Monday, January 16, 2012

Knowing When To Shut Up

The most important aspect to being a good salesman is knowing when to 'shut up' and let the people buy.

The best salesmen get up, make their pitch fast, shut up and get off the stage quickly so they can start collecting their money from the convinced customers. A bad one stretches every little bit of his story out, throwing in things that he obviously thinks will bolster his point, but in reality end up scoring an own goal.

At what was reported as the first ministerial community visit since the General Election, "keechiu" general Chan Chun Sing said in response to a query about ministers and monetary motivation, "Money shouldn't be the one (factor) to attract them". Instead of stopping there, and clamming up like he should have, he rattles on to insert foot in mouth:
"On the other hand, money should also not be the bugbear to deter them."

If that doesn't bug you enough, he's determined to ruin your digestion with the tasteless example of $10 XO Sauce chye tow kuay at Peach Garden (if you have to ask where, you can't afford it) which he claims will make you happy because the quality of a $1.50 version at a hawker center is such "you might not want to eat". That statement should make him popular among hawkers at eating outlets island wide at the next election. Does this guy even know that everyone is still puking at the XO (eXtra Ordinary) months of allowances creamed off by the ministers to date?

Chan will definitely not make the grade as a successful salesperson. But he's a shoo-in as a stand up comedian, what with lines like:
"I don't think anyone of them comes here for the money."
"They come here to provide a better life for the next generation."
"One of the reasons I stepped forward was because I knew I was joining a team that was not here for the money."

Oh, shut up already.


  1. Seriously Kee Chiu should change his job as satirical comedian and pit his satire against Kumar. I sure many people will kee chiu to support him as comedian. Until then, good luck !

  2. Poster Boy for future Ministerial pay cuts

  3. This saf guy is dangerous, beware.

  4. Army professionals are only good to give commands and orders. They are hardly able to to be good at managing people relations.
    How do we interpret 'xiucai e tau ping', 'youli chiang buqing' meaning the scholarly(reasonable folks) will have difficulty when dealing with soldiers. It was true in the past, it will be true infinitely.


  5. MG Chan, destined to be the next PM seat warmer, is simply emulating his predecessor (1st PM seat warmer) in justifying ministerial pay rise by giving the Char Kway Teow analogy. Only that, his is Chye Tao Kway. Nevertheless, both are very bad analogies.

    I would like to share this link that I came across:

  6. Hey. He is next PM in waiting lah. Really Langgar! Lol!