Friday, January 27, 2012

On Hidden Agendas

The broadside burst from his shotgun came out of nowhere. It was not clear who his bullets were targeting, the members of the audience at the "Young Guns" forum organised by the NUS political association, the journalists of MSM at large, or the bloggers of the new media.

Vikram Nair of the People's Action Party was obviously not within his element of boot-licking grassroots leaders and apple-polishers when he professed, "At every forum I've attended before this one, I have been misquoted."  Whining like a wounded puppy, he lamented, "That is because people have an  agenda to discredit us (presumably referring to his keechiu crowd)... I don't think (the misquoting) is accidental, I am quite sure they are deliberate."

Well, people, it looks like Nair is one card carrying member who fully subscribes to the "us" versus "them" mentality. Which means the political divide is here to stay, it seems to suit their agenda. On this, this Nair seems to have a head start.

Way back on 11th August 2009, the 93.8FM website quoted one of the editors of the lame P65 blog site, Mr Tang Ho Wan, as saying that none of the 8 new writers brought in to beef up the blog was affiliated to the Young PAP. He was also quoted by the Today newspaper as having said the same.  Young PAP Chairman, Mr Teo Ser Luck, as quoted in the Straits Times, had explained, “We have our own Young PAP website for the politically inclined… The P65 blog is to allow other young people to share their views, which are non-partisan, neutral and can be constructive criticism of policies.”

All too soon, it surfaced that one of the writers on the blog was indeed a Young PAP member travelling incognito. And Vikram Nair revealed it himself in a blog post titled, “I’m coming out”.

It looks like we have an expert practitioner on hidden agendas talking.


  1. I have seen and heard Nair in Parliament. Thank goodness he is not one of our ministers. My impression of him is a person who just want to win (through debate) regardless of if what he says is of benefit to the people.

  2. Hahaha...

    pitiful Vikram!

    Why is everyone misquoting him?
    His English is as perfect as the
    Queen of England.


  3. Good investigative journalism demonstrated here :)

  4. What does this kind of episode says about their whiter than white uniform ?

    A whole bunch of honest hypocrites, no ?

  5. This kaleng cannot be trusted. Same like VB.

  6. Keep up your great posts, Tattler! Many of us here need your sharp, witty & informative stuff to keep us focus on 2016!

  7. VB is called "jaga longkang"

    What is VN's nickname?

  8. When you pronounce 'Nair', it may sound like the word 'deny',so you won't be surprised by what he said.

    Hard To Trust Them Anymore!

  9. Wow......Vikram Nair blogged hard so as to join the rich and power PAP!!

  10. Once a hypocrite, always a hypocrite! Vote out Vikram Nair!

    Btw, I am also very disappointed at WP's inability to make any comments on two issues:

    - the change in stance with regard to ministerial salary

    - Yaw Shin Leong's extra marital affair

    I'm beginning to think that WP and PAP are the same...

  11. I find Nair (whatever) too straight for taste as politician. He appears quite similar to Vivian Balakrisnan, too quick to show off. He will soon ended up like VB, holding unflattering porfolio.

  12. " I'm beginning to think that WP and PAP are the same..."

    It does not matter if PAP and WP is the same.

    In democracy, it's called check & balance.
    One hand washes the other.

    A strong Opposition will slap a sleepy, complacent PAP driver until he wakes up.

    Vote wisely in GE 2016.

  13. What does "Vote Wisely" mean?

    It means we support the Opposition Party that has best chance to win.

    Presidential elections 2011.

    The spoiled votes numbered 37,826.

    If all the spoiled (protest) votes had gone to Tan Cheng Bock, he would have been our President instead of Tony Tan.

    Tan Cheng Bock (738,311 votes)
    Tony Tan (745,693 votes)
    Difference = 7,382 votes

    Don't spoil your votes.
    Use it wisely.
    Once every 5 years, your vote carries as much weight as LKY's 2 cents worth.

    Once every 5 years, you are not a digit.
    Once every 5 years, you truly matter in the eyes of PAP.
    Vote wisely for your children's future.

    I crawl today, so that my children can walk and run free tomorrow.

  14. "Why is everyone misquoting him?
    His English is as perfect as the
    Queen of England."


    Perhaps it's because he made most words sound like tongue twisters with ambiguous meanings or, perhaps he is exhibiting the traits common to MIWs - propensity to be misunderstood by common mortals and not understanding lower mortals?

  15. Tongue twisting is an art, it requires dexterity in the use of words as well as a quick thinking mind. Our Ruling Politicians are extremely good at them and we have got to see how they mesmerized the people everytime they opened their mouths for a long time already.

    How could he be misunderstood? Me really catches no ball man!