Saturday, February 13, 2010

Romania Firmly Disassociates Itself

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned Mr Aurelian Neagu, Romanian Ambassador to Singapore, to tell the envoy that Dr Ionescu "had made very serious allegations against the integrity of the Singapore Government which MFA categorically rejected as lacking any basis in fact."

In a recent interview with a Romanian television station Antena 3, Dr Silviu Ionescu had claimed that the case against him was a “set-up” by the Singapore government because he had been reporting on political activities here. Ionescu was quoted as saying, “The first two years were normal, but subsequently I received complaints from the Singapore government that I was too concerned about the local politics which has caused tremendous amount of stress on me.”

It figures. George Yeo has finally decided to do some work to earn his Foreign Minister pay because of the embarassing allegations against the Singapore government, not because the Singaporean victim of the hit-and-run accident Tang Kok Wai is deserving of justice and retribution. But will he have the balls to go the extra mile to sue the Romanian for defamation and libel?

Romania's swift response to the summons was to lift immunity for Ionescu and distancing itself from latter's charges. It said that since Ionescu has been suspended from his diplomatic job, it will be up to him to decide to return to Singapore for the coroner's inquiry. In other words, thanks to George Yeo's inaction and his colleague Wong Kan Seng's characteristic complacency, Ionescu has flown the coop, and definitely out of reach of the fumbling law makers.

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