Thursday, November 4, 2010

That Can't Be Our Baby

Peter Lim sure knows how to pick them. First he is conned into making a "sure bid" for Liverpool F.C. Then he splurges S$202 million to acquire a medical centre. Not just any medical centre, but the Thomson Medical owned by Dr Cheng Wei Chen and his family, the same who screwed up an IVF operation.

A Singaporean Chinese was supposed to have her egg fertilized by her Causcasian husband's sperm in a petri dish, only to discover that their bouncing baby had a different complexion, and a definitely different DNA. The whole implantation process was supposedly recorded by CCTV, so the wife can actually see her eggs moved by the embryologist from cold storage to the warm of her womb. Same type of CCTV system Wong Kan Seng used to pin James Gomez for not filing his minority-race candidate application form as claimed during the 2006 General Elections. There's a nice graphic of the In-Vitro Fertilisation process in the morning papers, and a nicer disclaimer by MOH - "MOH provides guideline, but hospitals may have different procedures". And if that does not suffice to waive responsibility and/or accountability, MOH is quoted as saying that theThomson Fertility Centre "has certain procedures that could be improved." Classic taiji.

The director of the Centre for Assisted Reproduction at SGH was surprised by the news, "I believe the labs have very strict procedures, because the guidelines come from the Ministry of Health." Dr Peter Chew was plainly dismayed, "This is bad. It should not happen." Minister Khaw Boon Wan, who recently announced that he was confident to take on a mano-a-mano SMC straight fight, is probably just as sanguine about the lapse in MOH's enforcement of its directives. After all, there were strict procedures at Whitley Road Detention Centre, and Wong Kan Seng is still very much around.

Interestingly, the lady involved is not too upset about the whole SNAFU, and the stranger will not be put up for adoption. Maybe she has been conned by the official propaganda about welcoming foreigners and helping them to integrate into Singapore society. Maybe she just has a big, generous heart.


  1. "definitely different DNA"

    haven't come across the news yet, question is, (definitely) different from whom? both the parents? just the father? just the mother?

    hmm, it might altogether be something more juicy. hahaha.

  2. don't be too quick to point fingers at the hospital. there are other possible reasons to explain the absence of the Caucasian's father's DNA.

  3. in other words, those ministers are there CBL and expect autopilot all the way to year end to collect their millions. If something screws up, well, just move on lah!