Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Extra Egg In Their Kway Teow

Without supporting hands, can he stand on his own two feet?
Looks like he used up his list of apologies. The statement from the Prime Minister's Office simply confirmed what was reported by netizens: Although he is now officially a lower ranking ordinary member of parliament, Lee Kuan Yew continues to enjoy the perks of expensive staff support. One full time staff secretary, two clerical officers, a special assistant and a press secretary, all paid not out of his own bulging pockets, but charged to the taxpayers. It's not mentioned, but you can bet your CPF, the security officers and 24/7 Gurkha residential guards are also included in the sweetheart deal. Oh yes, all men are brothers, some are big brothers.

It was easy to see how NKF's TT Durai was much loved and admired in his heydays. After all, he did raise all those millions that made possible subsidized dialysis treatments on a large scale. But when he helped himself to the money on the table, he self destructed his own legacy. Lee is probably doing the same by making a pig of himself at the buffet spread.

Lee was in government for 52 years, including 31 years drawing prime minister pay. Hasn't he accumulated enough to pay for his own expenses? From the photograph, one can see the kind of support he needs to avoid toppling over the champagne glasses (ghostly hand is probably a poor attempt at photoshop by the MSM). We would really prefer to remember him in healthier days, braving the rain speaking to record crowds at a Fullerton Rally (sans self serving apologies, sincere or otherwise), picking himself up after being knocked down a drain by a detractor, and standing up to speak for Singapore's rights in the Malaysian Rakyat. Now, that's something to be proud about, something to wave the flag for.

Goh Chok Tong is also entitled to the goodies, we are told, "Mr Lee and Mr Goh continue to make significant contributions to Singapore, especially internationally." We beg to differ, making friends with Gaddafi and calling Kim Jong-il names are not exactly noteworthy gestures for promoting goodwill and world peace. Both guys had supposedly chosen to step down from Government in May to give PM Lee and his team a "fresh, clean slate" to carry the country forward. From the reality in sight, it looks more like an "old, moldy sheet" that is dragging the country down with dead weights.


  1. Not only that, the public is not aware that their visits are still coordinated and run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Maybe the public can write to MFA to clarify such details.) These two just can't give up the perks.

  2. When it came to claiming for some petty postage stamps and taxi fare, they even called the claimant a cheat and a liar. But when it comes to their own cronies, it's suddenly so upright and deserving. Why can't they use the same terms of reference to refer to such abuse ?

    And when viewed in the same context that they don't even allow the opposition MPs a proper office of their own to hold their MPS, see how dirty politics can be played out if one is in power ?

  3. So, not MPs and ministers are equal. Any others who are making more "significant" contributions than their counterparts that warrant an extra special assistant or press secretary or two?

  4. LKY and ESM are celebrity MPs lah!!!

  5. This should be debated in parliament.
    All in favour of this motion, say 'Aye'!!

  6. Can also use "Kee Chiew!"...

  7. All are equal, but some are more equal than the rest, as the powers that be would maintain.....

  8. The current Prime Minister has decided (with foresight that he will also get to benefit later on) that ex-prime ministers are entitled to those perks from the PMOas they are also senior advisors to GIC. Even if he decide to give the same perks to the familee of Temasek CEO, what can you do when he has the backing of the other 60.1%?

  9. Kee chiew & Aye.
    Agree this should be tabled and debated in the parliament.
    Retired means retired = the word has "tired" all over it, which means people are tired of the "re"cycling of these two men..that's why is call retired.
    If as they claim due to their standing on the world stage, they're still in demand..then let those people come to see them instead. Why do the MM & ESM have to go to them?? What kind of "created demand" is that? If people/countries want to see them, they will fly in and do so. Or pay for their expenses to invite the senior statesmen there. No reason for us to do so. If everyone who's retired continue to function and keep such an entourage of staff, then is not called retired. Is call perpetual welfare under the guise of pension & what not. Scrap these BS and be an ordinary MP/citizen just like any retired President of the US...these are just their egos talking shit.. As a citizen, I disagree to use my tax money to fund such waste.

  10. I say the PMO has to come clean and tell the people exactly how much does it cost to upkeep these two retired generals, before trying to ram this thing down our throats again.

  11. Also, better clarify from LHL whether the two also attend cabinet meetings and also make decisions on behalf of the cabinet.

    Also, do they continue to draw the same pay since they are still doing the SAME sort of work?

    The whole thing is like a FARCE in the making. The next thing you know within months or perhaps even weeks, they make a 'comeback' a la the daughter-in-law, HC!

  12. All wayang only! PAP has not changed from its rotten core. I pity the daft Singaporeans who voted for it. Greed for money, power and fame (or infamy) will always be the order of the day at PAP.

  13. wah lau..why are we feeding these retired generals when we can't even have enough to feed our children and our own retirement! Are they freaking heartless?! I don't give a hoot if they Mao or Lee or Clinton-estque stature "before". Just ask. When you leave your previous employer, do you still get to use their Travel desk for travel bookings, or secretary/PA to run your errands? No!! Unless you're running a familee enterprise. So we know this is already a case..4 senior PM/DPMs or CEO of GIC/TH are all related. Vote another Tony Tan in , the Singaporeans are really smart donkeys. They're already helping themselves to the buffet spread already...

  14. /// Also, do they continue to draw the same pay since they are still doing the SAME sort of work? ///

    Since they are no longer in the cabinet, I don't think they are drawing ministerial pays, only the allowance. However, GIC and MAS can afford to pay them even higher salaries than their ministerial pays.

  15. This PM is totally out of touch with reality. If he continues with such blatant acts of favortism to keep/reward the old and loyal stooges on public pay roll, he will kena one day. The difference between him and Najib = he's just more slick and smooth in covering it up. Notice also how he also despatches his own people/MPs to do the dirty jobs, and he hide behind the flaks they received. The people's trusts in the govt is being eroded day by day and good luck to his 2016 run.

  16. Sigh! Singaporeans, why oh why, are you the enablers of this leegime and their leeconomics?

    Suggest the rest of the 40% should just shut their mouth and stop speaking out for the benefits of these 60% who wants their cake and eat it. One day when they wake up, the 60% can become 100% of the 40%, and they will repent for rest of their generations.

    Stop doing the hard and thankless works for keeping the govt in toes/check. They call you lunatic fringes, rock throwers and all kinds of losers names simply because they have lost their voice and rights as a qualified citizen.

  17. If you believe history, this government will never last for too long. It will be the day that it becomes the opposition party. Then, that will be the time it really changes. The dynasty political system will fade away. True democracy will arrive. When? Only when you are waiting and doing nothing that it will come one day. The issue is what this red dot will become. Do you think it is still in good shape?

  18. Readers of socio-political blogs be warned;
    the resentment and incense can hardly be contained
    and may damage your own good feeling of anything.
    You see; one reads so much good things in our media until most dont read anymore because they are too good to be believed as too many are dished out daily.
    The New Media on the other hand can make one worries about what tomorrow will bring; it is symptomatic of some man-make calamity coming our way soon leh.
    Be warned, the sentiment is strong and bursting!

  19. Leegalised corruption of the grand order. Lets not forget these are the same politicians who abolished the pension scheme for all civil servants but kept it for themsleves and their cronies in the higher echelons of the civil service. Continued creating fancy titles to retain employment, enjoying both salary and pension and now after so called official retirement are enjoying so much benefits from the state coffers. In any other country they would be labelled greedy blood suckers of the highest order. To do all this and still claim to be have high moral and integrity is the biggest disgrace of all.

  20. LOL DPM Teo asked not to bring any problems from outside when there's none here?!
    They are the master of problems creator.
    These floodgates of FT vs local, Have vs have nots, PAP vs nonPAP wards etc because of policies without consulting the people.
    Now they want a "unifying" figure of god to sweep these problems away?
    Term it "populist" or not, however you want it, at your perils.

  21. During the GE 2011, Lee Kuan Yew's bill included $44 for buns (half coconut, half red bean paste) for helpers on Nomination day. These guys obviously never heard of out of pocket generosity... any chance LKY would pay a full time secretary, two clerical officers, a special assistant and a press secretary out of his own pockets?

  22. All i want to know is whether Mr Lee is carrying out his duty as MP of Tangjong Pagar. I wnat to know whether he presides over the Meet People Session to take notes and help the residents to write letters to government minsitries regarding their specific money problems, hdb problems, divorce problems, medisave not enough problems, whatever..etc.

    This is the job specs of MP and reason to earn $15,000 a month.

    The last i know (through the State Times) was that Indranee Rajah cover duty for Mr Lee at one MPS...once a while it is ok, everybody gets sick and need someone to cover duty, it is ok.

    How about the other MPS's, every month there are a couple of sessions>? Can anyone for Tangjong Pagar report sightings of the old man.

    If Mr Lee does not show up and it is alwys Indranee or some other Officer, then Mr Lee should be sacked because the job of the MP is mostly that, in between Parliment sittings.

    He should realise that he is DEMOTED, plain and simple. Either he accepts the demotion and behaves as an MP, or else he should stay at home as an honoruable retired politician.

    There are many ways to save face for Lee Kuan Yew. His son chose to demote him to normal MP and i think it is a very poor strategy, because MP has some basic functions which are not very suitable for a man of his age.

    The woody guy...same argument applies too.

  23. Lye Khuen Way7/13/2011 10:50 PM

    Sad that the PM still had not listen hard enough.
    The next GE will have more net-savy younger voters & more older folks reading this type of blogs/ TRE/ TOC !

  24. To answer the above poster’s question:

    According to the Parliament website, Indranee conducts Lee Kuan Yew’s MPS.

    As far as I know, though, MPS aren’t a requirement for Members of Parliament. But if voters feel that they are being shortchanged then they should take the chance to vote their MP out. Unfortunately, there was no such opportunity.

  25. Let me remind all here that the very same Tanjong Pagar constituency which had a walkover has also spent $100+ on campaigning expenses!!
    This is just for Mr Lee and his stooges to make 1 return trip from his home to the electoral poll station.

  26. Singaporeans you have 5 years to repent. Otherwise you can continue to stand and watch as some greedy bastards continue paying themselves millions while giving $300 to the poor a month to survive in one of the most expensive place to live. I wonder how many singaporeans with halve a brain not see the plundering of the people's money

  27. "Phriends And PhamiLee" party. What else do you expect? Use your vote wisely in Presidential Elections. Every vote counts. Dont say it is not important. Next GE work harder to remove them.

  28. Looking from a foreigner's point of view, I would have thought that when a politician retires, that is it and he blends into society like any other citizen. He would get a nice pension, oh yes, cannot deny that, but to still somewhat have a position in office and draw an obscene salary does not seem quite right. His hand is still on the steering wheel somewhat. Furthermore good point earlier that they should have foreign dignitaries visit Singapore to see them rather than have the retired politician fly out at public expense. Would it make more sense for the foreign official visit our country and spend their money here?