Friday, February 12, 2010

The Kids Can Wait

"We are not considering a casino but an IR- an integrated resort. IRs are quite different." So said Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo, as he joined his fork-tongued colleages in defending PM Lee Hsien Loong's horrendous decision to build two casinos despite nation wide objection. Yeo was using the official spin that there are more wholesome family orientated activities in an IR than just a gambling house of sin. Or is there?

Sentosa Resorts World’s much-anticipated casino has been granted its operating licence today and will welcome its first public gambler at the auspicious time of 12:18 pm on Sunday 14 Feb 2010 (In Cantonese "1218" sounds like "easy to prosper"). But the Universal Studios Singapore amusement park and its kiddy rides will not open till March. So while daddy tries his luck at the roulette tables, the kids will have to pray he has enough money left for the admission tickets to Jurassic Park and Water World attractions.

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