Friday, March 16, 2012

The Chinese Are Here! The Chinese Are Here!

Zhuang Guotu is Dean at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies of Xiamen University and a consultant at the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council (OCAO). According to his research findings, the steadily rising rate of Chinese migrants to Singapore has accelerated sharply in recent years, with about 500,000 to 600,000 Chinese applicants approved in the past two decades. The number accounts for 10 to 12 percent of the city-state's total population.

Zhuang predicted an expansion in Singapore's strategies to welcome more Chinese, based on the government's 2030 blueprint to house a population of about 6.5 million and maintain the ratio of Chinese Singaporeans at around 75%, aided by an inflow of 1.2 million from mainland China.

He categorised the migrants into four groups: "hi-tech" talents and students, "normal" technology migrants, investment migrants, and labor migrants. Chinese migration cases on matrimonial grounds or lacking legal documents, or people entering as self-employed persons, were also noted in the study.

Zhuang presented the progress his research team had made studying the distribution status of and development trends in Chinese migration, during the second official forum in November 2011, sponsored by OCAO. It seems (China News website) knows more about the PRC intake than we do.

Apparently Chinese businessmen are having second thoughts about emigrating to the United States, as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, which was enacted in 2010, requires a US citizen or green card holder living in China to file Form 8938 and report his or her foreign financial assets if their total value exceeds $200,000. Thanks to a soaring federal deficit and to combat tax evasion, the US has stepped up efforts in recent years to track down citizens with significant offshore financial standings. It would appear Singapore's ICA prefers the soft touch, applicable also to wealthy Indonesian Chinese.



    It is no longer a secret as usual, Singaporeans found out only "AFTER" the fact, and the hard way. Question is, how many of those who after migrated here gave up their citizens and move onto another country of their choice? How many of those who subsequently brought their cousins, family and relatives are true "talents". Just look around - they range from hawkers to masseurs to cleaners to businessmen and PMETs..and we are still none the wiser.

  2. My prc neighbour moved into my block of flat in 2007 and migrated to Australia in 2010. During those rimes, their son attended a branded school across the street and the wife give birth to 2 more children using our nuh facilities. Before they leave for. Australia, they cashed out their hdb flat with a hefty profit !

    The last I knew, the flat was sold to my other native neighbor's son.

    Why to we let others plundered us in this way.

    Another prc tui nan shi, she is a pr in Singapore, son is studying here. She claimed to hv built a big house with garden and garage. It was a Big House she claimed proudly. When the time comes, she is going to sell her 5 room flat in the west and retire back home. she also claim that she can hv a Better life back home. In the meantime, make money here.

    There, look at what unneccessary disadvantage we have to faced. When all these people are back to their better life, we are left with our plundered little red dot !

    Sad! We need to. Claim back our right !

  3. And the sad part, as they said is because we let our dear leaders do it.....

  4. all those comments are filled with envy,singapore has an ageing population and in keeping with our policy to maintain race ratios we need to bring in immigrants from china.Every country in the world has its pros and con.Singaporeans who migrated to australia find its white policy still alive and kicking, though in more subtle ways.The immigration policy is correct.

  5. main problem, pappies allow prcs to trade hdb flats. by allowing them to buy and sell off later, they most likely make a huge windfall before scooting off back to homeland or greener pastures.

    pappies know that full well. but they are not doing anything because the opportunity to make tons of money in singapore in a big draw for these foreigners. until we can throw out the pappies in parliament, guess who is left carrying the overgrown baby of "asset enhancement"?