Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Monk, The Clown And The Minister

Hey, Money No Enough is my line!
Venerable Shi Ming Yi (Chinese: 释明义) was the darling of Singapore socialites (the government awarded him the Public Service Medal in 1996) when he rappelled down highrise buildings and froze his rocks in ice to raise money, lots of money, for Ren Ci hospital. He has done his time for his $50K crime, but somehow it ain't enough for some people. The gala dinner of Nov 21 to mark his 20 years of service as an abbot apparently has raised the ire of some folks in the Buddhist community. Maybe it was the price tag of $1,000-a-table, maybe this was only his 18th and not 20th year. A nun said, "He's climbed too far up, and now he has a long way to fall."

Trangressions of the flesh are apparently more forgivable in Sin city. Jack Neo's 2 year- extramarital affair with 22-year old model Ms Zhong Jiayan and his sexual harassment of Foyce Le Xuan, 25, could have turned real nasty. Fortunately he had a direct line to George Yeo. It was also convenient that his 46-year-old wife Mdm Irene Kang said she already about the affair a year ago, and WikiLeaks was not a threat then. Nobody even bothered to slap the cross dresser with a court order to stay 100 m away from any nubile aspiring Fann Wong wannabe.

Hence no heads were turned when the philanderer was invited to grace Education Minister Ng Eng Hen's launch of the ITE Performing Arts Higher Nitec programme for 2013. MOE has had its hands full recently with school girls making out on camera in a premier JC, horny female teachers coupling with male students and a principal making hits on their favoured male staff - and getting away with it. Ng Eng Hen seems to take all these shenanigans in good stride, as if it was all a holistic exercise in public education. Let's see if Jack Neo's new film will feature lots of teenagers in Sexy Japanese School Girl Uniforms.


  1. Hehe...I scratch your back, you scratch my back... hehehe... you do your thing, I get my millions hehehehe... More good years... and where got time to take it too hard... too busy looking at CPF statements and feeling real good... hehehehehe...

  2. Did u intentionally make a wrong spelling - pubic instead of public?

    Sex, lies, buzz is a great formula for monetary success

  3. Would I be surprised if Jack Neo turn up as one of the pap candidates in the coming GE. The only guess would be for which GRC or single-ward constituency he will be fielded.

  4. MOE seems to be too lax with its staff. Who knows what other sex crimes are in the making waiting to be revealed.

    Just too many sex-hungry men hiding behind PCs and scholarly gentlemen looks of the teaching and non teaching staff in schools.

  5. The regime is finding it difficult to get clear and clean characters as VIPs or showcases. In fact, they are finding it difficult to form the next A-team to replace themselves after years of "killing -off" its own talents.

    Nowadays, those sign on as police officers will be interviewed to gauge their interests in joining politics in the future. Maybe they see Slyvia Lim as an example. Or, maybe the military is not churning out generals enough for their selection.

    At this rate, SIngapore will become a police state or a military regime in the near future.

    Private sector players are simply not interested or maybe there is none...cos' all the heads are helmed by FTs.

    They did try to get some middle age lady from DHL, where Teo Ser Luck came from as well. Think, that's about it...

  6. People seems to forget easily, except when money is involved of course...