called meritocracy. Any member of parliament who naps in parliamentary sessions should receive a pay cut for that month. No excuses. Any member of parliament who has contributed no constructive suggestions to any policies in a year should receive a pay cut for that year. Any member of parliament who broke the laws of Singapore should receive a demerit ceremony in public and serve the necessary sentence in whichever way deem fit by the people of Singapore.

    I am a Singaporean voter. I want Singapore to survive longer than any political squabble or contest.

    If any political party claims that Singapore will collapse or be in ruins if they are voted out of power, that means we have built the country in the wrong way. All political parties face the possibility of total dissolution but as a Singaporean, I want Singapore to possess a robust system where it can survive any change of power from any political party. This means the civil service, army, police and judiciary system must remain apolitical if they understand such a national need beyond political competition.

    I am a Singaporean voter. Vote not for Singapore’s past. Vote not for Singapore’s present. Vote for Singapore’s future.

  22. "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

    Joseph Stalin

  23. "Hell, I never vote for anybody, I always vote against."

    W.C. Fields

  24. "An election is coming. Universal peace is declared, and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry."

    George Eliot, Felix Holt

  25. What will be will be!

  26. This will not be the first and/ or last.

  27. Life is inevitably a cycle, with many ups and downs.

  28. Similar rally in 2006.

    The Freudian Slip?

  29. 2011 rally.

    Who fixed who? Karma is a bitch .....

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