Monday, February 8, 2010

No Thanks For Foreigners

Sumiko Tan may have Japanese blood in her veins, but she can't speak a word of the language. Can she know about Singaporean domiciles to understand the angst of being diluted by aliens?

What riled me was when she wrote of the "cheerful Chinaman" who attended to her at the petrol kiosk. Mohamed had a ready smile for me for the past 6 years at a Shell station, until he was "retrenched" when the management decided to save a few dollars by hiring from China. I don't know where she gets the idea Singaporeans hate to stand on their feet for hours. Long before the PAP's ill-conceived social engineering initiatives, the counter staff at Metro, Yaohan and numerous other departmental stores were all manned by true blue Singaporeans. And everyone was looking forward to a job working in the air-conditioned comfort of a posh mall.

What does this sycophant of a Straits Times writer know? Perhaps she should be replaced by Burmese eager to produce copy at half her paycheck to appreciate the issue at hand. She can't even land a decent man to start a family and help address the societal problems of a declining birthrate. BTW, Japan also has same issue of an aging population and shortage of babies, but they at least have the national will to preserve their ethnic heritage.

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