Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Something Is Fundamentally Wrong Here

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, faced with the honest truth from a young student and SAF officer about what's amiss at ground level, had to admit, something is fundamentally wrong here in Singapore.

M K Kang's wife was with her 10 year old son when she flagged down a taxi for Orchard Cineleisure. The cabby drove to Cathay Building instead and had to be redirected to the correct destination. As a South Korean who has been here for  3 1/2 years, she did what Singaporeans normally do, and offered $10 instead of the metered $11.30 for the unwelcomed scenic detour.  Cabby got out and threatened to punch her if she did not pay full fare. Surely the minister in charge of public transporation has to admit, something is fundamentally wrong here.

A Puupella's son was bullied and beaten by some students in school. After reporting to the police and the school principal, the police washed their hands and allowed the principal to handle the matter. The school caned the bully and her son - latter for retaliating by pushing back his attacker.  Surely the minister in charge of educaiton has to admit, something is fundamentally wrong here.

Third year Republic Polytechnc student Darren Ng was with his friends at Downtown East when a group of 10 teenagers accused him of staring at them. After a brawl that took place just outside a crowded MacDonalds, Darren was hacked with a chopper and subsequently died from multiple cuts to the limbs, back and abdomen. Shopkeepers at Downtown East said they were used to seeing skirmishes in the mall.  Surely the minister in charge of public safety has to admit, something is fundamentally wrong here.

Meanwhile welder Dai, who hailed from China in 2008, dragged a fellow Chinese national into the bushes and raped her. After the tumble in the grass, the pair spent half an hour together trying to locate her missing shoes and mobile phone again. Dai was spotted when he returned to the site to look for the phone.  Surely the minister in charge of foreign workers has to admit, something is fundamentally wrong here.


  1. sounds like speech at a political rally than a post!

  2. Something is fundamentally wrong in Singapore when the local media continues to whitewash or justify the PAP's policy errors or incompetence. Instead of giving a balanced picture to the public, the media prefers to remain in cahoots with the PAP.

  3. The gove't controlled media are protecting their "rice bowls"...

    Never mind that those monies if traced comes from everybody else poor or rich or employed or un-employed in singapore...

    Blood monies...i wonder how these media folks still can sleep so soundly...

    Where is the bloody conscience and shared humanity?


    It does not matter...cos 20 or even 40 years from now...when the world goes to hell...i will just walk away and do nothing...i could have done something but it is ok...cos these parasites will be sharing the same hell with me...the only difference is who will go to the great beyond first...preferably me...at least no more pain and no more suffering...at least before i go i know their kids and kid's kids are suffering in hell too...

    It is the least all these worthless parasites deserved. For all the wrongs they have done to those who could have made a difference.

    Too bad.

  4. something is fundamentally wrong when a foreigner under a driving ban knowingly flouted that ban and when sentenced to 6 weeks jail gets his sentence reduced to just ONE DAY upon appeal allowed by the Spore judge.

  5. I'm not a Singaporean but three examples do not equal a fundamental issue. There are examples of violence everywhere and in pretty much any city in the world with this sort of population density you'd be likely to find vastly more examples of this sort of thing.

  6. Same old shit, grumble grumble..then vote for PAP.

  7. What is wrong is not the random acts of violence which occur everywhere....

    What is wrong is that the authorities pretend that nothing of the kind occurs here. When a Singaporean complains about being beaten to a pulp, the police turn around and say that is not a seizable offence - that keeps the crime statistics down and ignorant foreigners thinking that crime is rare here!!

  8. Who are the leaders that lead Singaporeans to become disillusioned with their motherland???

    Why after 5 decades of talented elites leading the ways, Singaporeans lost their sense of belongings???

    Goh Chok Tong dont know meh? Education Minister Ng Eng Hen dont understand meh?

  9. you're using isolated examples and drawing a hasty conclusion that something is fundamentally wrong in our society. Friend, something is fundamentally wrong with the world - it's called human nature. Go somewhere else lah, if you're really so pissed of with spore; i bet you'll churn out one post per day. Or join the opposition party and try to come up with a better solution.