Monday, January 9, 2012

Spring Cleaning Required

That has to be a goddamn lie.

Either that or he is saying there are are lots of lying journalists out there.

TODAY Online,
Friday, 16 Dec 2011
"On public calls for her and other senior management to resign, Ms Saw said that while she would consider resigning if necessary, she would reserve her opinion on the matter for the time being."

AsiaOne Online,
Monday, 19 Dec 2011
"SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa said yesterday that she will be staying on in the company, as leaving now was not the right thing to do.
She said in a statement issued yesterday: "'As CEO of SMRT, I am naturally responsible. Being responsible does not mean walking away from these faults. It means doing all I can to get the problem fixed"."

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, this Koh Yong Guan is connected to 17 board members in 3 different organizations across 3 different industries.

Koh has been Singapore's High Commissioner to Canada since January 2008. Koh has been Chairman of SMRT Corporation Ltd since July 23, 2009. He serves as the Chairman of Governing Board of the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore and the Central Provident Fund Board.
Koh had served as Chairman at Singapore Turf Club and Deputy Chairman at Singapore Totalisator Board. He has been a Director at SMRT Corporation Ltd. since April 2, 2007. He serves as a Director of SMRT Group, SMRT Trains Ltd., SMRT Road Holdings Ltd., SMRT Buses Ltd., and SMRT Light Rail Pte Ltd.
Koh’s career in the Singapore Civil Service included appointments at the Permanent Secretary level in the Ministries of Defence, Finance, Health and National Development as well as the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, and Managing Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.  
Do I look like I give a damn?

Now, how could a barefaced liar like that end up with all those fancy appointments? One icon of cronyism may be gone, but it looks like the Spring Festival clean up rite has yet to begin in earnest.


  1. Same old, same old!!

  2. Another crony opens the mouth.

  3. Another fine example that when you have merit (right genes or right connections), you get so many appointments that pay so well you don't have to work.


  4. Poor Saw has to Phaik the bullets while others Haw behind her.

  5. juz get this cartoon to repeat under oath

  6. Poor Singaporean1/09/2012 3:04 PM

    Good catch!

  7. So now she got a taste of her own medicine for having previously insisted on sacking someone on the eve of a festive season as reported in the Shit Times.

    It must have been a sweet revenge for that person! Moral of the story is not to be too arrogant or cocky like the old man.

  8. "She is just a scapegoat.
    They're now 'inventing excuses' to give her some face to leave gracefully."

    Scapegoat. She just one of them. Once she is gone, next in line is her team of chairmen who work alongside her AYAing. Do anyone think that she alone can act such way if not her batch of high-position clowns supporting her ?

  9. What I don't understand is why these top people can still hold their heads high after such blatant lies were told.

    Don't they feel ashamed of themselves?

  10. Normally early retirement or wanting to resign earlier just reasons fo save face. I alsonkena early retirement when company eliminates my whole division so we all went with our boss as well all under early retirement.

    When we let go managers also under early retirement what

  11. Contrariness from the chairman can be misleading. just get the MRT fixed!!!

  12. Perhaps the COI has taken a cursory look at the mess and shaking heads have signalled that they will not be able to fabricate, conceal, misrepresent, fudge her to safety and its best that she gets out now.