Monday, December 13, 2010

Talking Dickheads in MFA

It's confirmed. The BMD (Big Mouth Disease) is contagious. More virulent that H1N1, our nation's security is being threatened by characters who's pecadillo is to prance around on the world stage, seeking adulation. Foreign Minister George Yeo says not to worry about the "cocktail talk", affirming that these high earners are tasked to imbibe alcohol at tax payers' expense. The least they could do is to learn to hold their liquor, and control that wagging tongue.

Ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Permanent Secretary Peter Ho was recorded telling a US official in March 2008 that Mahathir Mohamad had been "throwing stones" at his successor Malaysia Prime Minister Adbullah Badawi. If that's not inflammatory enough, Ho (not the-daughter-in-law) alleges "Najib Razak, he is an opportunist. Although he has not been critical of Singapore, he will not hesitate to go in that direction if it is expedient for him to do so."

Another MFA Permanent Secretary Bilahari Kausikan, in September 2008, told US Deputy Secretary of Defence for South East Asia David Sedney that former Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra is "corrupt", along with "everyone else, including the opposition." That label may easily be construed to also smear Thaksin's business partners like Ho (the daughter-in-law). Kausikan went so far as to allege that Thaksin "made a mistake in paying off the crown prince by paying off the crown prince's gambling debts." This clown prince should know that les majeste is no smiling matter in the Kingdom of Thailand.

But the greatest surprise is to find Tommy Koh, he of the Law of the Sea fame, submerging into murky depths to black mouth Japan as "the big fat loser" in the context of improving ties between China and Asean. He also attributes the decline of Japan's position in the geo-political region to its "stupidity, bad leadership , and lack of vision." He likes the "s" word so much he uses it again to trash India, describing his "stupid Indian friends" as "half-in, half-out" of Asean. I don't suppose he will be shopping at Mustafa Center for Christmas presents.

Witness Julian Assange's problem in Sweden is traceable to a prophylactic malfunction, and in the case of "Woman B", Sofia Wilén, the absence thereof in the morning after episode II (apparently having consensual sex in that country without a condom is considered rape, punishable by a minimum of 2 years imprisonment). For Singapore's woes, a humongous rubber of industrial strength is definitely needed to shield us from the talking dickheads.


  1. Hubris...Singapore arrogance on display!

  2. Beg to differ with your note here.
    Me thinks our leaders and diplomats had been candid and frank. They must have spokened from their hearts.

    To sum it up, they must have been as honest and sincere as wikileaks.


  3. @patriot

    You have been going around "defending" the PAP.
    So what's the agenda?
    Truth be told, our leaders and officials aren't as competent as they would like you to think. Doesn't help that our local media has to portray them as infallible.

    This is coming from someone who has worked with these buffoons.

  4. Me speaks the truth and nothing but the truth.
    And sincerely, me never like diplomacy and public relation antics, they are commercial stuff, available mostly at places of entertainment and leisure, they're play acting and lack sincerity.

    Respects are only for those who speak the truth.


  5. Patriot - "Me thinks our leaders and diplomats had been candid and frank. They must have spokened from their hearts."

    Wow. You are everywehre. Just saw the same note at Yawning Bread


  6. Three Cheers for Wiki Leaks!

  7. Our so-called elite leaders have been sitting in their well-oiled positions for too damn long and forgotten all about humility and respect.

    In their eyes, we are hubs for everything and everything revolves around us.

  8. Seems liked me got some attentions and not neccessarily for right(good) reason though. Nevertheless, this is one good opportunity whereby me can give credits where and when credits are due.

    Me had always noted and appreciated how our parliamentarians had won suits after suits on locals, foreign publishers and other sovereigns. And to date no Sin Government Official or Office had been sued or complained at, showing that our leaders and diplomats have integrities.

    As for the Wikileaks disclosures of remarks made by our Ministers and Diplomats, our FM George Yeo had clarified that they were gossips at revelries. Me believes they were reveries that naturally and involuntarily flew out from their mouths. As to whether there were malicious intents, I take it that they were more of personal conversations rather than official materials. To me, they were no secrets as they were spokened from one to another or others. Since they were no secrets, how could one be sure that the parties mentioned did not get to know from those that spoke with our leaders and diplomats?

    Anyway, me likes people who speak their minds even though when their words are not pleasant than those that spout niceties without sincerity.


  9. @ patriot

    You sounds like a parrot. Love of party does not equate to love of country. Period.

  10. Lol
    Singaporeans are world reknown to complain and criticise others where-ever and when-ever they are.
    Now at least Singaporeans know how to talk about one another at last.